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Here’s a look at the 2017 rushing leaders for the Seattle Seahawks:

No. Player Age Pos G GS Att Yds
TD Lng Y/A Y/G A/G
3 Russell Wilson 29 QB 12 12 71 432 3 29 6.1 36.0 5.9
32 Chris Carson 23 rb 4 3 49 208 0 30 4.2 52.0 12.3
27 Eddie Lacy 26 rb 9 3 69 179 0 19 2.6 19.9 7.7
21 J.D. McKissic 24 rb 9 1 33 143 1 30 4.3 15.9 3.7
34 Thomas Rawls 24 rb 9 3 50 129 0 23 2.6 14.3 5.6
39 Mike Davis 25 rb 2 2 22 82 0 22 3.7 41.0 11.0
16 Tyler Lockett 25 WR 12 7 8 46 0 22 5.8 3.8 0.7
22 C.J. Prosise 23  rb 5 0 11 23 0 8 2.1 4.6 2.2
Team Total 26.3 12 316 1233 4 30 3.9 102.8 26.3

You might have noticed that quarterback Russell Wilson actually leads the team in rushing yards.  Which is… pretty unusual.  Excluding situations when players who didn’t enter the NFL as a running back but played that position (like Ty Montgomery or Denard Robinson), only twice in the last 20 years has a non-RB led his team in rushing yards.  Do you know who and when?


Before them, the last player was Randall Cunningham – who did it for the 1987, 1988, 1989, and 1990 Eagles. The only other time since the merger that a non-RB has led his team in rushing yards was Bears quarterback Bobby Douglass in 1972.

And before Douglass, you have to go back to 1960, when Lenny Moore led the Colts in rushing yards the year after moving to wide receiver (he still actually led the team in carries, too, but Alan Ameche was the fullback and Alex Hawkins was the running back; Moore finished with 936 receiving yards and 374 rushing yards). Also that year, Jets (well, Titans) quarterback Al Dorow led the expansion franchise in rushing yards.

Positional designations get a little tricky pre-1960, but a few other quarterbacks pulled off the feat in the ’50s. Tobin Rote led the Lions in rushing in 1958, and the Packers in rushing in 1951, 1952, and 1956. Charley Trippi led the Cardinals in rushing in 1951 and 1952, although the 1952 Cardinals had the greatest four-way race for a franchise rushing title you’ll ever see.

This is a long way of saying it’s going to be pretty noteworthy if Wilson leads the Seahawks in rushing, which seems very likely to happen.

  • Mark Growcott

    Wilson is having a phenomenal season as we have seen and is among the top contenders for MVP.

    As for Cunningham, his incredible streak would likely have continued in 1991 if not for the devastating knee injury he suffered early in the season. The Eagles during the Buddy Ryan era were lacking in so many areas on the Offensive side with a shaky Offensive Line, no viable and consistent options at Running Back and no outstanding Wide Receiver which clearly enabled Cunningham to showcase his remarkable talents.

    • Deacon Drake

      I think Cunningham belongs in the HoF before a number of these post-1995/2004 passing compilers. Unique athlete, always won, despite his offensive leadership consisting of the likes of Buddy Ryan, Rich Kotite, and Brian Billick. The advanced passing numbers suffer because of the sacks, but that totally ignores the impact he had on the ground.

      • sacramento gold miners

        1991 could have been the season in which Cunningham strengthened his HOF case. Is being exciting, and having impact, enough to overcome other factors? Would having more discipline and dedication to football have made for a better career? I wanted to see Cunningham do well, especially in the postseason, but he struggled in that area.

        His 20’s were strong, but aside from the memorable 1998 season, Cunningham’s 30’s were disappointing.

  • Richie

    I guessed Newton, but I was a year off. My other guess was Michael Vick in 2004. Warrick Dunn kept edging him out. In 06 he missed by 101 yards when he rushed for 1,039. In 04 he missed by 204 yards. And in 02 he missed by 150 yards.

    • For some reason, I specifically remembered McNabb. I felt like Vick probably never had because he had an effective and healthy lead RB for his entire prime. I guessed Newton but didn’t even guess a year.

      Though also my first thought was Bobby Douglass, because apparently I could not read “last 20 years.”

      • Richie

        Any time a discussion of “running QB” comes up, my first thought it Douglass.

        I never saw him play though.

  • disqus_rHuix0OT5I

    You missed one……McNabb did it in 2000