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2016 NFL Draft – Post Your Reactions Here

Let’s use this page as an all-encompassing draft night reaction page. I’ll likely update this post a few times during the draft, but the main reason is to provide a page for the FP community to share any in-the-moment thoughts you have.  Enjoy!

Jared Goff, unsurprisingly, goes #1. First player from the Pac-12 to go #1 since Andrew Luck. He’s the 13th player drafted #1 from the Pac-12 (or predecessor league).

Carson Wentz, of course, goes #2 to the Eagles. 17 years after Philadelphia selected Donovan McNabb at #2.

3) Joey Bosa is a bit of a surprise pick at 3 to the Chargers. Was the consensus #1 pick for awhile before the QB crazy occurred this spring.

4) The Cowboys go with Ezekiel Elliot, which is a surprise to me. The benefit of investing so much in the OL, and at QB and WR, is that RB should be plug and play. Using a premium pick on a RB is tough to justify in many instances, but really tough given the holes the Cowboys have on defense.

5) Jalen Ramsey was an obvious and great (to the extent any draft pick can be great) pick for the Jaguars. As Chris Brown noted on twitter, Ramsey is already an insane NFL athlete. Also, the college guys love him.

6) First offensive tackle off the board…. Baltimore needed an offensive tackle, and Ronnie Stanley (Notre Dame) makes a lot of sense. Going ahead of Laremy Tunsil, is a bit of a surprise. Will the Titans move up for him?

The Ravens have done pretty well with top ten picks:

Rk Year ▾ Rnd Pick Pos DrAge From To AP1 PB St CarAV G GS College/Univ
1 2003 1 10 Terrell Suggs LB 20 2003 2015 1 6 11 96 182 166 Arizona St. College Stats
2 2000 1 5 Jamal Lewis RB 21 2000 2009 1 1 9 71 131 126 Tennessee College Stats
3 2000 1 10 Travis Taylor WR 21 2000 2007 0 0 7 32 101 90 Florida College Stats
4 1999 1 10 Chris McAlister DB 22 1999 2009 1 3 9 71 137 127 Arizona College Stats
5 1998 1 10 Duane Starks DB 24 1998 2006 0 0 5 35 97 67 Miami (FL)
6 1997 1 4 Peter Boulware LB 22 1997 2005 0 4 7 60 126 102 Florida St. College Stats
7 1996 1 4 Jonathan Ogden HOF T 22 1996 2007 4 11 12 94 177 176 UCLA College Stats
Provided by Pro-Football-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 4/28/2016.

7) San Francisco takes defensive lineman DeForest Buckner, who is an ideal fit for the 49ers 3-4 defense. Buckner was rumored to go as high as 3, so seems like a value pick.

8) We have a trade! Tennessee trades up with Cleveland. According to NFL Network, the trade was:

Cleveland gives up: 8th overall, 6th rounder (176 overall)
Tennessee gives up: 15th overall, 3rd round pick (76 overall), and 2017 2nd

The surprise? The move was for OT Jack Conklin.

9) The Bears trade up, and pay a hefty price for outside linebacker Leonard Floyd, who did have the 2nd best vertical at the combine.

10) A head-scratcher for the Giants: After paying big money to Janoris Jenkins and with Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie on the team, New York drafts… cornerback Eli Apple, who had a late first-round grade.

11) The Bucs then take a cornerback, Vernon Hargreaves III, which makes a little more sense. Most mock drafts had im going in the top 11, with almost all having him go in the top 15.

12) The Saints then took defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins, which was a heavily-mocked pick. No surprise there and it fits a need.

13) Miami ends the Laremy Tunsil free-fall; this looks like a great value pick for the Dolphins, assuming the marijuana issues are behind him.

14) Oakland takes safety Karl Joseph: the defense needed help, although this may be a reach based on mocks.

15) As I wrote yesterday, I expected one of the wide receivers to go earlier than was being mocked. The Browns triple down on Baylor, adding Corey Coleman to a passing attack that (maybe) has RG3 and (maybe) has Josh Gordon.

  • Quinton

    Love the Ramsey pick for the Jags. The Tunsil fall is interesting and a real interesting example of risk management. What’s his over/under now? 10th?

  • sunrise089

    I wonder if Cleveland would have traded down for just a 2016 2nd. 2nd and 3rd feels steep especially considering Chicago was able to move up (albeit fewer spots) for only a 4th.

  • Abe Froman

    I’m still in shock that Baltimore didn’t trade out of the sixth spot after they passed on Tunsil. At two spots better than Tennessee traded for, Baltimore conceivably could have got Tennessee’s first and two of their seconds (43 and 45) with fourth from Baltimore as well.

    • Agreed. That does seem like a pretty Ozzie thing to do.

    • Steve O’Dell

      Wonder if they just couldn’t get it done fast enough.

      We can look at the numbers and talk about what makes sense. But to actually do them, you gotta make the phone call happen.

      Get all the GMs on Slack? Then watch 20 trades on Day One!

  • Josh Sanford

    Is the Elliott pick the “strangest” pick of the first round?

  • McGeorge

    I’m kind of bummed the Jets drafted Hackenberg.
    Thats like throwing away a 2nd round pick, and they can’t afford it, they need to rebuild.

    The problem with drafting a QB every year is there aren’t enough reps to go around.
    Will they cut Geno?
    I’d like Geno to start this year, because there is still a chance he has improved enough that he, rather than Fitzpatrick, could be the “short term / band aid” starter for the next several years.