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Checkdowns: AFC/NFC Players of the Week

Hey look, these two again!

Hey look, these two again!

Pro-Football-Reference.com is constantly adding fun stuff to the site, and I just noticed that this page, listing all AFC/NFC Players of the Week going back to 1984. Some thoughts:

  • Brady was so honored five times in 2007. That was the most ever, although it was equaled by Cam Newton last year. Barry Sanders ’97, Terrell Davis ’98, and Tomlinson ’06 are the only non-quarterbacks with four such honors in a season.
  • Joe Montana had 8 OPOW awards in the NFC, and 5 in the AFC. No other player has more than two in both conferences (Brees has 20/2; Esiason has 10/2).

On the defensive side, the award totals are a bit lower, as you’d expect:

  • J.J. Watt has “only” been named AFC DPOW six times in his career. Terrell Suggs (2011), Sam Madison (1999), and David Fulcher (1989 Bengals) are the only AFC players to be DPOW three times in a season. Watt earned that honor twice in 2015, twice in 2014, and twice in 2012. On the NFC side, only La’Roi Glover (2000) picked up the award three times in a season.

Oh, and they actually give out six of these a week, so….

  • Adam Vinatieri (15) is your special teams leader, though Devin Hester (14) is just one behind.  Vinatieri did not have more than two in any season, and has not won the award since 2013. Hester, remarkably, won the award three times in 2006 and then four (!) times in 2007, while he last won it in 2014.
  • LightsOut85

    I’m a little surprised by the absence of Reggie White’s name.

  • Richie

    Of course Manning and Brady are nearly tied for the lead.