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Which NFL teams draft from which colleges? Part II

You can see why the Bengals like the Bulldogs.

You can see why the Bengals like the Bulldogs.

Last week, I posted this article analyzing NFL team/college pairings in the NFL Draft. In that study, I included every draft pick since 1936, as the goal was to get a flavor of NFL history. However, I thought it would be fun to do the same thing but to look at more recent time periods. Today’s post will be mostly tables, so hopefully you guys can add the analysis. Let’s start by looking at all (but only) the drafts in the post-merger period in NFL history.

NFL Drafts from 1970 to 2013

Top Five Schools for each Team

The Rams/UCLA connection is still at the top of the list, but the Pittsburgh/Pittsburgh combination falls off. In fact, the Chiefs and 49ers have drafted as many Panthers since the merger (10) as the Steelers. The table below shows the top five schools for each team:

FranchiseCollege 1College 2College 3College 4College 5
St. Louis RamsUCLA (21)Washington (12)Nebraska (12)Ohio St. (12)Notre Dame (10)
New York JetsPenn St. (18)Nebraska (13)Michigan (12)USC (11)Mississippi St. (9)
Chicago BearsNotre Dame (17)Oklahoma (16)Ohio St. (14)Florida (12)USC (11)
Oakland RaidersUSC (17)Nebraska (13)Penn St. (12)UCLA (10)Washington (10)
Cincinnati BengalsOhio St. (16)Michigan (12)Georgia (12)Penn St. (10)Syracuse (9)
New Orleans SaintsNebraska (16)USC (13)Ohio St. (12)Notre Dame (9)Tennessee (9)
Arizona CardinalsOklahoma (15)Texas (15)LSU (11)Auburn (10)Nebraska (9)
Dallas CowboysTennessee (15)UCLA (14)Florida (12)Arizona St. (12)Ohio St. (11)
Pittsburgh SteelersNebraska (14)Penn St. (13)Florida (13)Ohio St. (12)Michigan (11)
Green Bay PackersUSC (14)Oklahoma (12)Ohio St. (11)Florida St. (10)Iowa (10)
San Francisco 49ersNotre Dame (14)USC (13)Florida (12)Alabama (11)Michigan (10)
New York GiantsMichigan (13)Miami (FL) (11)USC (10)Nebraska (10)LSU (10)
New England PatriotsBoston Col. (13)Michigan (13)Oklahoma (11)Notre Dame (11)Florida (11)
Indianapolis ColtsPenn St. (13)Michigan (12)USC (12)Ohio St. (11)Illinois (11)
Buffalo BillsNotre Dame (13)North Carolina (13)Penn St. (12)Michigan (10)Nebraska (10)
Miami DolphinsFlorida (13)Ohio St. (12)Miami (FL) (10)Oklahoma (9)Penn St. (9)
Tampa Bay BuccaneersAlabama (13)Miami (FL) (12)Tennessee (12)Florida St. (10)USC (10)
Cleveland BrownsArizona (12)Miami (FL) (11)USC (11)Texas A&M (10)Nebraska (10)
Detroit LionsUSC (12)Purdue (11)Penn St. (11)Texas (10)Nebraska (10)
Philadelphia EaglesOhio St. (12)Notre Dame (10)Florida (10)Oklahoma (10)Texas A&M (9)
San Diego ChargersUSC (12)Arkansas (10)LSU (10)Nebraska (9)Auburn (9)
Tennessee TitansPenn St. (12)Auburn (11)Miami (FL) (10)USC (10)Oklahoma (9)
Denver BroncosFlorida (12)USC (11)Miami (FL) (11)Georgia (11)LSU (9)
Seattle SeahawksMiami (FL) (12)Washington (10)Notre Dame (9)Georgia (9)Florida (9)
Washington RedskinsPenn St. (11)Nebraska (11)Tennessee (9)Colorado (8)Miami (FL) (8)
Minnesota VikingsMinnesota (11)USC (11)Florida St. (11)Miami (FL) (10)Stanford (10)
Atlanta FalconsUSC (11)Oklahoma (11)Ohio St. (10)Wisconsin (10)LSU (9)
Kansas City ChiefsPenn St. (10)UCLA (10)Pittsburgh (10)Grambling St. (9)Tennessee (9)
Jacksonville JaguarsFlorida (8)USC (6)Tennessee (4)West Virginia (3)Colorado St. (3)
Baltimore RavensOklahoma (7)Alabama (6)Miami (FL) (5)Notre Dame (5)Tennessee (4)
Carolina PanthersColorado (5)Georgia (5)Oregon (5)Washington (4)UCLA (4)
Houston TexansVirginia Tech (4)Miami (FL) (4)LSU (4)Louisville (3)Texas (3)

All teams to draft 10+ players from the same school since 1970

This list displays all team/college pairings with at least ten players. For space reasons, the table defaults by showing the top 50, but you can use the search function and the arrow boxes at the bottom of the table to see the rest of the list.

1St. Louis RamsUCLA21
2New York JetsPenn St.18
3Oakland RaidersUSC17
3Chicago BearsNotre Dame17
5New Orleans SaintsNebraska16
5Cincinnati BengalsOhio St.16
5Chicago BearsOklahoma16
8Dallas CowboysTennessee15
8Arizona CardinalsOklahoma15
8Arizona CardinalsTexas15
11San Francisco 49ersNotre Dame14
11Pittsburgh SteelersNebraska14
11Green Bay PackersUSC14
11Dallas CowboysUCLA14
11Chicago BearsOhio St.14
16Tampa Bay BuccaneersAlabama13
16San Francisco 49ersUSC13
16Oakland RaidersNebraska13
16Pittsburgh SteelersPenn St.13
16Pittsburgh SteelersFlorida13
16New York JetsNebraska13
16New York GiantsMichigan13
16New England PatriotsBoston Col.13
16New England PatriotsMichigan13
16New Orleans SaintsUSC13
16Miami DolphinsFlorida13
16Indianapolis ColtsPenn St.13
16Buffalo BillsNotre Dame13
16Buffalo BillsNorth Carolina13
30Tampa Bay BuccaneersMiami (FL)12
30Tampa Bay BuccaneersTennessee12
30San Francisco 49ersFlorida12
30Seattle SeahawksMiami (FL)12
30San Diego ChargersUSC12
30St. Louis RamsWashington12
30St. Louis RamsNebraska12
30St. Louis RamsOhio St.12
30Oakland RaidersPenn St.12
30Pittsburgh SteelersOhio St.12
30Philadelphia EaglesOhio St.12
30Tennessee TitansPenn St.12
30New York JetsMichigan12
30New Orleans SaintsOhio St.12
30Miami DolphinsOhio St.12
30Green Bay PackersOklahoma12
30Detroit LionsUSC12
30Denver BroncosFlorida12
30Dallas CowboysFlorida12
30Dallas CowboysArizona St.12
30Indianapolis ColtsMichigan12
30Indianapolis ColtsUSC12
30Cleveland BrownsArizona12
30Cincinnati BengalsMichigan12
30Cincinnati BengalsGeorgia12
30Chicago BearsFlorida12
30Buffalo BillsPenn St.12
57Washington RedskinsPenn St.11
57Washington RedskinsNebraska11
57San Francisco 49ersAlabama11
57Pittsburgh SteelersMichigan11
57Tennessee TitansAuburn11
57New York JetsUSC11
57New York GiantsMiami (FL)11
57New England PatriotsOklahoma11
57New England PatriotsNotre Dame11
57New England PatriotsFlorida11
57Minnesota VikingsMinnesota11
57Minnesota VikingsUSC11
57Minnesota VikingsFlorida St.11
57Green Bay PackersOhio St.11
57Detroit LionsPurdue11
57Detroit LionsPenn St.11
57Denver BroncosUSC11
57Denver BroncosMiami (FL)11
57Denver BroncosGeorgia11
57Dallas CowboysOhio St.11
57Dallas CowboysFlorida St.11
57Dallas CowboysUSC11
57Arizona CardinalsLSU11
57Indianapolis ColtsOhio St.11
57Indianapolis ColtsIllinois11
57Cleveland BrownsMiami (FL)11
57Cleveland BrownsUSC11
57Chicago BearsUSC11
57Atlanta FalconsUSC11
57Atlanta FalconsOklahoma11
87Tampa Bay BuccaneersFlorida St.10
87Tampa Bay BuccaneersUSC10
87San Francisco 49ersMichigan10
87San Francisco 49ersPittsburgh10
87San Francisco 49ersOregon10
87Seattle SeahawksWashington10
87San Diego ChargersArkansas10
87San Diego ChargersLSU10
87St. Louis RamsNotre Dame10
87St. Louis RamsOregon10
87St. Louis RamsTexas10
87St. Louis RamsUSC10
87Oakland RaidersUCLA10
87Oakland RaidersWashington10
87Pittsburgh SteelersPittsburgh10
87Pittsburgh SteelersArkansas10
87Pittsburgh SteelersColorado10
87Pittsburgh SteelersMichigan St.10
87Pittsburgh SteelersFlorida St.10
87Philadelphia EaglesNotre Dame10
87Philadelphia EaglesFlorida10
87Philadelphia EaglesOklahoma10
87Tennessee TitansMiami (FL)10
87Tennessee TitansUSC10
87New York GiantsUSC10
87New York GiantsNebraska10
87New York GiantsLSU10
87New England PatriotsArizona St.10
87New England PatriotsMiami (FL)10
87New England PatriotsUSC10
87New England PatriotsColorado10
87New England PatriotsNebraska10
87Minnesota VikingsMiami (FL)10
87Minnesota VikingsStanford10
87Minnesota VikingsOhio St.10
87Miami DolphinsMiami (FL)10
87Kansas City ChiefsPenn St.10
87Kansas City ChiefsUCLA10
87Kansas City ChiefsPittsburgh10
87Green Bay PackersFlorida St.10
87Green Bay PackersIowa10
87Green Bay PackersAlabama10
87Detroit LionsTexas10
87Detroit LionsNebraska10
87Dallas CowboysMichigan St.10
87Dallas CowboysOklahoma10
87Arizona CardinalsAuburn10
87Indianapolis ColtsNebraska10
87Indianapolis ColtsNotre Dame10
87Indianapolis ColtsMichigan St.10
87Indianapolis ColtsGeorgia10
87Cleveland BrownsTexas A&M10
87Cleveland BrownsNebraska10
87Cincinnati BengalsPenn St.10
87Chicago BearsTexas A&M10
87Chicago BearsArkansas10
87Chicago BearsTexas10
87Buffalo BillsMichigan10
87Buffalo BillsNebraska10
87Buffalo BillsOhio St.10
87Buffalo BillsUSC10
87Atlanta FalconsOhio St.10
87Atlanta FalconsWisconsin10

Over the last 30 years (1984 to 2013)
If we look at only the drafts from the last 30 years, the Bears/Sooners top the list. Chicago drafted 14 players from Oklahoma since 1984, with Tommie Harris being the best. Here are the top five schools for each team

FranchiseCollege 1College 2College 3College 4College 5
Chicago BearsOklahoma (14)Florida (12)Notre Dame (9)Texas A&M (8)Ohio St. (7)
St. Louis RamsUCLA (12)Nebraska (10)Ohio St. (8)Oregon (7)Clemson (7)
Denver BroncosFlorida (12)Georgia (9)Miami (FL) (6)LSU (6)Nebraska (6)
New England PatriotsMichigan (11)Boston Col. (9)Florida (9)LSU (8)Notre Dame (7)
New Orleans SaintsNebraska (10)USC (9)Ohio St. (8)Florida St. (8)LSU (6)
Arizona CardinalsTexas (10)Oklahoma (9)LSU (9)Tennessee (7)Auburn (6)
Indianapolis ColtsPenn St. (10)Illinois (10)USC (7)Notre Dame (7)Georgia (7)
Buffalo BillsNorth Carolina (10)Illinois (8)Florida St. (8)Penn St. (7)Ohio St. (7)
Miami DolphinsFlorida (10)Ohio St. (10)Miami (FL) (7)Tennessee (7)Syracuse (7)
Tampa Bay BuccaneersAlabama (10)Tennessee (10)Florida St. (10)Miami (FL) (9)USC (7)
Minnesota VikingsFlorida St. (10)Florida (8)South Carolina (8)Ohio St. (7)USC (6)
New York JetsPenn St. (9)Virginia (9)Nebraska (8)USC (7)West Virginia (7)
Cincinnati BengalsMichigan (9)Georgia (9)Arizona St. (7)Auburn (7)West Virginia (7)
Dallas CowboysFlorida (9)Miami (FL) (9)Georgia (8)Tennessee (7)Florida St. (7)
Pittsburgh SteelersOhio St. (9)Georgia (9)Nebraska (8)Florida (8)Colorado (8)
Green Bay PackersUSC (9)Ohio St. (8)Florida St. (8)Iowa (8)Tennessee (8)
New York GiantsMiami (FL) (9)Michigan (8)LSU (7)Nebraska (6)Notre Dame (6)
Cleveland BrownsMiami (FL) (9)Nebraska (7)Virginia Tech (7)Colorado (6)Baylor (6)
Tennessee TitansAuburn (9)Miami (FL) (9)Tennessee (9)Penn St. (8)Florida (7)
Atlanta FalconsOklahoma (9)Virginia Tech (8)LSU (6)Georgia (6)Miami (FL) (6)
Oakland RaidersPenn St. (8)Nebraska (7)Washington (7)USC (6)Florida St. (6)
San Francisco 49ersFlorida St. (8)Notre Dame (7)Florida (7)Alabama (7)Pittsburgh (7)
Detroit LionsUSC (8)Texas (8)West Virginia (7)Penn St. (6)Nebraska (6)
Philadelphia EaglesOhio St. (8)Oklahoma (8)California (8)Notre Dame (7)Florida (7)
San Diego ChargersUSC (8)Tennessee (7)Clemson (7)Michigan (7)UCLA (7)
Seattle SeahawksMiami (FL) (8)Georgia (7)Florida (7)LSU (7)Washington (6)
Jacksonville JaguarsFlorida (8)USC (6)Tennessee (4)West Virginia (3)Colorado St. (3)
Washington RedskinsPenn St. (7)Nebraska (7)Tennessee (7)Miami (FL) (7)Texas (7)
Kansas City ChiefsPittsburgh (7)Tennessee (7)Penn St. (6)UCLA (6)Auburn (6)
Baltimore RavensOklahoma (7)Alabama (6)Miami (FL) (5)Notre Dame (5)Tennessee (4)
Carolina PanthersColorado (5)Georgia (5)Oregon (5)Washington (4)UCLA (4)
Houston TexansVirginia Tech (4)Miami (FL) (4)LSU (4)Louisville (3)Texas (3)

All teams to draft 7+ players from the same school since 1984

1Chicago BearsOklahoma14
2St. Louis RamsUCLA12
2Denver BroncosFlorida12
2Chicago BearsFlorida12
5New England PatriotsMichigan11
6Tampa Bay BuccaneersAlabama10
6Tampa Bay BuccaneersTennessee10
6Tampa Bay BuccaneersFlorida St.10
6St. Louis RamsNebraska10
6New Orleans SaintsNebraska10
6Minnesota VikingsFlorida St.10
6Miami DolphinsFlorida10
6Miami DolphinsOhio St.10
6Arizona CardinalsTexas10
6Indianapolis ColtsPenn St.10
6Indianapolis ColtsIllinois10
6Buffalo BillsNorth Carolina10
18Tampa Bay BuccaneersMiami (FL)9
18Pittsburgh SteelersOhio St.9
18Pittsburgh SteelersGeorgia9
18Tennessee TitansAuburn9
18Tennessee TitansMiami (FL)9
18Tennessee TitansTennessee9
18New York JetsPenn St.9
18New York JetsVirginia9
18New York GiantsMiami (FL)9
18New England PatriotsBoston Col.9
18New England PatriotsFlorida9
18New Orleans SaintsUSC9
18Green Bay PackersUSC9
18Denver BroncosGeorgia9
18Dallas CowboysFlorida9
18Dallas CowboysMiami (FL)9
18Arizona CardinalsOklahoma9
18Arizona CardinalsLSU9
18Cleveland BrownsMiami (FL)9
18Cincinnati BengalsMichigan9
18Cincinnati BengalsGeorgia9
18Chicago BearsNotre Dame9
18Atlanta FalconsOklahoma9
41San Francisco 49ersFlorida St.8
41Seattle SeahawksMiami (FL)8
41San Diego ChargersUSC8
41St. Louis RamsOhio St.8
41Oakland RaidersPenn St.8
41Pittsburgh SteelersNebraska8
41Pittsburgh SteelersFlorida8
41Pittsburgh SteelersColorado8
41Pittsburgh SteelersFlorida St.8
41Philadelphia EaglesOhio St.8
41Philadelphia EaglesOklahoma8
41Philadelphia EaglesCalifornia8
41Tennessee TitansPenn St.8
41New York JetsNebraska8
41New York GiantsMichigan8
41New England PatriotsLSU8
41New Orleans SaintsOhio St.8
41New Orleans SaintsFlorida St.8
41Minnesota VikingsFlorida8
41Minnesota VikingsSouth Carolina8
41Jacksonville JaguarsFlorida8
41Green Bay PackersOhio St.8
41Green Bay PackersFlorida St.8
41Green Bay PackersIowa8
41Green Bay PackersTennessee8
41Green Bay PackersAuburn8
41Detroit LionsUSC8
41Detroit LionsTexas8
41Dallas CowboysGeorgia8
41Chicago BearsTexas A&M8
41Buffalo BillsIllinois8
41Buffalo BillsFlorida St.8
41Atlanta FalconsVirginia Tech8
74Washington RedskinsPenn St.7
74Washington RedskinsNebraska7
74Washington RedskinsTennessee7
74Washington RedskinsMiami (FL)7
74Washington RedskinsTexas7
74Tampa Bay BuccaneersUSC7
74Tampa Bay BuccaneersClemson7
74San Francisco 49ersNotre Dame7
74San Francisco 49ersFlorida7
74San Francisco 49ersAlabama7
74San Francisco 49ersPittsburgh7
74San Francisco 49ersOregon7
74San Francisco 49ersMiami (FL)7
74Seattle SeahawksGeorgia7
74Seattle SeahawksFlorida7
74Seattle SeahawksLSU7
74San Diego ChargersTennessee7
74San Diego ChargersClemson7
74San Diego ChargersMichigan7
74San Diego ChargersUCLA7
74Baltimore RavensOklahoma7
74St. Louis RamsOregon7
74St. Louis RamsClemson7
74Oakland RaidersNebraska7
74Oakland RaidersWashington7
74Pittsburgh SteelersPenn St.7
74Pittsburgh SteelersMichigan7
74Pittsburgh SteelersMichigan St.7
74Pittsburgh SteelersPurdue7
74Philadelphia EaglesNotre Dame7
74Philadelphia EaglesFlorida7
74Philadelphia EaglesGeorgia7
74Philadelphia EaglesColorado7
74Tennessee TitansFlorida7
74Tennessee TitansArizona7
74Tennessee TitansUtah7
74New York JetsUSC7
74New York JetsWest Virginia7
74New York GiantsLSU7
74New England PatriotsNotre Dame7
74New England PatriotsColorado7
74New England PatriotsGeorgia7
74Minnesota VikingsOhio St.7
74Miami DolphinsMiami (FL)7
74Miami DolphinsTennessee7
74Miami DolphinsSyracuse7
74Kansas City ChiefsPittsburgh7
74Kansas City ChiefsTennessee7
74Green Bay PackersArizona St.7
74Green Bay PackersWisconsin7
74Green Bay PackersTexas A&M7
74Detroit LionsWest Virginia7
74Dallas CowboysTennessee7
74Dallas CowboysFlorida St.7
74Dallas CowboysUSC7
74Arizona CardinalsTennessee7
74Indianapolis ColtsUSC7
74Indianapolis ColtsNotre Dame7
74Indianapolis ColtsGeorgia7
74Indianapolis ColtsMiami (FL)7
74Cleveland BrownsNebraska7
74Cleveland BrownsVirginia Tech7
74Cincinnati BengalsArizona St.7
74Cincinnati BengalsAuburn7
74Cincinnati BengalsWest Virginia7
74Chicago BearsOhio St.7
74Chicago BearsTexas7
74Chicago BearsWashington7
74Buffalo BillsPenn St.7
74Buffalo BillsOhio St.7
74Buffalo BillsTexas7

Over the last 20 years (1994 to 2013)

The local connections really die down once we limit things to just the past two decades. Unsurprisingly, the southeast portion of the country is the one most likely to stay local.

Top Five Schools for each Team

FranchiseCollege 1College 2College 3College 4College 5
Chicago BearsFlorida (9)Oklahoma (5)Ohio St. (5)Notre Dame (4)Washington (4)
Buffalo BillsNorth Carolina (8)Florida St. (7)Ohio St. (7)LSU (5)Illinois (4)
Jacksonville JaguarsFlorida (8)USC (6)Tennessee (4)West Virginia (3)Colorado St. (3)
Cincinnati BengalsGeorgia (8)Michigan (6)Auburn (5)Florida St. (5)West Virginia (4)
Philadelphia EaglesCalifornia (8)Georgia (6)Ohio St. (5)Notre Dame (5)Colorado (5)
Tampa Bay BuccaneersFlorida St. (8)Tennessee (6)Florida (6)Alabama (4)USC (4)
St. Louis RamsNebraska (8)Ohio St. (7)Clemson (6)Arizona (6)Arizona St. (5)
Denver BroncosFlorida (7)Tennessee (6)Georgia (5)Miami (FL) (4)Oklahoma (4)
Pittsburgh SteelersOhio St. (7)Florida St. (7)Georgia (6)Nebraska (6)Florida (5)
Baltimore RavensOklahoma (7)Alabama (6)Miami (FL) (5)Notre Dame (5)Tennessee (4)
New England PatriotsFlorida (7)Colorado (7)Michigan (6)Georgia (6)LSU (5)
New Orleans SaintsOhio St. (7)Nebraska (6)USC (6)Florida St. (5)Wisconsin (5)
Indianapolis ColtsPenn St. (6)Michigan (6)Georgia (5)Tennessee (5)Ohio St. (5)
Miami DolphinsFlorida (6)Michigan St. (5)Mississippi (5)Ohio St. (4)Tennessee (4)
Minnesota VikingsFlorida St. (6)South Carolina (5)USC (5)Stanford (5)Notre Dame (5)
Green Bay PackersUSC (6)Ohio St. (6)Iowa (6)Tennessee (5)UCLA (5)
Cleveland BrownsMiami (FL) (6)Virginia Tech (5)Colorado (5)California (5)Maryland (4)
Detroit LionsUSC (6)Texas (6)Nebraska (5)Oklahoma (5)Wisconsin (5)
New York GiantsMichigan (6)Miami (FL) (5)Nebraska (5)Wisconsin (5)LSU (4)
Tennessee TitansTennessee (6)Florida (6)Arizona (6)Utah (6)Florida St. (6)
Oakland RaidersSan Diego St. (6)Arizona St. (6)Florida St. (5)Ohio St. (5)Penn St. (4)
Kansas City ChiefsTennessee (6)California (5)Florida St. (5)Pittsburgh (4)UCLA (4)
Arizona CardinalsNebraska (6)LSU (5)Auburn (5)Ohio St. (5)Tennessee (4)
San Francisco 49ersNotre Dame (6)Florida (6)Pittsburgh (5)Penn St. (5)Virginia Tech (5)
San Diego ChargersClemson (6)Kansas St. (5)LSU (4)Florida St. (4)Purdue (4)
Seattle SeahawksGeorgia (6)LSU (6)USC (6)Florida (5)Oregon (5)
Washington RedskinsMiami (FL) (6)Nebraska (5)Tennessee (5)UCLA (5)Penn St. (3)
Atlanta FalconsMiami (FL) (6)Virginia Tech (5)Georgia (5)LSU (4)Alabama (4)
Dallas CowboysGeorgia (6)Ohio St. (6)LSU (6)Florida St. (5)USC (5)
Carolina PanthersColorado (5)Georgia (5)Oregon (5)Washington (4)UCLA (4)
New York JetsVirginia (5)Nebraska (5)Michigan (5)Tennessee (5)USC (4)
Houston TexansVirginia Tech (4)Miami (FL) (4)LSU (4)Louisville (3)Texas (3)

All teams to draft 5+ players from the same school since 1994

1Chicago BearsFlorida9
2Tampa Bay BuccaneersFlorida St.8
2St. Louis RamsNebraska8
2Philadelphia EaglesCalifornia8
2Jacksonville JaguarsFlorida8
2Cincinnati BengalsGeorgia8
2Buffalo BillsNorth Carolina8
8Baltimore RavensOklahoma7
8St. Louis RamsOhio St.7
8Pittsburgh SteelersOhio St.7
8Pittsburgh SteelersFlorida St.7
8New England PatriotsFlorida7
8New England PatriotsColorado7
8New Orleans SaintsOhio St.7
8Denver BroncosFlorida7
8Buffalo BillsFlorida St.7
8Buffalo BillsOhio St.7
18Washington RedskinsMiami (FL)6
18Tampa Bay BuccaneersTennessee6
18Tampa Bay BuccaneersFlorida6
18San Francisco 49ersNotre Dame6
18San Francisco 49ersFlorida6
18Seattle SeahawksGeorgia6
18Seattle SeahawksLSU6
18Seattle SeahawksUSC6
18San Diego ChargersClemson6
18Baltimore RavensAlabama6
18St. Louis RamsClemson6
18St. Louis RamsArizona6
18Oakland RaidersSan Diego St.6
18Oakland RaidersArizona St.6
18Pittsburgh SteelersGeorgia6
18Pittsburgh SteelersNebraska6
18Philadelphia EaglesGeorgia6
18Tennessee TitansTennessee6
18Tennessee TitansFlorida6
18Tennessee TitansArizona6
18Tennessee TitansUtah6
18Tennessee TitansFlorida St.6
18New York GiantsMichigan6
18New England PatriotsMichigan6
18New England PatriotsGeorgia6
18New Orleans SaintsNebraska6
18New Orleans SaintsUSC6
18Minnesota VikingsFlorida St.6
18Miami DolphinsFlorida6
18Kansas City ChiefsTennessee6
18Jacksonville JaguarsUSC6
18Green Bay PackersUSC6
18Green Bay PackersOhio St.6
18Green Bay PackersIowa6
18Detroit LionsUSC6
18Detroit LionsTexas6
18Denver BroncosTennessee6
18Dallas CowboysGeorgia6
18Dallas CowboysOhio St.6
18Dallas CowboysLSU6
18Arizona CardinalsNebraska6
18Indianapolis ColtsPenn St.6
18Indianapolis ColtsMichigan6
18Cleveland BrownsMiami (FL)6
18Cincinnati BengalsMichigan6
18Atlanta FalconsMiami (FL)6
64Washington RedskinsNebraska5
64Washington RedskinsTennessee5
64Washington RedskinsUCLA5
64San Francisco 49ersPittsburgh5
64San Francisco 49ersPenn St.5
64San Francisco 49ersVirginia Tech5
64Seattle SeahawksFlorida5
64Seattle SeahawksOregon5
64Seattle SeahawksAuburn5
64San Diego ChargersKansas St.5
64Baltimore RavensMiami (FL)5
64Baltimore RavensNotre Dame5
64St. Louis RamsArizona St.5
64Oakland RaidersFlorida St.5
64Oakland RaidersOhio St.5
64Pittsburgh SteelersFlorida5
64Pittsburgh SteelersMichigan St.5
64Pittsburgh SteelersTexas5
64Philadelphia EaglesOhio St.5
64Philadelphia EaglesNotre Dame5
64Philadelphia EaglesColorado5
64Philadelphia EaglesFlorida St.5
64Philadelphia EaglesUSC5
64Tennessee TitansPenn St.5
64Tennessee TitansAlabama5
64New York JetsVirginia5
64New York JetsNebraska5
64New York JetsMichigan5
64New York JetsTennessee5
64New York GiantsMiami (FL)5
64New York GiantsNebraska5
64New York GiantsWisconsin5
64New England PatriotsLSU5
64New England PatriotsNotre Dame5
64New England PatriotsMiami (FL)5
64New Orleans SaintsFlorida St.5
64New Orleans SaintsWisconsin5
64New Orleans SaintsAlabama5
64New Orleans SaintsArizona St.5
64Minnesota VikingsSouth Carolina5
64Minnesota VikingsUSC5
64Minnesota VikingsStanford5
64Minnesota VikingsNotre Dame5
64Miami DolphinsMichigan St.5
64Miami DolphinsMississippi5
64Kansas City ChiefsCalifornia5
64Kansas City ChiefsFlorida St.5
64Green Bay PackersTennessee5
64Green Bay PackersUCLA5
64Detroit LionsNebraska5
64Detroit LionsOklahoma5
64Detroit LionsWisconsin5
64Denver BroncosGeorgia5
64Dallas CowboysFlorida St.5
64Dallas CowboysUSC5
64Dallas CowboysOklahoma5
64Arizona CardinalsLSU5
64Arizona CardinalsAuburn5
64Arizona CardinalsOhio St.5
64Indianapolis ColtsGeorgia5
64Indianapolis ColtsTennessee5
64Indianapolis ColtsOhio St.5
64Cleveland BrownsVirginia Tech5
64Cleveland BrownsColorado5
64Cleveland BrownsCalifornia5
64Cincinnati BengalsAuburn5
64Cincinnati BengalsFlorida St.5
64Chicago BearsOklahoma5
64Chicago BearsOhio St.5
64Carolina PanthersColorado5
64Carolina PanthersGeorgia5
64Carolina PanthersOregon5
64Buffalo BillsLSU5
64Atlanta FalconsVirginia Tech5
64Atlanta FalconsGeorgia5

Over the last 10 years (2004 to 2013)

No connection over the past decade has been as strong as Cincinnati-Georgia.  It started with Robert Geathers in 2004, and then the Bengals selected David Pollack and Odell Thurman in the first two rounds of the 2005 draft.  In 2010, Cincinnati went back to the Bulldogs front seven and hit a home run with Geno Atkins in the fourth round.  In 2011, A.J. Green was the team’s first round pick, and the Bengals spent a fourth round pick that year (Clint Boling) and the following year (Orson Charles) on more Georgia players.  In the third round this year, Cincinnati drafted safety Shawn Williams.

Top Five Schools for each Team

FranchiseCollege 1College 2College 3College 4College 5
Cincinnati BengalsGeorgia (8)Michigan (3)Florida (3)USC (3)Kansas (3)
New England PatriotsFlorida (6)Rutgers (4)Miami (FL) (3)Nebraska (3)Illinois (3)
Jacksonville JaguarsFlorida (5)USC (2)Washington (2)Virginia (2)Louisiana Tech (2)
Pittsburgh SteelersOhio St. (5)Florida (5)Florida St. (4)Texas (3)Oregon (3)
Miami DolphinsFlorida (5)Michigan St. (4)Ohio St. (3)USC (3)Utah (3)
Minnesota VikingsUSC (5)Florida St. (4)South Carolina (4)Notre Dame (4)Florida (3)
Philadelphia EaglesUSC (5)Georgia (4)California (3)Ohio St. (3)Iowa (3)
Seattle SeahawksUSC (5)LSU (4)Oregon (4)Georgia (3)Auburn (3)
Chicago BearsOklahoma (5)Oregon St. (4)Ohio St. (3)Miami (FL) (3)Texas (3)
Arizona CardinalsLSU (5)Michigan (4)Virginia Tech (3)Ohio St. (2)Texas A&M (2)
Baltimore RavensOklahoma (4)Alabama (3)Oregon (3)Georgia Tech (3)Syracuse (3)
Oakland RaidersSan Diego St. (4)Arizona St. (3)Penn St. (3)Iowa (3)Florida St. (2)
Kansas City ChiefsTennessee (4)Alabama (4)LSU (3)Mississippi (3)Florida St. (2)
Houston TexansVirginia Tech (4)Miami (FL) (3)Texas (3)Alabama (3)Wisconsin (3)
Denver BroncosArizona St. (4)Florida (3)Miami (FL) (3)Virginia Tech (3)Oklahoma St. (3)
Detroit LionsOklahoma (4)USC (3)Nebraska (3)Wisconsin (3)Texas (2)
San Diego ChargersLSU (4)Clemson (3)Michigan (3)Kansas St. (2)Purdue (2)
Washington RedskinsNebraska (4)Miami (FL) (3)UCLA (3)Florida St. (3)SMU (3)
Atlanta FalconsGeorgia (4)Miami (FL) (3)LSU (3)Southern Miss (3)South Carolina (3)
Buffalo BillsFlorida St. (4)Ohio St. (3)LSU (3)Oregon St. (3)Oregon (3)
Green Bay PackersIowa (4)UCLA (3)Texas A&M (3)Colorado (3)Louisville (3)
Cleveland BrownsStanford (4)California (3)Georgia (3)Oklahoma (3)Miami (FL) (2)
Dallas CowboysLSU (4)USC (3)Oklahoma (3)Notre Dame (3)Texas Tech (3)
New York JetsOhio St. (4)Nebraska (3)Virginia (2)Michigan (2)Tennessee (2)
Indianapolis ColtsOhio St. (4)Michigan (3)Georgia (3)USC (3)Stanford (3)
San Francisco 49ersPittsburgh (4)Oregon (4)LSU (4)Alabama (3)USC (3)
Carolina PanthersOregon (4)Georgia (3)Virginia Tech (3)Ohio St. (3)USC (3)
New Orleans SaintsOhio St. (3)Nebraska (3)USC (3)Wisconsin (3)Florida St. (2)
Tennessee TitansTennessee (3)Florida (3)Utah (3)Penn St. (3)USC (3)
Tampa Bay BuccaneersTennessee (3)Alabama (3)Clemson (3)Illinois (3)Stanford (3)
St. Louis RamsClemson (3)North Carolina (3)Ohio St. (2)Oklahoma (2)Hawaii (2)
New York GiantsLSU (3)North Carolina St. (3)East Carolina (3)Miami (FL) (2)Nebraska (2)

All teams to draft 3+ players from the same school since 2004

1Cincinnati BengalsGeorgia8
2New England PatriotsFlorida6
3Seattle SeahawksUSC5
3Pittsburgh SteelersOhio St.5
3Pittsburgh SteelersFlorida5
3Philadelphia EaglesUSC5
3Minnesota VikingsUSC5
3Miami DolphinsFlorida5
3Jacksonville JaguarsFlorida5
3Arizona CardinalsLSU5
3Chicago BearsOklahoma5
12Washington RedskinsNebraska4
12San Francisco 49ersPittsburgh4
12San Francisco 49ersOregon4
12San Francisco 49ersLSU4
12Seattle SeahawksLSU4
12Seattle SeahawksOregon4
12San Diego ChargersLSU4
12Baltimore RavensOklahoma4
12Oakland RaidersSan Diego St.4
12Pittsburgh SteelersFlorida St.4
12Philadelphia EaglesGeorgia4
12New York JetsOhio St.4
12New England PatriotsRutgers4
12Minnesota VikingsFlorida St.4
12Minnesota VikingsSouth Carolina4
12Minnesota VikingsNotre Dame4
12Miami DolphinsMichigan St.4
12Kansas City ChiefsTennessee4
12Kansas City ChiefsAlabama4
12Houston TexansVirginia Tech4
12Green Bay PackersIowa4
12Detroit LionsOklahoma4
12Denver BroncosArizona St.4
12Dallas CowboysLSU4
12Arizona CardinalsMichigan4
12Indianapolis ColtsOhio St.4
12Cleveland BrownsStanford4
12Chicago BearsOregon St.4
12Carolina PanthersOregon4
12Buffalo BillsFlorida St.4
12Atlanta FalconsGeorgia4
43Washington RedskinsMiami (FL)3
43Washington RedskinsUCLA3
43Washington RedskinsFlorida St.3
43Washington RedskinsSMU3
43Tampa Bay BuccaneersTennessee3
43Tampa Bay BuccaneersAlabama3
43Tampa Bay BuccaneersClemson3
43Tampa Bay BuccaneersIllinois3
43Tampa Bay BuccaneersStanford3
43Tampa Bay BuccaneersOklahoma3
43Tampa Bay BuccaneersNorth Carolina St.3
43San Francisco 49ersAlabama3
43San Francisco 49ersUSC3
43San Francisco 49ersOklahoma St.3
43San Francisco 49ersWashington3
43Seattle SeahawksGeorgia3
43Seattle SeahawksAuburn3
43Seattle SeahawksCalifornia3
43Seattle SeahawksAlabama3
43Seattle SeahawksWake Forest3
43San Diego ChargersClemson3
43San Diego ChargersMichigan3
43Baltimore RavensAlabama3
43Baltimore RavensOregon3
43Baltimore RavensGeorgia Tech3
43Baltimore RavensSyracuse3
43St. Louis RamsClemson3
43St. Louis RamsNorth Carolina3
43Oakland RaidersArizona St.3
43Oakland RaidersPenn St.3
43Oakland RaidersIowa3
43Pittsburgh SteelersTexas3
43Pittsburgh SteelersOregon3
43Pittsburgh SteelersVirginia Tech3
43Philadelphia EaglesCalifornia3
43Philadelphia EaglesOhio St.3
43Philadelphia EaglesIowa3
43Philadelphia EaglesOklahoma3
43Philadelphia EaglesPittsburgh3
43Philadelphia EaglesCincinnati3
43Tennessee TitansTennessee3
43Tennessee TitansFlorida3
43Tennessee TitansUtah3
43Tennessee TitansPenn St.3
43Tennessee TitansUSC3
43Tennessee TitansTexas3
43Tennessee TitansCalifornia3
43New York JetsNebraska3
43New York GiantsLSU3
43New York GiantsNorth Carolina St.3
43New York GiantsEast Carolina3
43New England PatriotsMiami (FL)3
43New England PatriotsNebraska3
43New England PatriotsIllinois3
43New England PatriotsArkansas3
43New England PatriotsTCU3
43New Orleans SaintsOhio St.3
43New Orleans SaintsNebraska3
43New Orleans SaintsUSC3
43New Orleans SaintsWisconsin3
43Minnesota VikingsFlorida3
43Minnesota VikingsOhio St.3
43Minnesota VikingsPenn St.3
43Minnesota VikingsOklahoma3
43Minnesota VikingsArkansas3
43Minnesota VikingsGeorgia3
43Miami DolphinsOhio St.3
43Miami DolphinsUSC3
43Miami DolphinsUtah3
43Miami DolphinsMichigan3
43Kansas City ChiefsLSU3
43Kansas City ChiefsMississippi3
43Houston TexansMiami (FL)3
43Houston TexansTexas3
43Houston TexansAlabama3
43Houston TexansWisconsin3
43Houston TexansSouth Carolina3
43Green Bay PackersUCLA3
43Green Bay PackersTexas A&M3
43Green Bay PackersColorado3
43Green Bay PackersLouisville3
43Detroit LionsUSC3
43Detroit LionsNebraska3
43Detroit LionsWisconsin3
43Denver BroncosFlorida3
43Denver BroncosMiami (FL)3
43Denver BroncosVirginia Tech3
43Denver BroncosOklahoma St.3
43Denver BroncosNotre Dame3
43Dallas CowboysUSC3
43Dallas CowboysOklahoma3
43Dallas CowboysNotre Dame3
43Dallas CowboysTexas Tech3
43Arizona CardinalsVirginia Tech3
43Indianapolis ColtsMichigan3
43Indianapolis ColtsGeorgia3
43Indianapolis ColtsUSC3
43Indianapolis ColtsStanford3
43Indianapolis ColtsWisconsin3
43Cleveland BrownsCalifornia3
43Cleveland BrownsGeorgia3
43Cleveland BrownsOklahoma3
43Cincinnati BengalsMichigan3
43Cincinnati BengalsFlorida3
43Cincinnati BengalsUSC3
43Cincinnati BengalsKansas3
43Cincinnati BengalsNotre Dame3
43Cincinnati BengalsArkansas3
43Cincinnati BengalsNevada-Reno3
43Chicago BearsOhio St.3
43Chicago BearsMiami (FL)3
43Chicago BearsTexas3
43Chicago BearsVanderbilt3
43Carolina PanthersGeorgia3
43Carolina PanthersVirginia Tech3
43Carolina PanthersOhio St.3
43Carolina PanthersUSC3
43Carolina PanthersAuburn3
43Carolina PanthersLouisville3
43Carolina PanthersTexas A&M3
43Carolina PanthersSouth Carolina3
43Buffalo BillsOhio St.3
43Buffalo BillsLSU3
43Buffalo BillsOregon St.3
43Buffalo BillsOregon3
43Buffalo BillsClemson3
43Atlanta FalconsMiami (FL)3
43Atlanta FalconsLSU3
43Atlanta FalconsSouthern Miss3
43Atlanta FalconsSouth Carolina3

Finally, let’s close with a list of the teams that have drafted at least 3 players from the same school over the last five years:

All teams to draft 3+ players from the same school

1Cincinnati BengalsGeorgia5
2Pittsburgh SteelersOhio St.4
2Miami DolphinsFlorida4
2Arizona CardinalsLSU4
2Washington RedskinsNebraska4
2New England PatriotsRutgers4
2Buffalo BillsFlorida St.4
8New England PatriotsFlorida3
8Pittsburgh SteelersFlorida3
8Minnesota VikingsUSC3
8San Francisco 49ersLSU3
8Seattle SeahawksLSU3
8Seattle SeahawksOregon3
8Minnesota VikingsFlorida St.3
8Minnesota VikingsNotre Dame3
8Kansas City ChiefsAlabama3
8Green Bay PackersIowa3
8Detroit LionsOklahoma3
8Chicago BearsOregon St.3
8Washington RedskinsFlorida St.3
8Washington RedskinsSMU3
8Tampa Bay BuccaneersIllinois3
8San Diego ChargersMichigan3
8Oakland RaidersPenn St.3
8Philadelphia EaglesOklahoma3
8New England PatriotsTCU3
8Minnesota VikingsPenn St.3
8Minnesota VikingsArkansas3
8Kansas City ChiefsMississippi3
8Dallas CowboysOklahoma3
8Indianapolis ColtsUSC3
8Buffalo BillsOregon3
8Buffalo BillsClemson3
  • Michigan`s connection to New England is pretty simple Bobby Grier and Lloyd Car were both on Eastern Michigan staff in the late 1970s. Grier also had an influence on scouting and player personnel from 93-99.

  • Richie

    So basically the Rams drafted roughly nine Bruins in the 70s, roughly eight Bruins in the 80s and four since 1994. Which, I suppose makes sense because they moved out of Los Angeles in 1995.