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Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan was hired a year ago and given the enviable position of a lot of cap space. He used that to sign Darrelle Revis to a blockbuster deal, but he also made a couple of smart trades, adding Brandon Marshall and Ryan Fitzpatrick for a 2015 5th and 2016 6th round pick, respectively (while also getting back a 7th round pick later traded for Zac Stacy). There were six veterans who switched teams between 2014 and 2015 that wound up producing double digit points of AV last year; half of those were acquired by the Jets.

The table below shows the 44 veterans who changed teams in 2015 and produced at least 7 points of AV: And, courtesy of Jason Fitzgerald of OverTheCap, the table has been revised to include each player’s 2015 cap hit and $/AV:

PlayerNew TmOld TmAgePosAVCap Hit$/AV
Brandon Marshallnyjchi31WR13$9,000,000$692,308
Tyrod Taylorbufrav26QB13$883,333$67,949
Ryan Fitzpatricknyjhtx33QB13$3,250,000$250,000
Mike Iupaticrdsfo28G12$6,700,000$558,333
Jeremy Maclinkanphi27WR11$3,400,000$309,091
Darrelle Revisnyjnwe30DB10$16,000,000$1,600,000
Richie Incognitobufoof32G9$1,450,000$161,111
Sam Bradfordphiram28QB9$12,985,000$1,442,778
Max Ungernorsea29C9$3,000,000$333,333
Joe Barksdalesdgram26OL9$2,095,000$232,778
Michael Ohercaroti29T9$2,500,000$277,778
Ted Ginncarcrd30WR9$1,850,000$205,556
Ahtyba Rubinseacle29NT9$2,600,000$288,889
DeAngelo Williamspitcar32RB9$1,435,000$159,444
Michael Johnsoncintam28DE8$2,625,000$328,125
Michael Crabtreeraisfo28WR8$3,200,000$400,000
Malcolm Smithraisea26OLB8$4,000,000$500,000
James Jonesgnbrai31WR8$585,000$73,125
LeSean McCoybufphi27RB8$5,500,000$687,500
Vince Wilforkhtxnwe34NT-DT8$3,500,000$437,500
Akeem Ayersramnwe26LB8$3,000,000$375,000
Ryan Harrisdenkan30T8$1,420,000$177,500
Jermey Parnelljaxdal29T8$8,000,000$1,000,000
Marshall Newhousenygcin27G-T8$1,300,000$162,500
Chris Chesteratlwas32G7$2,800,000$400,000
Jarvis Jenkinschiwas27DL7$825,000$117,857
Frank Gorecltsfo32RB7$4,500,000$642,857
James Carpenternyjsea26OL7$2,375,000$339,286
Marcus Gilchristnyjsdg27DB7$3,125,000$446,429
Kendall Langfordcltram29DE7$4,250,000$607,143
Darren McFaddendalrai28RB7$1,150,000$164,286
Stefen Wisniewskijaxrai26OL7$2,500,000$357,143
Andy Levitreatloti29G7$2,875,000$410,714
Walter Thurmondphinyg28DB7$3,250,000$464,286
J'Marcus Webbraimin27T7$585,000$83,571
Jared Odrickjaxmia28DT7$9,000,000$1,285,714
Kurt Colemancarkan27LB7$1,340,625$191,518
Ndamukong Suhmiadet28DT7$6,100,000$871,429
Terrance Knightonwasden29DT7$4,000,000$571,429
Dan Williamsraicrd28DT7$8,000,000$1,142,857
Gosder Cherilustamclt31T7$2,500,000$357,143
Brian Hoyerhtxcle30QB7$5,218,750$745,536
Byron Belloticar26T7$1,500,000$214,286
Dwight Lowerycltatl29DB7$665,000$95,000
  • Alejandro

    I realize Approximate Value is.. well, approximate… but it feels rather telling that Ndamukong Suh, who received the monster of all defensive contracts before free agency even officially started, and Terrance Knighton, who was referred to as a nice value contract signed late in free agency, generated about the same amount of value for their respective teams.

    Note: I am a Redskins fan.