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There have been 49 Super Bowl champions. But only one of those teams managed to win it all with a quarterback that was in his first season with the team. Can you name that team?

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There have been seven other quarterbacks who have won Super Bowls in their second season with a team. How many can you name?

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Finally, three more quarterbacks won Super Bowls during their third seasons with their team. Can you name them?

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  • sacramento gold miners

    Trent Dilfer was replaced by Elvis Grbac the following season, which appeared to be an upgrade, but Grbac disappointed. Later, he lost his passion for the game, and retired. Dilfer was drafted as a franchise QB, and settled into his role as a game manager for several clubs.

    • As an interesting follow-up, Grbac is the only rookie QB to ever even throw a pass in the Super Bowl, going 0-1 as a 49er in SB XXIX. The next rookie quarterback to *complete* a Super Bowl pass will be the first.

    • Richie

      Perhaps surprisingly, Dilfer “won” more games in his career (58) than he lost (55).

  • I got the first one immediately. I got 6/7 on the second one–I guessed Mark Rypien instead of Doug Williams, about whom I forgot completely. I only got 1/3 of the last one. I knew Montana, but I guessed Rypien again and Jim McMahon. They were both in their fourth season, so at least I wasn’t too far off (well, on the second Rypien guess, anyway). I also kept wanting to say Neil O’Donnell, even though he was in his fifth season when he LOST the Super Bowl… I guess some part of my brain REALLY wants to change that result.

    That second group includes a lot of weird career paths: Plunkett, Williams, and Warner all had bizarre careers. Brady’s is unusual in that he was a sixth round pick who became great. Even Russell Wilson is a bit odd in that he was a third-rounder who immediately won a starting job and played well.

  • DB

    I’ve been a Giants fan since ’78, so it surprised me that I missed Hostetler for SB QBs in the third season. Turns out I didn’t miss it, Hostetler was in his 5th season with the Giants, although he did not have a single pass attempt in his first 2 seasons with the Giants.