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Trivia of the Day – Sunday, June 24th

Hines Ward chokes up once he realizes he's no longer the active leader in career receiving yards

Hines Ward and Derrick Mason had been the wide receivers with the most receiving yards in the league among active players. Both topped the 12,000 yard mark, and both subsequently retired this off-season. Who is the current active leader in receiving yards at the wide receiver position (Tony Gonzalez is the current leader among all players)?

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  • Pat

    Trivia hint 1: He is now playing for his 5th team.
    Trivia hint 2: He went to Marshall University.
    Trivia hint 3: He’ll be catching passes from a former #1 overall pick this season.


    I don’t think I want to live in a world where Reggie Wayne’s 11,708 yards are somehow more than Randy Moss’ 14,858.

  • Chase Stuart

    Well, that was quick. I figured I’d make it at least four trivia posts before messing one up. Good catch, Pat.

    Moss missing last year made it a little too easy to forget about him.

  • Wayne was my guess; Moss didn’t even cross my mind.

  • After completely forgetting about Tiki Barber yesterday, I was glad that Moss was the first one to come to mind on this one.

  • Johnny Pruitt IV

    I think Tony Gonzalez, Rodey White,andCalvin Johnson will be leaders. But I would not give up On Julio Jones either. I really think Michel Vick just might have more yards than the ones I just named.