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Trivia: Leading rusher in two different Super Bowls

Emmitt Smith was a product of the system, except when the system failed without him.

Emmitt Smith was a product of the system, except when the system failed without him.

A week before the Super Bowl, I asked if you could name the seven wide receivers to start for two different teams that reached the Super Bowl. In the comments to that post, JWL alerted me to a pretty cool piece of Super bowl trivia.

Eight different men have been the leading rusher in multiple Super Bowls. Seven of these men (Ahmad Bradshaw, New York Giants; Antowain Smith, New England Patriots; Terrell Davis, Denver Broncos; Emmitt Smith, Dallas Cowboys; Tony Dorsett, Dallas Cowboys; Franco Harris, Pittsburgh Steelers; and Larry Csonka, Miami Dolphins) pulled off this feat while playing for the same team.

However, one running has been the leading rusher in two Super Bowls for two different teams. He’s the subject of today’s trivia question. Can you name him?

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  • DB

    I got this one because the Steelers-Rams Superbowl is earliest one I can actually recall.

  • JWL

    I have used this one on friends many times. Often one of the hints I give is that the guy played all his college and NFL home games in the same state and both of the Super Bowls he played in took place in that same particular state. Process of elimination will significantly narrow down the choices.

  • Shattenjager

    I certainly didn’t get this one right. I recall reading his name before from his time in San Francisco and noticing his atrocious fumble rate (I’m a freak who looks at that number before anything else when looking up running backs.), but could not have said anything else about him.
    I actually wonder how difficult a question this is for someone older, since he did have a decently long and productive (except, of course, for those fumbles) career with some really good teams.

    • Richie

      I never look at fumble data. But I decided to pull up the leading RB fumblers (since the merger) on the play finder.

      Coaches over the last 10-20 years must have just lost patience with RB’s who fumble. Only 3 RB’s have had 10+ fumbles in a season over the past 22 years (60 did it from 1970-1989). Cleveland Gary, Garrison Hearst and Travis Henry are the 3.

    • Richie

      Looks like the least impressive guys were:
      Greg Pruitt 1983 – 11.6 touches per fumble (26 rushes, 1 reception, 31 kick returns, 58 punt returns, 10 fumbles)
      Terry Metcalf 1976 – 13.3 touches per fumble (134 rushes, 33 receptions, 16 kick returns, 17 punt returns, 15 fumbles)

  • Shattenjager

    Incidentally, that may be your greatest caption ever, Chase.

  • Richie

    I had my mind stuck on Edgerrin James, and just couldn’t get past him. But, turns out he wasn’t even on that Colts Super Bowl team.

    It took Hint #3 for me to get Tyler.

  • Tim Truemper

    When I aaw the stts, I figured, stay with RB’s of the 70’s and 80’s. Then it hit me, Wendell Tyler who I remembered mostly as a Ram but then recalled he had a short stint with the 49’ers. Great trivia question.

    • Richie

      He actually had nearly 50% of his career rush yards with the 49ers.

  • Arnie

    His son would be as good if he got a chance. Marc Tyler I sat next to Wendall in a class at UCLA 1976 Great guy.