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Trivia of the Day – Saturday, September 1st

Manning looks for Tracy Porter as he tries to win a 2nd SB with a 2nd team.

The past three days, Football Perspective has looked at the best quarterbacks in NFL history. On Wednesday, I explained the methodology for grading each quarterback in each season. Thursday, I came up with an all-time career list of the best quarterbacks based on their regular season play. Yesterday, I presented the data on playoff performances.

Which leads us into today’s trivia question. Only two quarterbacks have ever led two different teams to championships. Can you name either of them? No quarterback has ever won Super Bowls with different teams, although a certain Mile High quarterback will attempt to do that this year.

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  • Tim Truemper

    Guessed Van Brocklin, Did not think of Rote as I was not thinking AFL champions as part of the mix. Glad u got Tobin Rote in as a trivia question.