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Trivia of the Day – Sunday, July 15th

Barry Sanders walked out on top

Tiki Barber was the answer to one trivia question, and he’s also the answer to this one: Can you name the player who gained the most rushing yards in the final season of his career? Barber set that mark by gaining 1,662 rushing yards in 2006 with the Giants, his last in the league.

Of course, that’s not the trivia question of the day. But Barber is in rare company, as only five retired players rushed for over 1,000 yards in their last season.

Today’s trivia question comes courtesy of Football Outsiders’ staffer Danny Tuccitto, who e-mailed me the question a few days ago. In addition to Barber, Jim Brown, Barry Sanders and Robert Smith all topped 1,000 yards in their final NFL season. But there’s a fifth, more obscure, member of the group. He’s the subject of Sunday’s trivia of the day. Can you name that fifth member? Take a look at hint one and see if you can get it. As always, the honor system will be strictly enforced.

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