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Trivia: Longest Walkoff Passing Touchdown

Last night, Aaron Rodgers threw a walk-off, game-winning Hail Mary to Richard Rodgers to beat the Lions. According to Elias, it’s the longest game-winning Hail Mary in NFL history. And yet, perhaps most incredible part of the play was not how long it was, but high high it was:

Same ole lions 🦁

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And here’s how I picture Lions fans during the middle of that pass.

But while this may have been the longest Hail Mary pass in history, it certainly wasn’t the longest walk-off passing touchdown in history.

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Also of note: this was the 9th touchdown pass, including playoffs, from Rodgers to Rodgers, which ties the same name passing touchdown NFL record.

  • Marion Campbell is at the center of the trivia again!

    I actually thought the answer was going to be the Frerotte-to-Berrian 99 yard TD, but that was apparently not even in the second half, so I really wasn’t even close.