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Checkdowns: Pre-Conference Championship Sunday Weighted SRS Ratings

by Neil Paine on January 19, 2013

in Checkdowns, Power Rankings, SRS, Statgeekery

Presented without comment, the most current Simple Ratings, weighted for recency:

Mean (SRS)
Std. Error
1Seattle Seahawkssea13.573.2219.927.23
2New England Patriotsnwe12.393.3518.985.81
3San Francisco 49erssfo10.233.3316.803.66
4Denver Broncosden9.543.3416.122.96
5Green Bay Packersgnb7.083.2813.540.62
6Atlanta Falconsatl6.603.3113.110.08
7New York Giantsnyg5.943.4312.70-0.82
8Chicago Bearschi5.763.4312.50-0.99
9Baltimore Ravensrav4.053.2410.42-2.33
10Washington Redskinswas3.523.3310.08-3.04
11Minnesota Vikingsmin3.303.379.94-3.34
12Cincinnati Bengalscin2.833.319.36-3.69
13New Orleans Saintsnor2.063.428.80-4.68
14Carolina Pantherscar1.503.428.23-5.23
15Houston Texanshtx1.483.247.85-4.90
16St Louis Ramsram0.753.437.50-6.00
17Dallas Cowboysdal-0.243.436.51-6.99
18Pittsburgh Steelerspit-0.783.435.98-7.53
19Tampa Bay Buccaneerstam-1.053.415.67-7.78
20Miami Dolphinsmia-2.843.443.93-9.62
21San Diego Chargerssdg-2.913.423.82-9.64
22Detroit Lionsdet-3.513.423.22-10.24
23Arizona Cardinalscrd-4.473.442.30-11.23
24Indianapolis Coltsclt-5.063.301.45-11.56
25Cleveland Brownscle-5.403.441.37-12.17
26Buffalo Billsbuf-6.703.440.07-13.46
27New York Jetsnyj-7.353.43-0.60-14.09
28Philadelphia Eaglesphi-9.883.43-3.12-16.65
29Oakland Raidersrai-10.523.42-3.78-17.26
30Tennessee Titansoti-10.603.45-3.81-17.38
31Jacksonville Jaguarsjax-13.943.43-7.19-20.69
32Kansas City Chiefskan-14.403.43-7.65-21.16

“Upper” and “Lower” are the 95% confidence intervals around each estimate. Roughly speaking, this means we can be 95% confident that, say, the 49ers’ “true” SRS rating is between 3.66 and 16.80.

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