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Anderson clinches the title for Denver

Anderson clinches the title for Denver

The Denver Broncos didn’t exactly ride the team’s offense to a Super Bowl title, but C.J. Anderson did have a great postseason run. The Broncos back rushed for at least 72 yards and gained at least 83 yards from scrimmage in all three games. He had 32.6% of all yards from scrimmage gained by Denver players in the postseason, which ranks 15th among the leaders in that category on the 50 Super Bowl champions.

The player with the most yards from scrimmage in a single postseason is John Riggins, who rushed for an incredible 610 yards and picked up 625 yards from scrimmage for Washington after the 1982 season. But on a per-game basis, Marcus Allen a year later was even better: in three games, Allen rushed for 466 yards and four touchdowns, while also gaining 118 yards through the air. That gave him an incredible 584 yards from scrimmage and 5 touchdowns in three games, and one of the most famous highlights in NFL history.

Allen also holds the record for most yards from scrimmage during the postseason among the 50 Super Bowl champions. Anderson ranks a respectable 15th in this category:

RkPlayerTeamYearRushRecYFSGTm YdsPerc
1Marcus Allenrai19834661185843124247%
2Terrell Davisden1998468695373124043.3%
3Terrell Davisden1997581386194147442%
4John Rigginswas1982610156254150841.4%
5Franco Harrispit1975314843983100439.6%
6Jamal Lewisrav200033840378498238.5%
7Emmitt Smithdal19932801384183112737.1%
8Emmitt Smithdal1992336864223121334.8%
9Jerry Ricesfo1988294094383127334.4%
10Larry Csonkamia19733330333396934.4%
11Joe Morrisnyg198631322335398634%
12Corey Dillonnwe2004292533453103533.3%
13Dorsey Levensgnb19961951563513107232.7%
14Emmitt Smithdal1995298603583109532.7%
15C.J. Andersonden201523439273383732.6%
16Matt Snellnyj196819255247275832.6%
17Franco Harrispit197434353483108832%
18Franco Harrispit19792141483623116231.2%
19Marshawn Lynchsea20132883291394830.7%
20Timmy Smithwas198734293513117929.8%
21Roger Craigsfo1989288743623131227.6%
22Duane Thomasdal197120527232384327.5%
23Isaac Bruceram199903173173117427%
24Otis Taylorkan19690217217380826.9%
25Hakeem Nicksnyg201104444444168526.4%
26Troy Brownnwe2001-9253244394225.9%
27Ottis Andersonnyg1990249162653102825.8%
28Ricky Watterssfo19941741082823109925.7%
29Tony Dorsettdal1977222482703106225.4%
30Joseph Addaiclt20062941184124162225.4%
31Larry Csonkamia19722128220387225.2%
32Willie Parkerpit2008246-4242396725%
33Pierre Thomasnor20091431112543102224.9%
34Kenny Kingrai19801311873184128124.8%
35Julian Edelmannwe2014192813003122024.6%
36Eddie Hintonclt1970-52522473101524.3%
37Willie Gaultchi198502532533104124.3%
38John Stallworthpit197802882883118824.2%
39Michael Pittmantam2002182632453101124.2%
40Dwight Clarksfo198142692733113624%
41Carroll Dalegnb19660187187278923.7%
42Ray Ricerav2012306883944167923.5%
43Gary Clarkwas199102552553109423.3%
44Antowain Smithnwe200325292613112723.2%
45Clarence Davisrai1976220122323100523.1%
46Donny Andersongnb1967135922273101822.3%
47Willie Parkerpit2005225813064137322.3%
48Amani Toomernyg200702802804126922.1%
49James Starksgnb2010315153304149822%
50Wendell Tylersfo19841681182863137720.8%

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  • sacramento gold miners

    C.J, Anderson had a nice postseason, but I would put more weight on 100 yard rushing postseason games, especially in the conference title games and super bowls. Good player, but I would be surprised if he puts together a monster postseason like some of the bigger names on the list.

    Timmy Smith is the poster child for one and done great SB games, drugs ruined what appeared to be a promising career.

  • Marc Cohen

    You wrote, “Allen also holds the record for most yards from scrimmage during the postseason among the 50 Super Bowl champions.” However, as you previously, mentioned, The Diesel holds the single-postseason record, following the ’82 regular season. Of course, the Skins’ beat the David Woodley & Don Strock era ‘phins, cementing the first of three Super Bowl titles. Therefore, Riggo, not Allen, has the most yards from scrimmage among Super Bowl champs.

    Hail to the Counter!