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I took this Sporcle quiz the other day on receivers to gain 1,000 yards with multiple teams. I did fine, I suppose, naming 22 of the 30 receivers. As I was going through the list, I kept looking at the rows for “Buccaneers, Panthers” and “Panthers, Cowboys” and my brain operated in this way:

Steve Smith never played for the Bucs or Cowboys. Neither did Muhsin Muhammad.”
Patrick Jeffers had a big year in 1999, but that was it for his career.”
“The Panthers have literally never had anyone resembling a competent wide receiver starting across from Smith in as long as I can remember (other than Muhammad).”
Wesley Walls didn’t play for Dallas or Tampa Bay. And I can’t think of a single other Panthers receiver from before 2000.”

“Let me try typing in Smith and Muhammad again.”

After the quiz, I checked the Panthers team page on PFR. The top nine receiving seasons were accomplished by either Smith or Muhammad, but there were in fact two other players to hit the 1,000-yard receiving mark for Carolina. Can you name them? If so, you’re a better man on Panthers wide receiver trivia than me.

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  • Shattenjager

    I got Carrier immediately (I actually could hear your voice saying his name from the p-f-r podcast, so that may be why I knew it, though I do not remember why specifically he came up during the show.), but did not get Ismail until the last hint.

    That’s a nice trivia question–gettable but not easy.

    • Chase Stuart

      I have no recollection of ever discussing Carrier on a podcast.

      • Shattenjager

        52 minutes into Podcast 5, the first trivia podcast, Jason asks you to name either the only 1000-yard rusher or the only 1000-yard receiver for an expansion team in history. You mentioned Mark Carrier as being on the expansion Packers, but decided against choosing him. He was, of course, the right answer for the 1000-yard receiver.

        • Chase Stuart

          Nice find! We got to get Doug podcasting again.

          • Richie

            Yeah, where have I heard that idea before?

  • Tim Truemper

    Got Ismael and Carrier though for the longest time it took awhile to remember.

    • Chase Stuart

      The time was a factor in the Sporcle quiz, but I’m pretty sure another 10 minutes wouldn’t have helped.

  • Richie

    I got 25 on the Sporcle quiz, but couldn’t figure out the other Panther receivers either. Patrick Jeffers was my best guess.

  • Tyson Tracy

    Raghib Ismail, Mark Carrier