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TD/INT Ratio Leaders

Touchdown/Interception ratio isn’t an official statistic, so here’s something you probably didn’t know. Among qualifying passers (minimum 14 pass attempts per team game), either Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers has led the league in this category in 6 of the last 7 seasons. The one exception? Nick Foles in 2013.

Brady has lead the NFL in TD/INT ratio four times: 2007, 2010, 2015, and 2016. That’s tied for the most in football history, with Roger Staubach and Charlie Conerly. The table below shows the leaders in pro football (combining the AAFC and AFL with the NFL) in each year since 1946:

2016Tom BradyNWE28214.00
2015Tom BradyNWE3675.14
2014Aaron RodgersGNB3857.60
2013Nick FolesPHI27213.50
2012Aaron RodgersGNB3984.88
2011Aaron RodgersGNB4567.50
2010Tom BradyNWE3649.00
2009Brett FavreMIN3374.71
2008Seneca WallaceSEA1133.67
2007Tom BradyNWE5086.25
2006Damon HuardKAN11111.00
2005Brad JohnsonMIN1243.00
2005Byron LeftwichJAX1553.00
2004Peyton ManningIND49104.90
2003Steve McNairTEN2473.43
2002Brad JohnsonTAM2263.67
2002Chad PenningtonNYJ2263.67
2001Rich GannonOAK2793.00
2000Brian GrieseDEN1944.75
1999Kurt WarnerSTL41133.15
1998Vinny TestaverdeNYJ2974.14
1997Jeff GeorgeOAK2993.22
1996Brett FavreGNB39133.00
1995Jim HarbaughIND1753.40
1994Steve YoungSFO35103.50
1993Bubby BristerPHI1452.80
1992Steve YoungSFO2573.57
1991Steve BonoSFO1142.75
1990Steve DeBergKAN2345.75
1989Joe MontanaSFO2683.25
1988Dave KriegSEA1882.25
1987Bernie KosarCLE2292.44
1986Tommy KramerMIN24102.40
1985Ken O'BrienNYJ2583.13
1984Tony EasonNWE2382.88
1983Steve BartkowskiATL2254.40
1982Richard ToddNYJ1481.75
1981Ken AndersonCIN29102.90
1980Ron JaworskiPHI27122.25
1979Roger StaubachDAL27112.45
1978Roger StaubachDAL25161.56
1977Roger StaubachDAL1892.00
1976Bert JonesBAL2492.67
1975Bert JonesBAL1882.25
1974Jim HartSTL2082.50
1973Fran TarkentonMIN1572.14
1972Marty DomresBAL1161.83
1971Roger StaubachDAL1543.75
1970John BrodieSFO24102.40
1969Roman GabrielRAM2473.43
1968Bill NelsenCLE19101.90
1967Sonny JurgensenWAS31161.94
1966Bart StarrGNB1434.67
1965Rudy BukichCHI2092.22
1964Bart StarrGNB1543.75
1963Y.A. TittleNYG36142.57
1962Babe ParilliBOS1882.25
1961Milt PlumCLE18101.80
1960Milt PlumCLE2154.20
1959Charlie ConerlyNYG1443.50
1958Johnny UnitasBAL1972.71
1957Johnny UnitasBAL24171.41
1956Charlie ConerlyNYG1071.43
1955Otto GrahamCLE1581.88
1954Charlie ConerlyNYG17111.55
1953Norm Van BrocklinRAM19141.36
1952Charlie ConerlyNYG13101.30
1951Bob WaterfieldRAM13101.30
1950Norm Van BrocklinRAM18141.29
1949Otto GrahamCLE19101.90
1948Frankie AlbertSFO29102.90
1947Otto GrahamCLE25112.27
1946Paul GovernaliBOS13101.30
  • Richie

    In 1984, Tony Eason was at 2.88 (23-8). Marino was at 2.82 (48-17). I thought that was interesting.

    • garymrosen

      I noted that, in the 80s with three top-tier HOFers in the league, only one of them made the list and he (Montana) only once. A lot of game-manager types. But it might be worth looking at the stat over a period of years. As I recall about Joe M he led the league with lowest INT % only once but was one of the lowest over the decade.

  • Conerly led the league in ’52, ’54, ’56, and ’59. FWIW, he led the NFL in INT rates in ’50, ’56, ’59, and in TD rate in ’52. But his highest TD rate was in 1954. But that year, Adrian Burk was at a whopping 10% TD rate. But Burk’s TD/INT rate was 23/17, so Conerly (17/11) beat him.

    As for ’50, Conerly was at 8/7, so Van Brocklin (18/14) slightly edged him out.

  • It’s rarely mentioned, but I prefer TD-INT differential, at least at the season level. There, Marino blows Eason out of the water in 1984. The results seem to jibe better with what I think of as great seasons.