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Welcome to the 2017 Offseason

Welcome to the offseason. It was another long year, but a good one, here at Football Perspective.

There should be some exciting news to announce in the coming weeks, and that may keep the posts here short. This would be a great time for guest submissions, so if you would like something posted here, don’t hesitate to send. Otherwise, what sort of content are you hoping to see this offseason? Now is the time for all the crazy ideas and topics on your mind, so let ’em rip.


  • Josh Sanford

    Is it first-come, first-served? Let’s hope! I would LOVE to see a series on dominant stretches by QBs, RBs, and also WRs. Maybe the best 4-week spans? Or is that too short? Six weeks?

    • Interesting idea. That’s probably something I could do.

  • Wisdom of Crowds: Longsnapper Edition

  • eag97a

    As I have previously requested I think we need your latest GQBOAT iteration. No disrespect to the wisdom of the crowds version but your own take has been the kick-starter for many long debates and even friendly “rivalries” among the commenters. Looking forward to the off-season content.

    • Thanks, eag. I agree, we need another GQBOAT post.

  • Tom

    I can’t get past the “exciting news”…have you been hired by ESPN? The NFL? The Jets? What could possibly keep you from writing awesome posts every single day?

    OK, that aside, I’d also like to see the latest QB GOAT iteration, as well as my favorite FP post of all time, Super Bowl Leverage and the Best Postseason Passers (http://www.footballperspective.com/super-bowl-leverage-and-the-best-postseason-passers-since-1966/)

    I’ve got a couple ideas for guests posts, just don’t have the damn time…

    • Nah, not being hired by anyone. This is always going to remain a hobby for me.

      Thanks for the suggestions. And yes, keep those guest posts coming!

  • Richie

    I fear change.

    • Well, there’s little to fear. Although I could always use some help!

  • Ryan

    While it’s fun to debate Terrell Owens merits, he’s very young and likely to be elected in the next 10 years.

    The Pro Football Hall Of Fame has a LOT of catching up on great old-timers, and let’s do it while they are alive!

    Can the Football Perspective community help push the cases of the Chuck Howley’s and Isiah Robertson’s to the forefront.
    The world lost Alex Karras 5 years ago, it’s a damn shame he didn’t get to enjoy like as a HOF!

    Chase, do you have a top 10, 20, or whatever level of guys who are strong HOF contenders that you can build a case for?

    Does anyone from the community have any ongoing lists or ideas?

    Would be awesome if the PFHOF could catch wind of campaigns from some bright football minds at this corner of the world!

    • I always keep a list handy of guys who deserve a closer look for the HOF. Mostly-chronologically, mine includes, but isn’t limited to:

      Lavvie Dilweg
      Verne Lewellen
      Ox Emerson
      Frank Cope
      Jim Benton
      Riley Matheson
      Al Wistert
      Gene Brito
      Dick Barwegen
      Mac Speedie
      Billy Howton
      Bobby Dillon
      Jimmy Patton
      Joe Fortunato
      Del Shofner
      Dick Schafrath
      Jerry Kramer
      Alex Karras
      Chuck Howley
      Eddie Meador
      Larry Grantham
      Bobby Boyd
      Johnny Robinson
      Jim Tyrer (this will never, ever, ever, ever happen)
      Maxie Baughan
      Jerry Mays
      Dave Grayson
      Mike Stratton
      Cornell Green
      Winston Hill
      George Saimes
      Walt Sweeney
      Ed Budde
      Butch Byrd
      Jerry Smith
      Harold Jackson
      Dick Anderson
      Ralph Neely
      L.C. Greenwood
      Isiah Robertson
      George Kunz
      Lemar Parrish
      Jake Scott
      Cliff Harris
      Tommy Nobis
      Rich Tombstone Jackson
      Harold Carmichael
      Cliff Branch
      Drew Pearson
      Harvey Martin
      Donnie Shell
      Robert Brazile
      Louis Wright
      Mike Kenn
      William Andrews
      Deron Cherry
      Joe Jacoby
      Henry Ellard
      Roger Craig
      Joey Browner
      Jimbo Covert
      Herschel Walker
      Keith Millard
      Steve Wisniewski
      Steve Atwater
      Leroy Butler
      Richmond Webb
      Sam Mills
      Neil Smith
      Bryant Young
      Tony Boselli

      I’m also interested in the case of Howard Mudd. He was a very good lineman for a brief period before becoming a highly regarded line coach. I don’t think he’s strong enough to go in as a player or as a contributor/coach alone, but the combo is worth looking at.

      Not saying all (or any) deserve to be in Canton, but I think they all deserve to have their cases revisited or more strongly argued.

      • Ryan

        Maybe not all, but many of them have strong candidacies.
        A crazy eight pack of : Ken Anderson, Ricky Watters, Steve McMichael, Pat Swilling, John Brodie, Eric Allen, Wilber and Jim Marshall.

        • Richie

          Ricky Watters makes me think of Curtis Martin.

          To me, Martin never seemed like a great/dangerous RB. He seemed solid. He was always around, and reliable. But he was never scary.

          Watters was a scarier player, to me. Looking at the numbers, it’s hard to see it. But he always seemed like a dangerous player.

          • Ryan

            Watters has a nice balance of career and average value. 24th all-time in RB/WR yards from scrimmage and 13th per game (taking top 250 in overall value). On a per game level, only non-HOF ahead are Adrian Peterson (In), Arian Foster (not enough career), Clinton Portis (60th and 9th), and Edge (14th and 10th). Note Tiki Barber makes top 20 in both (13th and 16th).

            • sacramento gold miners

              Watters and James could have used the excellence of Curtis Martin for the later portion of their respective careers. Watters last quality season was age 31, James’ age 29.

              • Ryan

                Martin’s last quality season was at 31, but he has a bulk advantage over Watters and James.
                Excluding each players final replacement level season or two (the result after Herman Edwards ran him into the ground leading the NFL with 371 carries the year before):
                Martin @ 330 carries/yr for a 10 year stretch, 21.9 car/game
                Watters @ 283 carries/yr for a 9 year stretch, 18.3 car/game
                James @ 285 carries/yr for a 10 year stretch, 22.3 car/game – injuries drop car/yr.

                Watters was a bit better in the passing game, while Martin protected the ball significantly better, similar postseason yardage value for the trio.

                • sacramento gold miners

                  Thought Martin had another quality season at age 32, but was mistaken. However, the value of finishing as a top five rusher in NFL history is significant. This wasn’t Frank Gore, who will likely have a third straight compiling season, Martin was dominant at age 31.

                  Ricky Watters was a selfish player, even called out by teammates. Unlike two future HOF receivers like Owens and Moss, Watters doesn’t have the overwhelming case to reach Canton. I’m struggling to produce a current or future HOF player who told the press words to the affect he wasn’t going to give top effort to catch a pass from a young QB.

                  The Colts won a SB the year after James departed, so that doesn’t help him. The other issue would be in those several Colt playoff losses, when Manning was struggling to score points, where was Edgerrin James? I agree he was a very productive dual threat, but you’d like to see a HOF back respond in those situations.

        • I have a few of them on my list, but my list stretches pretty deep into the HOVG pool. I also don’t think it’s time to beat the TO/Faneca/Edge drum just yet. The first two will get in soon enough, and I’ll just have to be sad when Edge doesn’t make it.

  • Richie

    I hope to post more of my HOF analysis articles.

  • Mike

    I would love to see another GOAT QB series. This time adding weather data too. Since every game log in history now has weather, you could do a weather adjustment for temperate and wind.

  • John

    I would like to see articles like Brad’s ranking the best QBs of all time or best WR by decade be expanded to other positions like Linebacker or Tight End.

    • Thanks, John. I was thinking about Defensive Backs; that’s a real possibility after the draft. In the meantime, it’s not the same format, but have you seen my 2010 list of The Best Linebackers of All Time?

      • Ryan

        Link isn’t working for me.

        • Fixed. I left out a character the first time.

          • Ryan

            Thanks brad, any snap thoughts on movement for guys playing since your 2010 post? Demarcus ware is up to what level?

            • Off the top of my head — and I want to emphasize that — Ware might rank around 15th. He wouldn’t be in my Top 12 at this point. Urlacher moved up several spots. Lance Briggs and London Fletcher probably edged into the Top 30 before their careers wound down. Briggs would probably rank 20-25, Fletcher about five spots below that. Karlos Dansby, Thomas Davis, James Harrison, and Terrell Suggs all merit attention at this point.

      • John

        I will take a look. Thanks Brad. An update of that list would be great.

  • Teddy Salad

    Is there merit in revisiting/updating the Draft Vaue Chart based on four more years of data? What about looking at draft value chart team trends based on draft-day trades–i.e., are more teams eschewing the traditional NFL/Jimmy Johnson in favor of a more AV/data-driven analytical approach? I know that each team has their own system, but when draft-day trades are worked out there must be some compromise between the two sides.

    In related news, I’ve created a spreadsheet with the current draft order (1-253) that has columns with both NFL and AV draft values for each spot, something I could link to in Google Docs.