Quarterback Wins: Outlier Seasons

July 24, 2014 History

The 1998 season was one of my favorite years in NFL history. It was also a pretty weird one. We had Terrell Davis rushing for 2,000 yards, rookies Randy Moss and Fred Taylor making defenses look silly, and a quartet of old quarterbacks stun the football world. Doug Flutie came out of nowhere Canada to […]

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Matt Ryan has most wins through five years, ranks 7th in Winning Percentage

July 28, 2013 Checkdowns

An interesting tweet from Adam Schefter today: Matt Ryan has 56 regular season wins in his first five seasons, the most in NFL history. Ryan has started 78 games, one of only three quarterbacks (Peyton Manning, Joe Flacco) to start at least 75 games in their first five seasons. I thought it would be interesting […]

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Matt Stafford has a 17-28 record, which has little predictive value

July 18, 2013 Data Dump

Longtime readers of this blog know that I’m not a big fan of Matt Stafford. Last year, when most people were praising his breakout 2011 season, I questioned whether he was as good as his backers claimed. And, of course, his 2012 performance only raised more questions. Stafford has a 17-28 career record, which in […]

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Wins with quarterbacks drafted by that team

October 27, 2012 Draft

Good stat today by ESPN’s Adam Schefter, who notes that Kansas City has gone 25 years without winning a game with a quarterback drafted by the Chiefs. This Todd Blackledge-led victory over the Chargers in 1987 was the last time a quarterback drafted by the Chiefs won a game in red and gold. That’s remarkable, […]

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