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Last Sunday, I asked you about the head coaches who won playoff games with the most quarterbacks. Today, per wiesengrund’s request, the reverse: quarterbacks who won playoff games with multiple coaches.

There is one quarterback who won playoff games with four different head coaches. Can you name him?

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In fact, only three other quarterbacks have won playoff games with even three different head coaches, and all played for multiple teams, too. Kurt Warner won with Dick Vermeil, Mike Martz, and then Ken Whisenhunt. Joe Montana, of course, won with Bill Walsh, but he also won four playoff games with George Seifert and two more with Marty Schottenheimer in Kansas City. And finally, Peyton Manning won games with Tony Dungy and Jim Caldwell in Indianapolis, before winning a pair with John Fox in Denver. Manning can tie the record if he wins a playoff game this year, as Gary Kubiak is the new Broncos head coach.

  • Nuclear Badger

    Great timing with the Favreapalooza going on in Green Bay last night.

  • Clint

    Had a good year in New York too. Could’ve gotten a fifth one!

  • Richie

    This is a generally polarizing/interesting list of QB’s and coaches from “the great Manning/Brady debate of 2015” the past month, with guys like Warner, Martz, Seifert, Schottenheimer, Manning, and Dungy.