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Calvin Johnson And Getting Tackled At the One

Johnson was tackled twice at the 1 against Dallas

Johnson was tackled twice at the 1 against Dallas.

In the last two years, Calvin Johnson has been tackled at the one yard line an incredible seven times. Ronnie Brown is the only other player to record such a dubious feat even four such times since 2012, and Eric Decker, Roddy White, and Tony Gonzalez are the only other players to get tackled on three different receptions just shy of the goal line.

Johnson has the most receptions in the league over that time frame, but Wes Welker is only one catch behind him… and he has just one reception where he was tackled at the one-yard line. Of course, that’s only for data over the last year and a half.

Since 1999, 25 players have had at least seven receptions where they were tackled at the one-yard line. As it turns out, Brian Finneran fantasy owners have been the most unlucky, as Finneran was tackled seven times at the 1-yard line on 238 career receptions.

ReceiverTck at 1Avg YdsRec since '99Perc
Brian Finneran718.85712382.9
Jordy Nelson720.14292562.7
Steve Breaston7182552.7
Jeremy Shockey1413.21435472.6
Steve Smith1825.33338042.2
Desmond Clark713.71433232.2
Calvin Johnson1121.36365352.1
Dwayne Bowe816.3754411.8
Peerless Price725.57144031.7
Hines Ward169.93759851.6
Muhsin Muhammad1213.757401.6
Roddy White1024.16361.6
Chris Chambers719.57144291.6
Wes Welker1212.66678181.5
Deion Branch723.28574571.5
Reggie Wayne1418.071410061.4
Tony Gonzalez169.562511881.3
Amani Toomer815.56241.3
Rod Smith810.756711.2
Anquan Boldin916.44448101.1
Brandon Marshall718.71436581.1
Randy Moss917.77788851
Larry Fitzgerald823.1258001
Torry Holt7229200.8
Marvin Harrison721.14299060.8

Or perhaps the most unlucky is my main man Steve Smith: not only do his 18 near touchdowns top the list, but his average reception on those plays went for 25 yards!

On the other hand, some players have done a nice job of the above list. In some cases (think T.O.) it may have been because they had a nose for the end zone (whatever that means), while in other cases (yes, you, Mr. Witten) it’s more likely due to the fact that their teams simply didn’t target them near the goal line. The table below shows all players with at least 500 receptions since 1999 who had six or fewer receptions where they were tackled at the one-yard line.

  • Ben

    What about tackled at the 1 in a span of idk 1 season? Maybe Megatron would top a list like that

  • James

    I can hardly believe I did this, but you made me go look up all 1 yard TDs. Turns out that some guys weren’t nearly as unlucky as they seem: while Shockey and Gonzalez were tackled at the 1 yardline a combined 30 times, they also scored 17 one-yard TDs, so that really takes away the sting! With 9 and 8 respectively, that’s the most and tied for second most short TDs since 1999.

    As it turns out, that doesn’t change the top of the unlucky list much. Steve Smith, Ward, and now Welker net out as the most unlucky (only 2 combined 1 yard TDs), while Finneran, Breaston, Smith again, and Nelson have the largest net percentage.

    Meanwhile, in addition to the TEs I metioned, Harrison, Fitzgerald, Moss, and Holt have the least to grumble about with their combined 16 short TDs.

    Makes me wonder who has netted the most 1 yard TDs over being tackled at the one. Actually, looking at the TD list it’s undoubtedly Mike Vrabel, but I wonder what the rest of the names are. Witten certainly has a chance with 5 short TDs.