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Even the mighty Lions couldn't stop Quan.

Yes, that's a picture of the Lions in a Super Bowl post.

Anquan Boldin is back in the Super Bowl. Four years ago, Boldin and the Cardinals lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLIII. That season, Boldin was one of the game’s best wide receivers, catching 89 passes for 1,038 yards and scoring 11 touchdowns in just 12 games. His production was slightly less impressive in 2012 — 65/921/4 in 15 games — but he was still a valuable member of the Ravens offense.

He signed with Baltimore in the 2010 offseason, and after a few heartbreaking post-seasons, Boldin and the Ravens are back in the Super Bowl. Since he was one of the team’s starting receivers this year, that makes him the 7th wide receiver to start for two different teams that reached a Super Bowl.

How many of the first six can you name (either with or without any hints)? For each receiver, the one hint shows the two Super Bowl franchises. Let us know how you did in the comments: as always, the honor system will be strictly enforced.

Trivia hint for WR1 Show

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  • Chase Stuart

    A couple of people on twitter asked about Randy Moss. I suppose he might start in the Super Bowl, but the question focused on starting wide receivers for the teams, not the actual Super Bowl. Moss started only two games this year, and Crabtree/Manningham will go down as the “starting wide receivers” for the 2012 49ers.

    If the question was “which players have started at wide receiver for multiple teams in the Super Bowl” then WR6 would be out (he did not start in the Super Bowl for team #2), and Moss (and Boldin) would be in, leaving the group still at seven.

  • JWL

    I got four without hints. I had Roy Jefferson and Jerry Rice instantly. Took a few minutes on Yancey Thigpen and Shawn Jefferson. Brain cramped on Muhsin Muhammad. Thought maybe Tony Martin was one. Did not have Carroll Dale because I did not think he started a Super Bowl for Minnesota but when I saw Green Bay and Minnesota as the hint I went with him as the answer.

  • JWL

    Martin actually did start 1 game for the ’94 Chargers. Another WR I considered was credited with at least one regular season start for three teams that made it to the Super Bowl.

    • Chase Stuart

      Any idea why Martin only started one game for the team that season?

      • JWL

        ’94 was his breakout season. It was his first year with the Chargers after doing nothing with the Jets and seeing some action as a backup in Miami.

        I think Seay was a good blocker and Bobby Ross liked him starting for that reason. I also do not think the Chargers knew quite what they had with Martin until December when he had some big games. I don’t remember him making much noise the first three months aside from the 99-yard catch he had in Husky Stadium.

  • JWL

    Yeah, WR6 did not start. Could not remember the 2nd WR in that game and figured it must have been WR6.

  • Richie

    Yeah I was sure Martin was one. I never would have come up with Dale or the Jeffersons.

    • Chase Stuart

      In retrospect, Martin meets the spirit of the rule. He actually led the ’94 Chargers in receiving but only started one game. Odd.

  • Shattenjager

    I thought I had two without hints, but one of those turned out to be wrong. Even with the hints, I only got one other (WR1–yeah, I somehow didn’t think of him until then).

    That one is a difficult trivia question, or else I just don’t know anything at all about wide receivers for some reason. (Or a combination of the two.)

  • JWL

    With the RB version of this there is a guy who was the leader rusher in both of his Super Bowls.

    • Chase Stuart

      Racked my brain for a few minutes then had to look it up — it would have taken me just shy of forever to have gotten that one. I like it — I’ll make it a future trivia question!

  • Donald

    I think your definition of “starter” is open to debate if you’re excluding Randy Moss, given Manningham is on IR (which is what presumably prevents him from otherwise being on the list). 🙂

  • Independent George

    My first thought was Brandon Stokley because of the Ravens but, of course, he wasn’t a starter for either team.

  • mike

    What about Randy Moss? Isnt he the starting WR for the Niners this year?