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Trivia of the Day – Saturday, July 14th

The Hall of Fame

Every August, the NFL inducts another set of men into football’s pantheon, the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Today’s trivia question: which man was the youngest person to ever be inducted in the Hall?

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  • Shonne Podein

    Gayle Sayers?

  • Needed the first clue

  • Very happy with myself on this one. My first thought was it was likely someone over the last 50 years rather than someone in the early parts of the NFL due to when the Hall of Fame began, and then thought it probably was someone who was great on a short career, and then Sayers was the first person to come to mind.

  • Richie

    Does Gale Sayers make the HOF if his career had been from 1995-2001 (instead of 65-71)? Strangely, Terrell Davis’ career WAS from 95-01. Their careers were similar, except that Sayers came into the league as a college star.

    I waver back on forth on Davis’ HOF worthiness. I think that Sayers was basically inducted based on “what could have been”, and not sure that’s right.

  • Chase Stuart

    I think so, Richie. Sayers also added value as a return man, and he was obviously less a product of the system than Davis. That said, it’s a topic for another post.

    On the other hand, is the notification of replies working yet?

    • Richie

      No, I’m not getting any notification of replies. I still don’t see an option to choose it.

      On many blogs, there is a checkbox where you can receive notifications of new replies, but I don’t see that here.

      Another minor quibble (maybe it’s just me), but this website loads up just a tiny bit wider than my screen, so I get a slight left-right scroll on this page. Most websites seem to scale, so it’s not a problem. But the aspect seems to be locked on this page.

  • Tim Truemper

    Gale Sayers I figure. His short career that was also magnificent in so many ways probably made him a first time inducteee. Given he was 28 or 29 when he retired, then the five year wait, he would have been 34-35 going in.