July 2012

Is Rex Ryan the best defensive coach in the league?

July 31, 2012 Coaches

[Note: I'm scheduled to appear on The Bobby Curran Show on ESPN 1420 at just after 2:00 today. If you're interested, you can listen here.] Rex Ryan is the Tim Tebow of coaches: whatever he says tends to get magnified. I was sitting a few feet from Ryan when he made his latest controversial comment. […]

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Random Perspective On: The 2012 New York Jets

July 30, 2012 Random Perspective On

I spent the weekend in Cortland, New York covering Jets training camp. So what should we expect from the Jets this year? As the team enters its fourth season under Rex Ryan, it’s impossible to look at the 2012 season without putting it in the context of the Ryan’s other Jets teams. And while the […]

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Trivia of the Day – Sunday, July 29th

July 29, 2012 Rushing

Yesterday’s question focused on which leading wide receiver led the NFL in yards per reception. Today, we’ll look at running backs in a similar light. Carolina’s Cam Newton led the league in yards per carry in 2011, which isn’t that unusual. Michael Vick led the league in that category in five of the last ten […]

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Trivia of the Day – Saturday, July 28th

July 28, 2012 Receiving

In 2010, DeSean Jackson led the Eagles in receiving yards, with 1,056, and led the NFL with a spectacular 22.5 yards per catch. Malcolm Floyd led the league in yards per catch at 19.9, but it was Vincent Jackson who led San Diego in receiving yards. If you look only at the leading wide receiver […]

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He played for them?

July 27, 2012 History

In light of the Ichiro Suzuki trade to the Yankees, Jason Lisk wrote about other prominent star baseball players who switched teams late in their career. I’m going to do the same for football. The table below shows all players who accumulated at least 100 points of career AV with one team and then switched […]

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Tebow-Sanchez doomed to fail because two quarterbacks never work

July 26, 2012 History

I’ll be spending the weekend in Cortland, New York, covering Jets training camp. The big story there, of course, will be how the Mark Sanchez/Tim Tebow drama unfolds. The party line among media members is that the duo is doomed to fail, because a team with two quarterbacks doesn’t have one. Last year, Mark Sanchez […]

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Who will lead the NFL in rushing from 2012 to 2021?

July 25, 2012 College

Bill Barnwell wrote an interesting article where he tried to identify the best running back in football. His article made me wonder: which player will gain the most rushing yards over the next decade? It probably makes sense to start with a look at history. I suspect you would have been able to guess that […]

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Random Perspective On: The 2012 Cincinnati Bengals

July 24, 2012 Random Perspective On

In the first post at Football Perspective, I noted that A.J. Green became the first player in over 25 years to be the first wide receiver drafted and then lead all rookies in receiving yards during his rookie season. It’s a good thing that Green has a knack for bucking trends, because he’s going to […]

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What are the odds of that?

July 23, 2012 Statistics

[After spending the weekend with Doug Drinen, founder of Pro-Football-Reference.com, we decided that Football Perspective needed to revive this fantastic post of his, explaining why "What are the odds of that?" is a much less straightforward question than you might think.] You may have heard that last month, a roulette wheel at the Rio in […]

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Trivia of the Day – Sunday, July 22nd

July 22, 2012 Trivia

With a 3-4 record, there were a lot of things wrong with the 2008 Colts. Well, at least that’s what people thought. The Colts ran the table the rest of the season, and then started the 2009 season 14-0. That gave Peyton Manning the NFL regular season record with 23 consecutive wins. In fact, he’s […]

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Trivia of the Day – Saturday, July 21st

July 21, 2012 Receiving

Last weekend, I asked you to name the fifth of the five running backs who rushed for over 1,000 rushing yards in the final season of their career. Today, let’s switch positions: there are three players who gained at least 1,000 receiving yards in the final seasons of their careers. Terrell Owens gained 983 yards […]

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The top receivers and the men who threw to them

July 20, 2012 Passing

Let’s start with some trivia before moving to today’s post: Only two quarterback-receiver pairs have ever topped the 10,000 yard mark. Can you name them? Only two receivers (minimum: 7,000 yards) gained at least 93% of their career receiving yards from one quarterback. Do you know who they are? Two of the men in the […]

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Cries for the Death Penalty for Penn State satisfies a thirst for vengeance, but no more

July 19, 2012 College

This was not how I expected to introduce the “college” category to Football Perspective. Following the release of the Freeh Report, the depth of college football’s ugliest scandal appears deeper and darker than ever before. For those who have not followed the story closely, Matt Hinton does his typical excellent job bringing us up to […]

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Quarterback wins over Pythagoras

July 18, 2012 Passing

No, this article isn’t an article about quarterbacks squaring off against ancient Greek mathematicians. Today, we’re going to look at quarterback win-loss records and see how they compare to their Pythagorean win-loss records. Over 30 years ago, Bill James wrote that, on average, baseball teams’ true strengths could be measured more accurately by looking at […]

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Random Perspective On: The 2012 New Orleans Saints

July 17, 2012 History

One of my law school professors was very quirky, even by law school professor standards. His preferred examination method was multiple choice, but with a twist. After grading each exam, he would then divide the students into quarters based on their test score. He would then re-examine each question, and measure how the top quarter […]

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Random Perspective On: The 2012 Jacksonville Jaguars

July 16, 2012 Coaches

I don’t know why, but coach of the year is one of those awards that kind of fascinates me. That’s probably because its one of those few awards that in practice, bears little resemblance its name. There was a stretch from ’95 to ’01 — when Bill Parcells, Mike Shanahan, Mike Holmgren, Tony Dungy, and […]

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Trivia of the Day – Sunday, July 15th

July 15, 2012 Trivia

Tiki Barber was the answer to one trivia question, and he’s also the answer to this one: Can you name the player who gained the most rushing yards in the final season of his career? Barber set that mark by gaining 1,662 rushing yards in 2006 with the Giants, his last in the league. Of […]

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Trivia of the Day – Saturday, July 14th

July 14, 2012 Trivia

Every August, the NFL inducts another set of men into football’s pantheon, the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Today’s trivia question: which man was the youngest person to ever be inducted in the Hall? Tweet

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Random Perspective On: The 2012 Detroit Lions

July 13, 2012 Random Perspective On

Matthew Stafford threw for 5,038 passing yards last year, making him just the 4th man to ever throw for 5,000 yards in a season. Of course, Stafford also threw 663 passes in 2011, the third most in league history. Stafford actually ranked 13th in yards per attempt last season, which put him just ahead of […]

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Brandon Lloyd and Josh McDaniels together again

July 12, 2012 Coaches

Once Josh McDaniels went to New England, it was a fait accompli that free agent wide receiver Brandon Lloyd would soon become a Patriot, too. After gaining only 2,370 yards in the first seven seasons of his career, Lloyd had a breakout season with the Broncos and McDaniels in 2010, catching 77 passes for a […]

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The greatest pass rushers of the last 30 years

July 11, 2012 Defense

Thirty years ago, the NFL began officially recording defensive player sacks. Prior to 1982, all teams kept their own individual sack data, but those records (with few exceptions) have never been verified. As a result, it’s an unfortunate reality that for much of NFL history, we simply do not have reliable sack data for individual […]

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Random Perspective On: The 2012 Dallas Cowboys

July 10, 2012 Defensive Players

When thinking about the 2012 Cowboys, it’s easy to focus on Dallas’ star offensive players. Unfortunately, that overshadows the fact that we’re witnessing the prime of the career of what will end up being the best 3-4 outside linebacker in the history of pro football. There is nothing DeMarcus Ware could have done, or could […]

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Random Perspective On: The 2012 San Francisco 49ers

July 9, 2012 Defense

[You can find lots of websites previewing each team as we head towards the 2012 season. You won't find that at FootballPerspective.com, but instead, I'll share some random thoughts on each franchise based on well, whatever springs to mind. We'll kick things off with look at the San Francisco 49ers.] The 49ers are an interesting […]

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Trivia of the Day – Sunday, July 8th

July 8, 2012 Trivia

Charles Haley is the only man with five Super Bowl rings, but three different players have won six NFL championships. Can you name any of them? Note that Lou Groza and several other Browns won four championships in the All America Football Conference and then multiple NFL titles; Groza himself won 8 championships overall, as […]

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Trivia of the Day – Saturday, July 7th

July 7, 2012 Trivia

Two weeks ago, I asked, “Which active wide receiver leads the league in receiving yards?” That question was so difficult that I got it wrong. I have higher expectations this time around as we examine running backs. LaDainian Tomlinson and Ricky Williams both topped the 10,000-yard rushing mark, and both retired this off-season. That leaves […]

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Franchise leaders — receiving stats

July 6, 2012 Receiving

On Wednesday, we looked at the franchise leaders in various passing categories; yesterday we did the same exercise with rushing stats. Well, let’s close out Friday with a look at the career leaders in the key receiving categories. Did you know: only one player who leads his franchise in career receptions retired before the 1978 […]

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Franchise leaders — rushing stats

July 5, 2012 Rushing

Yesterday, we took a look at the franchise leaders in various passing categories. Let’s do the same for running backs today. The first list shows the leaders in career rushing yards for each franchise; the last column shows the last year that running back played for that franchise: Tweet

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Franchise leaders — passing stats

July 4, 2012 Passing

Happy 4th of July! Before you head to your barbecue, I’d recommend you take a look at the incredible document our founders signed 236 years ago. As far as football goes, today’s a good time for a data dump. The table below shows the career passing leaders for each franchise, organized by when the current […]

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Is Matt Forte an elite running back?

July 3, 2012 Rushing

Let’s flash back to December 1, 2011. At the time, Chicago Bears star Matt Forte was having the best season of his career and making a claim to being one of the league’s top five running backs. He was leading the league in yards from scrimmage. He was averaging 5.0 yards per rush. He also […]

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A closer look at running back aging patterns

July 2, 2012 Fantasy

Frank Gore is 29 years old and has been the featured back of the 49ers since 2006. Steven Jackson turns the same age in three weeks, and has been beaten and bruised while playing on bad teams his whole career. Michael Turner had his 30th birthday in February, and has accumulated 300 carries in three […]

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