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Gonzalez has made 12 straight Pro Bowls.

Kansas City didn’t send an offensive player to the Pro Bowl last year, and the Chiefs didn’t do so in 2009, either. But that doesn’t stop them from leading all teams in offensive Pro Bowlers over the last decade. Surprised? It’s been awhile, but the Chiefs ranked first in either points or yards in 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005. Kansas City sent 21 offensive players to the Pro Bowls in those seasons, but also delivered four Pro Bowlers in both 2006 and 2010.

The Chiefs could count on sending Tony Gonzalez to the Pro Bowl after every season, and guards Brian Waters and Will Shields each went to Hawaii five times. Kansas City sent three different running backs, two quarterbacks and a fullback to the Pro Bowl over the past decade.

The table below lists all 32 offensive Pro Bowl selections for the Chiefs since 2002. Note that this excludes WR Dante Hall who made two Pro Bowls as a returner.

On the other side of the ball, I doubt you’ll be surprised to hear which team has the most Pro Bowlers. The Baltimore Ravens have seen 33 defensive players make the Pro Bowl since 2002, and rank fourth in terms of overall Pro Bowlers. And surprised probably isn’t the right word to describe how most people would react when they see which team has the most Pro Bowlers over the last ten years:


One of the more depressing statistics comes as the expense of one of the Chiefs’ biggest rivals. Sure, the Raiders have sent Shane Lechler to the Pro Bowl six times, which bumps their overall numbers. But over the last nine years, Oakland has had just one offensive player make the Pro Bowl: tight end Zach Miller in 2010. On the flip side, the Cleveland Browns have seen only two defensive players earn Pro Bowl selections since re-entering the league: Jamir Miller in 2001 and Shaun Rogers in 2009.

The Rams have the longest drought on the defensive side of the ball, with no players earning such distinction since Leonard Little and Aeneas Williams in 2003. The Bills, Seahawks and Redskins have all failed to send an offensive player to the Pro Bowl in each of the last four three seasons.

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  • Andrew

    I think part of the reason the Cowboys are sending so many players to Pro Bowls is their huge fanbase. Add to that their standout players like Jason Witten, DeMarcus Ware, and T.O., who are or were garnering nominations every year on shear talent, and it sort of makes sense. But i really thought the Patriots would be higher up there, considering their record and postseason success in the past decade. Minnesota is also somewhat surprising. I suppose the selections for some of these teams may be bolstered by the fact that being an excellent player on a poor tem would tend to boost your profile. And of course, having several awesome talents on your team can easily be offset by having particularly poor play at other positions. For instance, Adrian Peterson is an excellent HB, but that is offset by deficiencies at WR, QB, and on the OL. I still don’t understand why, though, the 49ers are as high up that list as they are. Disregarding last season, they’ve been hugely uninspiring for pretty much the whole decade. Oh, well.

  • Chase Stuart

    The Bills, Redskins and Seahawks last had Pro Bowlers in 2008, which after my afternoon coffee, makes me realize it’s been three years, not four, since those teams sent players to the Pro Bowl.

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