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Weekend Trivia: Elite Passing Offenses

Adjusted Net Yards per Attempt starts with Yards per Attempt, but is also influenced by things such as sack rate, interception rate, and touchdown rate. There is, arguably, a negative relationship between some of these variables: for example, some quarterbacks deliberately trade interceptions for sacks, so it’s difficult to be excellent in all four metrics.

Since 1950, there have been just seven teams to rank in the top 3 in Y/A, Sack Rate, Touchdown Rate, and Interception Rate in the same season. Can you name them?

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  • sacramento gold miners

    Good stuff. I always link player with team success, so Manning’s best year for me would have to be the 2006 campaign, where he still posted great numbers, and led his team to their first world title as the Indianapolis Colts. Manning was neutralized in his final games of the 2004 and 2013 seasons, turning in very disappointing performances. I remember watching that Super Bowl against Seattle, and thinking the game was over in the second quarter, even though the margin wasn’t large. Manning just became so flustered, and the QB needs to keep himself from getting down like that. I’ve been critical of Tom Brady recently, but the guy will fire up his teammates when the Patriots are struggling.

    John Brodie was excellent in 1970, and I think he is underrated historically, but turned in a dud against Dallas in the playoffs as the Niners only scored ten points. The Cowboys really had the 49ers number in the playoffs during that era.

  • I got the two Manning years and the 1984 49ers without hints, got the second 49er team from the first hint (Young usually had poor sack rates and I remembered–incorrectly*–1984 being Montana’s best year by a significant margin.), and somehow did not think about the ’50s Rams even after the last hint should have gotten them away.

    *1989 was essentially equal.

    I really thought the 1999 St. Louis (sack rate not good enough), 1984 and 1986 Miami (interception rate), and 1991 Washington (interception rate) teams would make it. They were all pretty close.

  • Joseph

    Hard to imagine that the 1967 Washington Redkins wouldn’t rank as one of the elite passing offenses, with Sonny Jurgensen topping nearly every category and Charley Taylor, Jerry Smith, and Bobby Mitchell ranking 1, 2, and 4 in receptions. And all that with a horrible running game that ranked 15th out of a 16 team league. Team D was pathetic as well: last in passing D and 12th against the run..