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Not the answer.

Not the answer.

Kurt Warner will be eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2 years, making him a potential member of the Class of 2015. Warner is an interesting candidate, and while I suspect he does get in on the first ballot, it’s certainly not a given. Warner won more than 8 games just four times in his career, and he had a relatively nondescript six-year stretch from 2002 to 2007.

But I suspect Warner makes it on his first try because he was a two-time AP MVP choice, he appeared in three Super Bowls, revived two franchises, and he used to bag groceries. Few have a story as incredible as Warner’s, and sportswriters seem to love the guy, so I don’t expect there to be too many hurdles. If he doesn’t get in on the first ballot, he’ll certainly get in eventually.

And that would be a pretty rare feat. Can you name the last quarterback to be selected to the Hall of Fame who was not as a first-ballot choice?

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  • Alec Tolivaisa


    The Bob Griese who is the answer should not even be in the Hall of Fame to begin with.

    From his era there were at least five QBs better than him, two of which are not in the Hall of Fame…

    1. Roger Staubach
    2. Fran Tarkenton
    3. Terry Bradshaw
    4. Ken Anderson
    5. Ken Stabler

    And let’s not forget, in that era offenses relied on their running more than their passing game. In fact during the 1972 season, he was the probably the SIXTH BEST player on his OFFENSE!!!

    1. Jim Langer
    2. Larry Csonka
    3. Paul Warfield
    4. Larry Little
    5. Jim Kiick

    Remember, Griese was hurt for a majority of the ’72 season, in fact, he missed 10 games, during which time, the Dolphins scored, on average, 4 points more a game.

  • Kibbles

    Fun Warner fact: Only two times has a QB passed for more yards in a Super Bowl than Warner did against New England. Those two times were Warner vs. Tennessee and Warner vs. Pittsburgh.

    • Danish

      Oh yeah, when Warner was on the biggest stage he brought it. Against three VERY good defenses as well.

    • sn0mm1s

      Yeah – but he threw pick 6s in two of those games – those are death knells for a team.

      • Richie

        Not sure if this has been studied, but is a pick-6 any more the fault of a QB than a regular int? For instance, that pick-6 against Pittsburgh was a crazy play, but is all 100 yards of that really Warner’s fault?

  • Shattenjager

    I had no clue on this one and didn’t get it even after the hints.
    He doesn’t deserve to be in at all, so it makes sense that it took a while.

  • JWL

    He was not my first guess but I knew it was a couple decades since a QB who got in had to wait extra to get in.

    I agree with other commenters that Griese is a questionable Hall of Famer.

  • Arjun

    Funny. Before I clicked on the first hint, I guessed Troy Aikman. After the first hint, I guess Bob Griese.

    I don’t consider them similar quarterbacks…but if you’re going to imagine a quarterback who makes the Hall but doesn’t get in on the first ballot, you probably want to consider quarterbacks who played for great teams (providing them their case almost by default) that were perceived as run-dominant. In Aikman’s case, I think he was generally underrated during his career as secondary to Emmit Smith and the Dallas offensive line, but was a legitimately great quarterback. Griese, though, I don’t think belongs anywhere near the Hall of Fame.

  • Tim Truemper

    I got Griese without the hints, but only because I remember he got in after numerous pass overs. I am a bit dumbfounded that he is considered a marginal or non HOF level QB. Instead of me giving my case for, perhaps Chase can! It is to no fault of Griese’s that Miami dominated so much with running the ball and because of the generally diminished passing stats of his era of playing that his overall numbers are down. While Anderson and Stabler deserve to be in the HOF, that does not mean Griese does not.

  • David

    I didn’t guess the answer, and didn’t even get close, but I was struck that of the last eight QBs to be voted to the HoF, one of them is not like the others. Warren Moon, on that list, sticks out like a sore thumb, as having been very good, but not as good as his contemporaries that were also voted in – in my memory/perception.

    Is this fair? Reasonable? Does that mean he isn’t a HoF QB, just because he was playing in a very strong period for QBs? Is he the cut-off point? Would he look like less of an outlier if Stabler & Anderson (to pick two examples) were also in the Hall?

    I think it might be because, in my head, it’s very hard to pick between Elway, Kelly and Marino, let alone Montana & Young. Aikman is a little bit of a special case, since regardless of his skills as a QB, his resume meant that he was always going into the HoF