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Here’s a quick set of quarterback ratings I was messing around with, based on Doug’s Simple Rating System. The basic setup: I took every passer-game (Att > 0) since the 2010 season, weighting for recency according to Wayne Winston’s method. I ran the data through the SRS to adjust for the quality of opponent pass defenses, creating a predicted Net YPA rate for each passer in each game via the following formula:

Predicted NYPA = League Constant + Home-Field Advantage + Passer Rating – Opponent Pass D Rating

The league constant in this case was a Net YPA of 6.24; the homefield component (which was positive while at home, negative on the road, and 0 in Super Bowls) was 0.05. Minimize the sum of squared errors between predicted and actual NYPA for each passer-game (weighted by recency and how many dropbacks the passer had in the game), and you’ve got a set of opponent-adjusted, recency-weighted QB ratings.

Throwing out the Brett Favres and Curtis Painters of the world who haven’t been active this year, here are the full ratings:

PlayerWgtd DrpbksNYPA Rating
Mohamed Sanu0.660.94
Brian Hoyer0.29.80
Shaun Hill8.85.13
Derek Anderson2.93.96
Kirk Cousins47.22.37
Chase Daniel1.22.02
Matt Flynn13.21.74
Tom Brady467.01.23
Kyle Orton20.71.16
Russell Wilson266.00.95
Robert Griffin III257.70.92
Peyton Manning382.90.78
Drew Brees472.30.75
Matt Ryan440.80.73
Colin Kaepernick147.40.72
Eli Manning399.10.64
Cam Newton359.50.64
Tony Romo468.30.54
Aaron Rodgers394.90.50
Kellen Clemens9.70.45
Matt Schaub376.30.39
Alex Smith176.10.39
Charlie Batch66.10.37
Josh Freeman395.00.28
Ben Roethlisberger324.60.23
Carson Palmer445.60.15
Matthew Stafford521.20.10
Joe Flacco410.40.00
Rusty Smith3.3-0.03
Tyrod Taylor2.5-0.10
Andrew Luck433.0-0.11
Jake Locker192.4-0.11
Sam Bradford399.1-0.15
Josh McCown4.7-0.17
Matt Moore36.9-0.18
Tarvaris Jackson26.4-0.20
Ryan Tannehill320.8-0.20
Rex Grossman27.3-0.21
Jordan Palmer0.0-0.27
Michael Vick231.4-0.30
Brandon Weeden367.1-0.40
Andy Dalton395.9-0.40
Dennis Dixon0.1-0.41
Ryan Fitzpatrick374.6-0.43
Jay Cutler307.5-0.43
Philip Rivers419.2-0.49
Drew Stanton0.5-0.56
Matt Hasselbeck181.8-0.58
Chad Henne212.4-0.59
Matt Cassel196.9-0.62
Mark Sanchez318.0-0.69
Dan Orlovsky21.3-0.76
Joe Webb5.3-0.77
Tyler Thigpen6.2-0.88
Colt McCoy24.7-0.90
Tim Tebow28.3-0.96
John Skelton172.9-1.04
Bruce Gradkowski1.4-1.09
Nick Foles205.3-1.16
Blaine Gabbert213.0-1.23
Christian Ponder334.1-1.23
T.J. Yates22.1-1.24
Kevin Kolb132.1-1.38
Jason Campbell55.1-1.46
Brady Quinn147.2-1.49
Charlie Whitehurst3.3-1.91
Byron Leftwich45.4-2.13
Trent Edwards0.4-2.13
Luke McCown2.5-2.14
Jimmy Clausen1.3-2.17
Ryan Mallett3.1-2.26
Caleb Hanie7.9-2.30
Ryan Lindley133.6-2.37
Greg McElroy7.0-2.51
Graham Harrell2.0-2.79
David Carr1.2-4.09
Matt Leinart1.6-4.71
Brad Smith0.7-6.04
Terrelle Pryor1.0-7.09

And if you just limit it to guys who started at least 1 game at QB this year:

RnkPlayerWgtd DrpbksNYPA Rating
1Kirk Cousins47.22.37
2Tom Brady467.01.23
3Russell Wilson266.00.95
4Robert Griffin III257.70.92
5Peyton Manning382.90.78
6Drew Brees472.30.75
7Matt Ryan440.80.73
8Colin Kaepernick147.40.72
9Eli Manning399.10.64
10Cam Newton359.50.64
11Tony Romo468.30.54
12Aaron Rodgers394.90.50
13Matt Schaub376.30.39
14Alex Smith176.10.39
15Charlie Batch66.10.37
16Josh Freeman395.00.28
17Ben Roethlisberger324.60.23
18Carson Palmer445.60.15
19Matthew Stafford521.20.10
20Joe Flacco410.40.00
21Andrew Luck433.0-0.11
22Jake Locker192.4-0.11
23Sam Bradford399.1-0.15
24Ryan Tannehill320.8-0.20
25Michael Vick231.4-0.30
26Brandon Weeden367.1-0.40
27Andy Dalton395.9-0.40
28Ryan Fitzpatrick374.6-0.43
29Jay Cutler307.5-0.43
30Philip Rivers419.2-0.49
31Matt Hasselbeck181.8-0.58
32Chad Henne212.4-0.59
33Matt Cassel196.9-0.62
34Mark Sanchez318.0-0.69
35John Skelton172.9-1.04
36Nick Foles205.3-1.16
37Blaine Gabbert213.0-1.23
38Christian Ponder334.1-1.23
39Kevin Kolb132.1-1.38
40Jason Campbell55.1-1.46
41Brady Quinn147.2-1.49
42Byron Leftwich45.4-2.13
43Ryan Lindley133.6-2.37

Chase edit: We can also calculate a “yards over average” statistic for each quarterback, if we multiply his dropbacks by his NY/A rating.

PlayerWgtd DrpbksNYPA RatingVAL OV AVG
Tom Brady4671.23574
Drew Brees472.30.75354
Matt Ryan440.80.73322
Peyton Manning382.90.78299
Eli Manning399.10.64255
Tony Romo468.30.54253
Russell Wilson2660.95253
Robert Griffin III257.70.92237
Cam Newton359.50.64230
Aaron Rodgers394.90.5197
Matt Schaub376.30.39147
Kirk Cousins47.22.37112
Josh Freeman3950.28111
Colin Kaepernick147.40.72106
Ben Roethlisberger324.60.2375
Alex Smith176.10.3969
Carson Palmer445.60.1567
Matthew Stafford521.20.152
Shaun Hill8.85.1345
Mohamed Sanu0.660.9437
Charlie Batch66.10.3724
Kyle Orton20.71.1624
Matt Flynn13.21.7423
Derek Anderson2.93.9611
Kellen Clemens9.70.454
Chase Daniel1.22.022
Brian Hoyer0.29.82
Joe Flacco410.400
Jordan Palmer0-0.270
Dennis Dixon0.1-0.410
Rusty Smith3.3-0.030
Tyrod Taylor2.5-0.10
Drew Stanton0.5-0.560
Josh McCown4.7-0.17-1
Trent Edwards0.4-2.13-1
Bruce Gradkowski1.4-1.09-2
Jimmy Clausen1.3-2.17-3
Joe Webb5.3-0.77-4
Brad Smith0.7-6.04-4
David Carr1.2-4.09-5
Tarvaris Jackson26.4-0.2-5
Luke McCown2.5-2.14-5
Tyler Thigpen6.2-0.88-5
Graham Harrell2-2.79-6
Rex Grossman27.3-0.21-6
Charlie Whitehurst3.3-1.91-6
Matt Moore36.9-0.18-7
Ryan Mallett3.1-2.26-7
Terrelle Pryor1-7.09-7
Matt Leinart1.6-4.71-8
Dan Orlovsky21.3-0.76-16
Greg McElroy7-2.51-18
Caleb Hanie7.9-2.3-18
Jake Locker192.4-0.11-21
Colt McCoy24.7-0.9-22
Tim Tebow28.3-0.96-27
T.J. Yates22.1-1.24-27
Andrew Luck433-0.11-48
Sam Bradford399.1-0.15-60
Ryan Tannehill320.8-0.2-64
Michael Vick231.4-0.3-69
Jason Campbell55.1-1.46-80
Byron Leftwich45.4-2.13-97
Matt Hasselbeck181.8-0.58-105
Matt Cassel196.9-0.62-122
Chad Henne212.4-0.59-125
Jay Cutler307.5-0.43-132
Brandon Weeden367.1-0.4-147
Andy Dalton395.9-0.4-158
Ryan Fitzpatrick374.6-0.43-161
John Skelton172.9-1.04-180
Kevin Kolb132.1-1.38-182
Philip Rivers419.2-0.49-205
Brady Quinn147.2-1.49-219
Mark Sanchez318-0.69-219
Nick Foles205.3-1.16-238
Blaine Gabbert213-1.23-262
Ryan Lindley133.6-2.37-317
Christian Ponder334.1-1.23-411