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Why did I have to play with Matt  Moore?

Why did I have to play with Matt Moore?

While reading the always excellent Football Outsiders Almanac, I was reminded that Brandon Marshall has had 1,000-yard seasons playing with Jay Cutler, Kyle Orton, Chad Henne, and Matt Moore (and, of course, Cutler again in Chicago). That’s pretty impressive for a player in his twenties, although regular readers know that I’m a big fan of Marshall.

Two other active players have gained 1,000 yards with four different quarterbacks. For the remainder of this post, I’ll be defining a receiver’s “quarterback” as the quarterback on his team each season who threw for the most passing yards. One of them is pretty obvious: the annually great Tony Gonzalez hit the 1,000-yard mark with Elvis Grbac, Trent Green, Damon Huard, and Tyler Thigpen (but not Matt Ryan). The third player might be a bit more difficult to guess:

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Of course, my definition of the word “active” was rather exclusive. Randy Moss and Cris Carter are tied for the lead for most quarterbacks (6), but Moss is not yet retired: he’s just a player without a team. The table below shows all receivers to hit the 1,000-yard mark in NFL history with at least three different quarterbacks. I’ve listed the quarterbacks in chronological order, which also means some quarterbacks (like Jake Delhomme for Steve Smith) are listed twice.

ReceiverFirst Yr# QBsQuarterbacks
Randy Moss19986Randall Cunningham; Jeff George; Daunte Culpepper; Kerry Collins; Tom Brady; Matt Cassel; Tom Brady
Cris Carter19876Jim McMahon; Warren Moon; Brad Johnson; Randall Cunningham; Jeff George; Daunte Culpepper
Joey Galloway19955Rick Mirer; Warren Moon; Chris Simms; Bruce Gradkowski; Jeff Garcia
Irving Fryar19845Hugh Millen; Scott Mitchell; Dan Marino; Ty Detmer; Bobby Hoying
Andre Rison19894Chris Miller; Bobby Hebert; Jeff George; Elvis Grbac
Art Powell19594Al Dorow; Johnny Green; Tom Flores; Cotton Davidson; Tom Flores
Terrell Owens19964Steve Young; Jeff Garcia; Donovan McNabb; Tony Romo
Santana Moss20014Chad Pennington; Mark Brunell; Jason Campbell; Donovan McNabb
Derrick Mason19974Steve McNair; Billy Volek; Kyle Boller; Joe Flacco
Brandon Marshall20064Jay Cutler; Kyle Orton; Chad Henne; Matt Moore; Jay Cutler
Tony Gonzalez19974Elvis Grbac; Trent Green; Damon Huard; Tyler Thigpen
Isaac Bruce19944Chris Miller; Tony Banks; Kurt Warner; Marc Bulger
Tim Brown19884Jeff Hostetler; Jeff George; Donald Hollas; Rich Gannon
Hines Ward19983Kordell Stewart; Tommy Maddox; Ben Roethlisberger
Lionel Taylor19593Frank Tripucka; Mickey Slaughter; John McCormick
Steve Smith20013Jake Delhomme; Vinny Testaverde; Jake Delhomme; Cam Newton
Rod Smith19953John Elway; Brian Griese; Jake Plummer
Jerry Rice19853Joe Montana; Steve Young; Rich Gannon
Eric Moulds19963Doug Flutie; Rob Johnson; Drew Bledsoe
Johnnie Morton19943Scott Mitchell; Charlie Batch; Gus Frerotte; Charlie Batch
Art Monk19803Joe Theismann; Jay Schroeder; Mark Rypien
Anthony Miller19883Jim McMahon; Stan Humphries; John Elway
Don Maynard19583Al Dorow; Johnny Green; Joe Namath
Tony Martin19903Stan Humphries; Chris Chandler; Dan Marino
Keyshawn Johnson19963Vinny Testaverde; Ray Lucas; Brad Johnson
Calvin Johnson20073Dan Orlovsky; Shaun Hill; Matthew Stafford
Harold Jackson19683Norm Snead; John Reaves; Steve Grogan
Larry Fitzgerald20043Kurt Warner; Derek Anderson; Kevin Kolb
Henry Ellard19833Jim Everett; Heath Shuler; Gus Frerotte
Curtis Conway19933Erik Kramer; Dave Krieg; Doug Flutie
Plaxico Burress20003Kordell Stewart; Tommy Maddox; Eli Manning
Anquan Boldin20033Jeff Blake; Kurt Warner; Matt Leinart; Kurt Warner

Carter gained 1,000 yards in eight straight seasons with six different quarterbacks, starting with the famous 1993 Minnesota Vikings. Thirty-two different receivers have hit the 1,000-yard mark with three quarterbacks, including the greatest of all time. Doug’s main man had 1,000-yard seasons with five different quarterbacks, and three of those years came during Joey Galloway’s age 34, 35, and 36 seasons. Larry Fitzgerald should increase his number to four this year if he has that bounce-back season with Carson Palmer, while Anquan Boldin can match that number if he has a big year with Colin Kaepernick in San Francisco. As for Marshall, he probably hopes to stay on four for a long time.

  • Sunrise089

    I’m not sure I understand the chart’s ‘last’ column. Owens didn’t catch passes from Romo in 2001 nor did Fitzgerald from Kolb in 2008.

    • Chase Stuart

      I accidentally deleted the table, which meant I had to re-do the thing from scratch, so I probably messed things up the second time around. I just deleted that column now, as you’re right, it makes no sense.

  • JeremyDe

    As a redskins fan, I am embarrassed that I did not get that answer until the 3rd hint. Going to go sit in the corner and question my fanhood.

  • I thought I had the answer until the second hint, then realized that was wrong but guessed the right one.