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Trivia of the Day – Sunday, August 5th

Maynard and Sauer were the stars of the late '60s Jets, but Maynard first achieved success with another New York wideout.

There have been 105 teams to have at least two players gain 1,000 receiving yards in a season. It first happened in 1960 in the AFL, where wide receivers benefited by playing against lower quality of defensive backs and also a fourteen-game schedule (the NFL schedule switched from a 12 to 14 games the following year). New York’s Don Maynard led the team with 1,265 yards, while Art Powell finished with 1,167. Maynard and Powell repeated the feat in 1962, and then Maynard and the Jets’ George Sauer also joined the club in ’67 and ’68. In total, seven different AFL teams fielded a pair of 1,000 yard receivers, with Bill Groman and Charley Hennigan (1961, Houston), Warren Wells and Fred Biletnikoff (1968, Oakland) and Lance Alworth and Gary Garrison (1968, San Diego) rounding out the list.

But in the NFL, no team fielded a pair of 1,000 yard receivers in the ’60s, even with the 14-game schedule. And as professional football entered the dead ball era in the 1970s, it wasn’t until the passing rules changes and the advent of the 16-game schedule that an NFL team — in fact, three NFL teams — first fielded multiple 1,000-yard receivers.

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