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Houston/Kansas City

Last year, after the Ryan Lindley disaster in the playoffs, I looked at the worst passing performances in playoff history.  At the time, Lindley had the 9th worst passing game ever.  Well, now it’s the 10th.

Against Kansas City yesterday, Brian Hoyer completed 15 of 34 passes for just 136 yards with 0 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. He also lost a fumble on his three sacks, which lost 17 yards.  Calculating Adjusted Net Yards per Attempt doesn’t factor in fumbles, but Hoyer still finished with -68 Adjusted Net Yards for Brian Hoyer on those 37 dropbacks.   That’s a -1.84 ANY/A average.  On the season, Kansas City allowed 4.91 ANY/A.

As a result, that means Hoyer averaged 6.74 ANY/A fewer than expectation.  On 37 dropbacks, that gives him a grade of -249 Adjusted Net Yards relative to league average, after adjusting for era and opponent.  That’s the 4th worst passing performance in playoff history behind Kerry Collins in the Super Bowl against the Ravens, Stan Humphries against the Dolphins in the ’92 playoffs, and Jake Delhomme‘s implosion against Arizona seven years ago.


Since 1994, there have been just five times where a team scored to take the lead in the final two minutes, only to lose the game moments later:

  • Roger Kirk

    Just for the record, it should be “there have been just five times where a team scored to take the lead in the final two minutes [and then lost it]” or words to that effect

  • sacramento gold miners

    It’s always tougher to hide a mediocre QB like Brian Hoyer in the playoffs, when you’re facing a higher level of competition, and timely plays become more important. Crazy finishes can also be the product of one team losing their poise, and another team’s QB coming back from a shoulder injury to convert a huge fourth down. In the 1998 SF-GB game, it was Terrell Owens overcoming some dropped passes to make the winning reception.

  • Clint

    As I was watching the game, I thought it was the worst I’d ever seen a QB play.. and I’m a Browns fan. He was blatantly making horrific, unforced decisions and very few passes were accurate. Seemed like he was in a daze.

    • McGeorge

      It reminded me of some of Mark Sanchez’s games while he was a jet.
      I was at a game where he threw 4 picks against the Cardinals. And he had a 5 pick game against the Bills.