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Wins with quarterbacks drafted by that team

Good stat today by ESPN’s Adam Schefter, who notes that Kansas City has gone 25 years without winning a game with a quarterback drafted by the Chiefs. This Todd Blackledge-led victory over the Chargers in 1987 was the last time a quarterback drafted by the Chiefs won a game in red and gold.

That’s remarkable, but as always, we need context. The table below looks at all team wins from 1988 to 2012 and shows how many games were won by a quarterback drafted by that team. Note: For purposes of this post, I’m considering John Elway, Jim Everett, Kelly Stouffer, Eli Manning, and Philip Rivers as having been drafted by the Broncos, Rams, Seahawks, Giants, and Chargers, respectively. Additionally, quarterbacks drafted before 1988 count, but only their wins starting in 1988 count for purposes of the table below. The last two columns show, for each, the quarterback with the most wins among those quarterbacks drafted and not drafted by that team.

NWE22521294.2%Tom Brady (128)Doug Flutie (7)
IND21318185.0%Peyton Manning (141)Jim Harbaugh (20)
PIT23719883.5%Ben Roethlisberger (83)Tommy Maddox (15)
NYG21717781.6%Eli Manning (74)Kerry Collins (35)
PHI22515970.7%Donovan McNabb (92)Michael Vick (18)
DEN22115570.1%John Elway (102)Jake Plummer (39)
TAM17311767.6%Trent Dilfer (38)Brad Johnson (26)
CIN15610466.7%Carson Palmer (46)Jeff Blake (25)
BUF20312662.1%Jim Kelly (91)Drew Bledsoe (23)
SDG19111861.8%Philip Rivers (66)Stan Humphries (47)
ATL18411361.4%Matt Ryan (49)Chris Chandler (34)
MIA20411857.8%Dan Marino (99)Jay Fiedler (36)
WAS18010457.8%Mark Rypien (45)Brad Johnson (17)
DAL20411556.4%Troy Aikman (94)Tony Romo (50)
NYJ1799955.3%Chad Pennington (32)Vinny Testaverde (35)
TEN21611955.1%Steve McNair (76)Warren Moon (51)
CLE1276853.5%Bernie Kosar (29)Derek Anderson (16)
DET1508053.3%Rodney Peete (21)Scott Mitchell (27)
MIN21410850.5%Daunte Culpepper (38)Warren Moon (21)
JAX1397050.4%David Garrard (39)Mark Brunell (63)
BAL1457350.3%Joe Flacco (49)Steve McNair (15)
ARI1497147.7%Jake Plummer (30)Kurt Warner (27)
CHI1968844.9%Jim Harbaugh (35)Jay Cutler (29)
STL1626540.1%Jim Everett (38)Marc Bulger (41)
SFO2298336.2%Alex Smith (37)Steve Young (89)
HOU712433.8%David Carr (22)Matt Schaub (38)
GNB2316929.9%Aaron Rodgers (45)Brett Favre (160)
CAR1263225.4%Kerry Collins (22)Jake Delhomme (53)
SEA1863619.4%Rick Mirer (20)Matt Hasselbeck (69)
OAK1772011.3%Steve Beuerlein (8)Rich Gannon (45)
NOR19921.00%Danny Wuerffel (2)Drew Brees (64)
KAN20200.00%--Trent Green (48)

As bad as the Chiefs record has been, the Saints record isn’t any better. In fact, since Archie Manning’s last game for the Saints, New Orleans has only drafted two quarterbacks – Dave Wilson and Danny Wuerffel – who have started and won a game for the team. JaMarcus Russell couldn’t even break the Raiders list, ending his career with seven wins. Two other interesting notes. Tony Romo is the only undrafted quarterback in the league currently starting. And of the 32 starting quarterbacks, three of them — Michael Vick, Matt Schaub, and Matt Ryan — were drafted by the Falcons.

  • Glennsyank13

    Umm, Hasselback was drafted by the Packers

  • Glennsyank13

    and yet still has more wins for Seattle than anyone else. Pathetic Seahawks

  • Didn’t the Baltimore Colts draft John Elway, not Denver?

    • Andrew

      Sort of. He never actually played for the Colts, so Chase is just considering him as drafted by the Broncos. Same story for Phillip Rivers and Eli Manning. If you got traded before your rookie season, he just considers you to be drafted by the team you got traded to.

      • Chase Stuart

        The merits of owning your own site: you can be as ornery as you like!

  • vcs

    Fran Tarkenton was drafted by the Vikings, traded to the Giants, and then traded back to the Vikings. 91 Vikings wins.

  • vcs

    (Whoops, didn’t see the 1988 cutoff.)