For First Time Ever, 25% of Week 1 Starting QBs Have A Ring

August 31, 2014 Quarterbacks

A full one-quarter of all NFL teams have opening day starters who have won a Super Bowl: New England (Tom Brady), Pittsburgh (Ben Roethlisberger), Baltimore (Joe Flacco), Denver (Peyton Manning), New York Giants (Eli Manning), Green Bay (Aaron Rodgers), New Orleans (Drew Brees) and Seattle (Russell Wilson) all sport Super Bowl winning passers. That’s pretty […]

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Guest Trivia: High and Low Points Scored In a Season

August 31, 2014 Trivia

Some trivia today from longtime commenter Jason Winter. Jason is a former sports blogger ( who’s shifted his focus to video games ( 1) In a 16-game regular season, what team has the highest low point total in their games? In other words, this is the only team to score 24 or more points in […]

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Great Offenses and Missing the Playoffs

August 28, 2014 Data Dump

From 2002 to 2005, Peyton Manning was the best quarterback in the NFL, at least statistically, by a wide margin. But the #2 quarterback in Adjusted Net Yards per Attempt was Trent Green, and there was a wide gap between Green and all other quarterbacks not named Manning.  Over that same period, Tony Gonzalez led […]

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Great Defenses and Missing the Playoffs

August 25, 2014 Data Dump

Ten years ago, the teams with three of the four best defenses in football missed the playoffs. The Buffalo Bills ranked 1st in Adjusted Net Yards per Attempt allowed and 2nd in Adjusted Yards per Carry allowed. That year, Sam Adams, Takeo Spikes, Terrence McGee, and Nate Clements made the Pro Bowl, while Aaron Schobel […]

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Can the Jets or Rams Send Three Defensive Linemen to the Pro Bowl?

August 23, 2014 Defensive Players

I’ve already spent some time this off-season discussing the Rams fantastic front four. Robert Quinn made the Pro Bowl last season, and he’s a good bet to make the trip to Hawaii again this year as long as he stays healthy. Adding Aaron Donald to a line that also has Chris Long and Michael Brockers […]

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The Rams and First Round Linemen

August 16, 2014 Trivia

Bill Barnwell and Robert Mays do a great job on their NFL podcasts. Yesterday, I listened to their NFC West preview, and it’s just stunning the amount of highly drafted talent the Rams have on both lines. We already know that the Rams have four former first rounders on the team’s starting defensive line, making […]

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Leading Receivers Trivia

August 6, 2014 Trivia

Roger Craig, 1985. Terrell Owens, 1999. Terrell Owens, 2000. Tim Brown, 2001. Neil Paine wrote a fantastic post today at 538 about wide receivers competing with their teammates for production. That inspired me to start crunching some numbers. From 1985 to 2003, Jerry Rice played in at least 8 games in 18 different seasons. In […]

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Touchdowns in Losses

August 3, 2014 Trivia

A fun trivia question from Scott Kacsmar this week: The most TD passes a QB threw in one season in games he LOST is 25. Name the QB, and if you can, the year. Here’s the answer: Who is the career leader in touchdown passes in losses? Who is the single-season leader in rushing touchdowns […]

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Trivia: Most Passing Yards in Final 16 Regular Season Games

August 2, 2014 History

The past couple of days, we looked at the players with the most receiving yards and rushing yards in their final 16 regular season games. Today, we get to the quarterbacks. Only one non-active player threw for 4,000 yards in his final 16 games. Three other players threw for 3900+ yards. That doesn’t include Dan […]

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Trivia: Most Rushing Yards in Final 16 Regular Season Games

August 1, 2014 History

I’m still short on time, so let’s keep the trivia train rolling.  Yesterday, I looked at the players with the most receiving yards in their last 16 regular season games. Today, the players with the most rushing yards in their last 16 games. Excluding LeSean McCoy, Adrian Peterson, and Doug Martin, only five players have […]

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Trivia: Most Receiving Yards in Final 16 Regular Season Games

July 31, 2014 History

I’m very short on time this week, so here’s a fun trivia question. Last week, I noted that Justin Blackmon gained 1,201 receiving yards in his last 16 games. As it turns out, if Blackmon never plays in another NFL game, that would set the record for most receiving yards in a player’s final sixteen […]

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Quarterback Losses Trivia

July 30, 2014 Quarterbacks

Can you name the two quarterbacks with the most losses in a single season? What about the quarterback with the most losses during his rookie year? Tweet

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Quarterback Wins: Outlier Seasons

July 24, 2014 History

The 1998 season was one of my favorite years in NFL history. It was also a pretty weird one. We had Terrell Davis rushing for 2,000 yards, rookies Randy Moss and Fred Taylor making defenses look silly, and a quartet of old quarterbacks stun the football world. Doug Flutie came out of nowhere Canada to […]

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The Top Quarterbacks And The Receivers They Threw It To

July 22, 2014 Receiving

Last week, I looked at the top receivers and the quarterbacks who threw it to them. Today, we flip that question around and look at which receivers the top quarterbacks threw to. I used the exact same methodology from the previous post, so please read that for the fine details. For Peyton Manning, 20% of […]

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Trivia: Pro Bowlers on NFL Champions, Part II

July 5, 2014 Super Bowl

Last weekend, we looked at the team with the most Pro Bowlers to win a championship. Today, we look at the reverse: the team with the fewest Pro Bowlers to win it all. As a technical matter, the Pro Bowl hasn’t always been around, so some pre-1950 teams and the 1960 Oilers (there was no […]

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Average margins in Wins and Losses

June 30, 2014 History

Okay, some fun trivia to kick off the week. Do you know which team last year had the worst points differential in games they lost? I’ll put the answer in spoiler tags. Where does that rank historically? I thought it would be fun to look at the teams since 1950 with the worst average margin […]

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Trivia: Pro Bowlers on NFL Champions

June 29, 2014 Trivia

Yesterday, we looked at the team with the most Hall of Famers in a single season in NFL history. That team, which won the NFL championship, had 8 of its players make the Pro Bowl. That’s a very high number, of course, but over 30 teams have won it all and had eight or more […]

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Most Hall of Famers on an NFL Team

June 28, 2014 HOF

Today’s trivia is a straightforward one: only one team in NFL history has fielded 11 players who are currently members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Can you name that team? Tweet

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Trivia: Single-Season Leaders in Net Rushing Yards

June 22, 2014 Rushing

At the end of my Seahawks-Saints playoff preview, I came up with (what I thought was) a pretty neat bit of trivia: New Orleans gained 4918 passing yards and allowed only 3105 passing yards. That 1813 yard difference is largest by any NFL team in history. The 1961 Oilers, led by George Blanda, Bill Groman, […]

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Weekend Trivia: Sack Differential

June 14, 2014 Defense

Last year, the Denver Broncos led the NFL in sack differential — that is, sacks recorded by the defense minus sacks allowed by the offense. Having Peyton Manning really helps, as the Broncos had essentially an average number of defensive sacks (41) but ranked first in offensive sacks (20). So Denver ranked 1st in 2013 […]

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Trivia: The 2014 49ers And Their Star Receivers

June 8, 2014 Statistics

Colin Kaepernick won’t be hurting for weapons this year, which may be why San Francisco decided to give him a massive contract extension prior to the season. So will this be a career year for the young quarterback? Even if he plays well, he may not throw for 4,000 yards due to game script; after […]

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Trivia: Rushing Yards with Multiple Franchises

May 25, 2014 Rushing

Only two players in NFL history have ever rushed for 5,000 yards with two teams. Can you name either of them? Here’s a couple of hints for the only player to rush for 5,300+ yards with two different teams. Here’s a couple of hints for the other player: One other player was really, really close. […]

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Four First Round Defensive Linemen

May 18, 2014 Trivia

The St. Louis Rams may have had the best defensive line in football in 2013. At defensive end, the Rams had two stars in Robert Quinn (the Defensive Player of the Year) and Chris Long (who has recorded 33 sacks over the past three years). As part of the RG3 trade, St. Louis traded down […]

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Turnover Among Targets, Part II

April 27, 2014 History

Yesterday, I looked at team turnover in the passing game for every team in 2013. You can review the pretty complicated1 formula in that post, but the short version is to give each player credit for the lower of two values: his percentage of team receiving yards in Year N and his percentage of team […]

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Turnover Among Targets, Part I

April 26, 2014 History

The Carolina Panthers have experienced a lot of turnover this offseason. Steve Smith (Baltimore), Ted Ginn (Arizona), Domenik Hixon (Chicago), and Brandon LaFell (New England) are all gone. Those four players were the only wide receivers to catch a pass for Carolina in 2013, and they accounted for 59% of the Panthers receiving yards. last […]

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Increases in a Statistic In Seven Consecutive Years

April 19, 2014 Statgeekery

Interesting stat about LeBron James courtesy of Tim Reynolds: The Heat superstar has increased his field goal percentage in seven straight seasons. Take a look at his field goal percentage by season: Season Age Tm FG% 2003-04 19 CLE .417 2004-05 ★ 20 CLE .472 2005-06 ★ 21 CLE .480 2006-07 ★ 22 CLE .476 2007-08 ★ 23 CLE […]

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Interactive Trivia: Jerry Rice And [_______]

April 5, 2014 Trivia

If you play with enough filters of the “my dad can beat up your sister” variety, you can get some pretty counter-intuitive results. For example, Jerry Rice and DeSean Jackson are the only two players in NFL history to catch 350 passes, gain 6,000 receiving yards, and average 17.1 yards per reception through their first […]

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Super Bowl Squares: How To Win During Super Bowl XLVIII

January 29, 2014 Checkdowns

Last year, I wrote an article about Super Bowl squares. Well, it’s that time of year again, so here’s your helpful cheat sheet to win at your Super Bowl party. Every Super Bowl squares pool is different, but this post is really aimed at readers who play in pools where you can trade or pick […]

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Ryan Tannehill had one of the worst passing games ever

December 28, 2013 History

Did you happen to notice the stat line produced by Ryan Tannehill last week? He completed just 10 of 27 passes for only 82 yards in a 19-0 loss to the Bills. A 37% completion rate and a 3.0 yards per attempt average are ugly numbers in their own right, but Tannehill was also sacked […]

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Fewer Rushing Yards Are Coming From High Draft Picks

December 21, 2013 History

In 1990, there were 22 running backs who rushed for at least 700 yards. Of those players, Barry Sanders, Ottis Anderson, Sammie Smith, John L. Williams, Emmitt Smith, John Stephens, Lorenzo White, James Brooks, Cleveland Gary, and Neal Anderson were former first round picks. In addition, Bobby Humphrey, Mike Rozier, and Kevin Mack were selected […]

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