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Wallet-Sized Copy of the 2013 NFL Schedule

I have created a wallet-sized color copy of the 2013 NFL Schedule, which you can download here:


That Excel file also contains a full page color copy of the schedule, along with black and white wallet-sized and full page size schedules. On the wallet-sized photos, the line between weeks 8 and 9 has been enlarged — that is where you want to fold the paper in half.

If you don’t like downloading Excel files, you can just bookmark this page. If you have an iPhone, point your web browser to that page, and then hit your power and home button at the same time to take a photo. It’s been formatted to fit that screen will enable you have always carry the schedule on your phone.

2013 nfl schedule 2

  • Mark

    I do not think Week #13 Atl@Buf is an “International Game”.

    • Harry

      It is, Ontario Canada. Bills play there every year thru 2017

  • Mark

    Sorry, Toronto.

    • Chase Stuart

      No worries. I didn’t have anyone double-check this for me, so hopefully some people can see if they spot any errors.

  • Harry

    Great schedule, been looking for one of this type.

    Even though many games in the last hand full of weeks will be rescheduled due to playoff races and ratings, should prove very helpful.

    Thank you

  • Mark

    OK. I know it is NOT an “International Game”. Confirm your information with the NFL or somwhere credible. Also; try to reply more promptly.


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  • Matt

    Will you have a 2014 version available soon?