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For most NFL fans, the book on Andy Dalton has been written in permanent ink.  But this week at the Washington Post, I write why 2015 may in fact be his breakout season.

So, through three weeks, it’s easy to dismiss the great numbers that Dalton has produced as the product of a small sample size. On 94 passing drop backs, he’s thrown for 866 yards and 8 touchdowns with just two sacks and one interception. That translates to a 10.32 Adjusted Net Yards per Attempt average, the best in football through three weeks. But is there any reason that Dalton, who has had hot streaks before, can maintain this level of play?

You can read the full article here.

  • Richie

    That may be the first positive Andy Dalton article I’ve ever seen.

  • eag97a

    And now the definition of the Dalton line is it divides the elites QBs from the rest. Hopefully thats the case moving forward since I’m really partial to the Bengals and he really seems to have improved.

  • sacramento gold miners

    Andy Dalton may have improved as a regular season QB, and we’ll have to see if that translates in the postseason. Dating back to his first playoff game, he’s had issues, and in that Texans loss, it was obvious the pressure was affecting him. In the playoffs, it’s not all about the numbers, were that true, Tony Romo and Peyton Manning would be more successful as winning QBs in the playoffs. Converting those timely plays, makes all the difference in the world. If Dalton can lift his game in the postseason, then the Bengals have a real shot.

    Like Romo, he’ll just have to do it, and at 27, Dalton should have many more chances. Both the Ravens and Steelers have older QBs, so there’s a window of opportunity for Dalton if he really improves.