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Trivia of the Day – Saturday, July 21st

Owens as a Bengal

Last weekend, I asked you to name the fifth of the five running backs who rushed for over 1,000 rushing yards in the final season of their career. Today, let’s switch positions: there are three players who gained at least 1,000 receiving yards in the final seasons of their careers.

Terrell Owens gained 983 yards with the Bengals in 2010, his last season — to date — in the league. This is one of the rare trivia questions where Jerry Rice’s name doesn’t enter the conversation — he had just 429 receiving yards in his final season. The famed triumvirate of wide receivers on the outside looking in at the Hall — Tim Brown, Andre Reed, and Cris Carter — gained just 200, 103, and 66 yards, respectively, in their final seasons. Marvin Harrison gained 636 yards in his last season, and don’t forget, Randy Moss isn’t yet retired.

One of the three players is so obscure I doubt anyone would get it. Reggie Langhorne played for seven years in Cleveland and then set a career high with 811 yards in his first season with the Colts. The next year, 1993, Langhorne broke 1,000 yards for the first time in his career: and he never played in the NFL again. In a salary cap purge, the Colts released several veterans, including Langhorne, following the ’93 season. Content with his career, Langhorne decided to never suit up again.

But the other two receivers are well-known in all football circles. Can you name the other two players to gain 1,000 receiving yards in their final NFL seasons?

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  • Richie

    My original guesses were Michael Irvin and Isaac Bruce. I couldn’t remember when Bruce retired, but thought 2005 might have been right (turns out 09 was his last year, and he only had 264 yards. I forgot about his SF stint.). The first 2 hints didn’t dissuade me from either guess. But the 1994 injury eliminated Irvin, and I eventually figured out Sharpe.

    Jimmy Smith never crossed my mind.

    Smith actually compares favorably to Michael Irvin in raw career numbers. But at least according to AV, Irvin had a slightly higher peak, and he had one All Pro and Smith didn’t have any.

    Smith had 9 seasons of 1,000+ yards (9 out of his final 10 seasons). He had 805 yards in 12 games in that other season. Only Randy Moss (10) and Jerry Rice (14) have more 1,000+ yard receiving seasons. Terrell Owens and Tim Brown also have 9. http://pfref.com/tiny/k3Qdz

    • Chase Stuart

      Good guesses Richie. At least you stuck by the honor system.

      • Richie

        I don’t want to win my prize dishonestly.

  • Tim Truemper

    I listed the following: again all pretty much guesses 1) Andre Rison; 2) Mark Clayton; 3) Mark Duper; 4) Jimmy Smith (yeah!) and Rocket Ismael. Guess if you put enuf names down one will be right.

    Sterling Sharpe is more “knowable” and did not ponder sufficiently.