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Trivia of the Day – Saturday, June 16

Every once in awhile, I’ll post some random trivia. I’ll include three hints, each making the answer progressively easier to guess. See how early you can guess the answer, and post your results in the comments. As always, the honor system will be strictly enforced.

Can you name the only team to never have a player record 90 receptions in a season?

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  • Coleman Kelly

    I’m picking the Cleveland Browns. Let’s check the answer…

  • Coleman Kelly

    It took me all 3 hints though.

  • Got it without any hints, although I was thisclose to guessing the Jets

  • Archer

    Also got it without hints.
    They were also the only team without a 200 yard receiver until Josh Gordon made two in a row.
    If he wasn’t suspended for the first two games of this season, he’d surely top the 90 receptions plateau, but now it will take (another) two really good games for him to do it (needs 16 catches).

    • Chase Stuart

      Good stuff; I had forgotten about this one.

    • Archer

      Gordon finished the season with 87 catches, a team mark for a receiver.
      Would have been very “Browny” of him to end up with 89 too…