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Trivia of the Day – Sunday, December 2nd

Matt Stafford won the ESPY for most double chins in a leading role

In case you haven’t noticed, Detroit’s Matt Stafford is throwing the ball a lot this year. He’s thrown the second most passes of any quarterback through 11 games in league history.

In 2011, Stafford led the NFL with 663 pass attempts, the third most in NFL history. In my preview of the 2012 Lions, I threw some cold water on Stafford’s outlook, noting that while he threw for 5,000 yards, his 13th-place finish in Y/A was more telling. This season Stafford is throwing even more frequently — he’s up three pass attempts per game — and is on pace to break the record for pass attempts in a season. And while Stafford may again hit the 5,000-yard mark, he currently ranks just 21st in yards per attempt, which is less forgivable in connection with a 4-7 record than a 10-6 mark.

I suspect that most fans of Football Perspective are pretty good at trivia, so I’m not going to let you off easy. You probably know which quarterback holds the record for pass attempts in a season:

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The more challenging question is this: which team holds the record for most team pass attempts in a season? Right now, Detroit is on pace for 729 pass attempts this season (Shaun Hill threw 13 passes), which would break the record.

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  • Shattenjager

    I knew this one without any hints, because you talked about it on the great p-f-r podcast! (I find that rather funny.) It has been one of my favorite trivia questions since.

    • Richie

      I remember the p-f-r podcast. They should bring that back!


  • Danish

    For some reason the fullback hint rung a bell and sent me to 70-80ies vikings. Chuck Foreman had a lot of receptions so I figured it was a system thing.

  • Tim Truemper

    When I saw Ted Brown and Joe Senser knew it was the Vikes. But was totally unaware that even with Tommy Kramer at QB they threw that much. Amazing.

    • Shattenjager

      The oddest thing about that team to me is that backup quarterback Steve Dils threw 102 passes in his two starts.