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Not too surprising, I suppose. This includes all rushing touchdowns, including in the postseason, but does not include rushing touchdowns for 2013, not that it matters very much for Chris Johnson. :rimshot:

All players with at least 30 rushing touchdowns are included since 1940.

Chris Johnson4527.216
Robert Smith3326.419
Paul Lowe4024.511.5
Marion Motley3622.113.5
DeAngelo Williams4321.713
Barry Sanders10019.911
O.J. Simpson6119.86
Hugh McElhenny38197.5
Ollie Matson4018.77.5
Warrick Dunn5218.36
Fred Taylor6917.68
Lenny Moore6317.18
Delvin Williams3316.65
Spec Sanders3416.55
Adrian Peterson8116.44
Gale Sayers3916.410
Brian Westbrook4415.88
James Brooks5015.48.5
Garrison Hearst3115.25
Ahman Green63154
Ryan Grant30154.5
Curtis Dickey3214.64.5
Mercury Morris3214.56.5
Tony Dorsett8614.57
Maurice Jones-Drew6414.46
Tiki Barber5614.44
Frank Gore5514.45
LeSean McCoy3014.16.5
Abner Haynes47144
Reggie Bush3113.97
Neal Anderson5213.94
Joe Perry7113.74
Dick Bass3413.66
Jim Brown10713.54
Clem Daniels3012.93.5
Ray Rice3812.86
Marshawn Lynch4912.74
Steven Jackson5612.64.5
Lydell Mitchell3112.56
Chris Warren5212.56
Ricky Williams6612.43.5
Dan Towler4512.42
Timmy Brown32124
Kordell Stewart42122.5
Mike Garrett3811.75
LaMont Jordan3011.53
John Henry Johnson4811.43
Steve Van Buren7111.45
Charlie Garner4111.34
Cookie Gilchrist3711.32
Terrell Davis7211.23
J.D. Smith4011.23
Jamal Lewis6211.22
Floyd Little4311.23
Wilbert Montgomery5111.14
Herschel Walker61112
Clinton Portis7610.94
Willis McGahee6810.83
Corey Dillon8610.83.5
Michael Turner6910.63
Ahmad Bradshaw3410.24
Mike Anderson4010.12.5
George Rogers5610.13
Kenneth Davis34103
Eric Dickerson939.93
Tommy Mason329.84
Michael Vick359.75
Joe Cribbs309.73
Wray Carlton309.53.5
Pat Harder359.54
John David Crow389.42.5
Rick Casares509.42
Joe Morris549.43
Shaun Alexander1089.43
Leroy Kelly769.43
Walter Payton1129.33
MacArthur Lane309.32.5
Deuce McAllister509.34
Jamal Anderson369.24
Cedric Benson359.23
LaDainian Tomlinson15193
Antowain Smith588.83.5
Lamar Smith408.74
Thomas Jones738.63
Jim Nance458.62
James Wilder378.63
Jim Taylor858.63
Wendell Tyler528.43
Larry Johnson558.43
Mike Pruitt518.41
Natrone Means508.43
Emmitt Smith1838.33
Dick Hoerner338.33
Eddie George738.34
Mario Bates418.22
Curtis Martin988.23
Arian Foster498.22
Tony Collins328.24.5
Priest Holmes8884
Thurman Thomas8184
Freeman McNeil4185
Marshall Faulk1067.93
Fran Tarkenton337.94
Earl Campbell787.92
Sam Cunningham437.82
Ottis Anderson847.83
Kevan Barlow317.83
Franco Harris1077.73
Tank Younger347.62
Steve Young517.64
Ronnie Brown377.53
Rudi Johnson507.55
Frank Gifford347.56
Greg Bell527.42
Steve McNair437.42
Larry Brown367.33
Marion Butts447.32
Ron A. Johnson407.31
Randall Cunningham377.22
Tyrone Wheatley417.22
Earnest Byner617.24
Tony Galbreath347.21.5
Billy Sims447.23
Stump Mitchell327.23.5
Stephen Davis687.11
Mike Alstott657.12
Emerson Boozer527.13
Chuck Muncie747.12
Roger Craig6372
Calvin Hill4473
Craig Heyward3172
Paul Hornung536.93
Rodney Hampton516.82
Tom Matte486.82
Joe Marconi306.73
Ed Podolak356.73
Travis Henry386.73.5
John Brockington306.72
Norm Bulaich326.71
Dave Osborn346.52
Dalton Hilliard406.53
Donovan McNabb336.43
Alex Webster416.32
Daunte Culpepper356.34
Terry Allen756.22
Kevin Mack476.22
William Andrews306.22
Jerome Bettis1006.12
Edgerrin James866.12
Curt Warner5862
Elijah Pitts3063
Theotis Brown305.92
Don Perkins455.82
Alan Ameche425.81
Marcus Allen1345.72
Steve Grogan355.73
Joseph Addai435.74
John Elway395.74
Christian Okoye405.72
Rashard Mendenhall345.62
Ricky Watters865.62
Terry Kirby305.61.5
Brandon Jacobs605.62
Pug Manders335.42
Robert Newhouse345.43
Marion Barber545.42
Leroy Hoard415.33
Pete Johnson785.31
James Stewart505.32
Dorsey Levens415.32
Chuck Foreman605.22
Donny Anderson425.22.5
Ron Springs305.12
Ted Brown4351
Mike Rozier3253
T.J. Duckett4652
Derrick Fenner3252
BenJarvus Green-Ellis364.62
Zack Crockett414.51
Don Nottingham364.51.5
Johnny Hector414.42
Bill Brown534.41
Walt Garrison304.41
John Riggins1164.41
Wayne Morris384.32
Sammy Winder404.31.5
Terry Bradshaw354.11
Larry Csonka7342
Bam Morris393.92
Ted Fritsch323.82
Bill Mathis373.81
Rob Carpenter303.81
Pete Banaszak523.71
Karim Abdul-Jabbar343.63
Ken Willard453.61
Ickey Woods313.51
Gerald Riggs753.41
Roman Gabriel303.41
Tobin Rote393.41
Jack Kemp413.31
Lorenzo White313.31
Otto Graham503.21
Y.A. Tittle392.71
Brad Baxter352.71
Jim Kiick352.62
Larry Kinnebrew442.62
Tom Rathman302.61
Roosevelt Leaks302.51
Mark van Eeghen412.51
Don McCauley402.11

Finally, statistical evidence to justify the hatred Lydell Mitchell fantasy owners felt from 1975 through 1977 towards Don McCauley. Mitchell finished in the top three in yards from scrimmage in each of those seasons, but McCauley vultured 25 touchdowns, leaving just 19 rushing scores for Mitchell owners.

  • I realize he did not have enough TDs to qualify, but this immediately made me wonder how Bo Jackson comes out: Average of 27.1, median of 12.5. I guess it says something about his big play ability that Chris Johnson, with that many more TDs, is nonetheless above Jackson.

    • I just realized I accidentally included his receiving TDs too. Jackson’s average would be 28.5 and median would be 9. And I somehow miscounted that median twice, so it may well still be wrong and I am clearly too tired to be typing this.

  • Kibbles

    Yeah, but Don McCauley’s ypc really sucked.

  • Richie

    I went to look for Napoleon Kaufman on this list, but his career was way shorter than I thought. Only 12 rushing TD’s.

    BUT – his average TD was 40.9 yards, with a median of 39!!!

    His Rushing TDs:

    He also had an 84-yard kickoff return, and a 70-yard reception (among others).

  • Chris

    Just curious – what tools did you use to figure this out? Impressive.

  • Robert Fong

    Jamal Charles now has 32 td’s rushing, but was not until this year given the ball when Kansas City was near the goal line. He will probably be very high on this list once it is updated.