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I’m very short on time this week, so here’s a fun trivia question. Last week, I noted that Justin Blackmon gained 1,201 receiving yards in his last 16 games. As it turns out, if Blackmon never plays in another NFL game, that would set the record for most receiving yards in a player’s final sixteen games (this excludes all active players, of course).

Who holds that record now? Two players gained just over 1,100 yards in their final sixteen games. Can you name them?

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Rounding out the top five: Hart Lee Dykes caught 71 passes for 1,098 yards in his final sixteen games, as an off-the-field incident (which has nothing on this off-the-field incident) and repeated knee injuries ended his career. Finally, Terrell Owens gained 80 receptions, 1,087 yards, and 10 touchdowns in his last sixteen games.

  • Chris

    I got it after the second hint that one was Sharpe, didn’t figure out Wells though. Shame Sharpe got injured, right as Favre was coming into his prime. He had the potential to be the greatest WR of the modern era (non-Jerry Rice division).

    • Richie

      Same with me.

      My original 2 guesses were Terrell Owens and Tony Gonzalez.

  • Justin

    Wow, a conviction for attempted rape. That would probably be at least a five game suspension these days.

  • Got Sharpe without clues. Missed on Wells. Given his production at an old age, I have to believe Terrell Owens could have found another NFL gig if he didn’t have that reputation.

  • Without clues, I guessed Sharpe and Michael Irvin. After the first clue, I was pretty sure I was wrong and Irvin had played past 30 (He did actually play until 33. He had 62 catches for 900 yards in his last 16 games.), but I could not think of anyone to guess. Robert Brooks came to mind, but I knew he had a season of nothingness in Denver at the end (Shanahan so loved his well-past-done wideouts). Torry Holt came to mind but I thought he had around 800 yards in his last year and was over 30 (Turns out he had 722 and was 33.) in Jacksonville.

    I barely even remember hearing the name Warren Wells before, so I never did come up with him.

    I also had to check on Jimmy Smith, because I was pretty certain he had 1000 yards in his last season. He did have 1023 yards that year, but he had 30 in his one playoff game that year and 130 in the first game of the season, so he only had 923 yards in his last 16 games.

    • Richie

      Torry Holt came to mind but I thought he had around 800 yards in his last year and was over 30 (Turns out he had 722 and was 33.) in Jacksonville.

      Wow. I had him on my fantasy team that year. He was just about useless. I would have guessed he had 250 yards. I’m surprised he had over 700! But 0 TD and 722 yards in 16 games, with only 2 games over 71 yards is just about useless for fantasy. But consistently useless!!

  • Sharpe was my immediate guess, as I’m just old enough to remember how good he was and that he had to retire early because of the neck injury. Never heard of the second guy.

  • Tim Truemper

    Got Warren Wells, missed on Sharpe.

  • Looks like Calvin Johnson (now 1,209) may be the new record holder, assuming he stays retired.