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The 2017 NFL Schedule

The color-coded schedule is back!

Download the Excel file here

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Who Plays On What Days?

There are 17 games on Thursdays this year, which matches the number of weeks of the season. There is one game each week of the season most weeks, but there are no Thursday games in weeks 16 and 17, and three on Thanksgiving (week 12). The three Thanksgiving games: Vikings at Lions, Chargers at Cowboys, and Giants at Redskins. The Browns and Jaguars do not get one, but the other 30 teams get at least one Thursday game. That means four teams play twice on Thursday: the Chiefs (week 1 at New England, week 7 at Oakland) and Patriots (week 5 at Tampa Bay) play in both the NFL Kickoff Game and during the regular Thursday night schedule. And Washington and Dallas — who play different opponents on Thanksgiving — play against each other on Thursday the following week.

Once the college regular season ends, the NFL does take over two Saturdays: December 15th and December 23rd. Those games are all rivalry games: Bears/Lions and Chiefs/Chargers in week 15, and the Colts going back to Baltimore and the Vikings and Packers the following week.

There are 17 games on Monday night football, and 18 games on Monday: one each week for 16 weeks, with no week 17 game, but two in weeks 1 and 16. The Saints travel to Minnesota in the early MNF game in week 1, while the Chargers visit Denver in the last game. At the end of the year, the Steelers head to Houston on Christmas Day, which falls on a Monday, to play in the 4:30 time slot. That night, the traditional MNF game is Raiders/Eagles, which is sure to feature a pair of merry fanbases.

Neutral Site Games

There are five special site games: the Patriots play “at” Oakland at 4:25 on the east coast in week 11 in a game in Mexico City, to go along with the four London games. The Jaguars, Dolphins, Rams, and Browns all lose home games, too, to face the Ravens, Saints, Cardinals, and Vikings respectively. Those London games take place in weeks 3, 4, 7 and 8: all but the Rams-Cardinals game in week 7 kick off at 9:30 on the east coast, while the NFL thankfully isn’t making west coast fans wake up at 6:30 to see the Rams/Cardinals, which kicks off at 1:00 on the east coast.

  • I don’t think the Browns or Jags get a TNF game. The schedule shows this, but your commentary doesn’t.

    • I have revised, thanks.

      • You should’ve just revised and then said “what are you talking about?”

  • sacramento gold miners

    Weird to see “LAC” on this NFL schedule, makes me think of the NBA’s Clippers. I would have rechristened the Chargers as the Southern California Sun to differentiate from the Rams.

    • Tom

      Right…took a full minute before I figured out what the hell “LAC” was!

    • Tom

      Or perhaps the “Los Angeles Chargers of Carson”.

    • Adam

      I think Clippers, as well. Doesn’t help that the Clips are currently active in the NBA playoffs, so I’ve been seeing their abbreviation a lot.

  • Tom

    No sure why I noticed this, but Atlanta doesn’t have a division game until Week 9 which seems odd to me (that a team wouldn’t face a division opponent until playing almost half their season)…never really looked in to this too much, so maybe it’s not rare.

    • Mark Growcott

      Not that rare since realignment:-
      The latest in a Season to have played your first Division game (Since 2002)
      Week 9, 2005 – TB vs. CAR
      Week 9, 2011 – STL @ ARI
      Week 9, 2017 – ATL @ CAR

      What is rare is ATL finishing with 4 straight Division games, a first since realignment.

      • Richie

        Geez, how did you research that so quickly?

        • Mark Growcott

          I just keep track of Scheduling Quirks like that, was busy yesterday doing just that.

          • Richie

            Don’t play the Bills (a division opponent) until Week 15. Then again in Week 17.

            How unusual is that?

            • Mark Growcott

              Happened twice since realignment.

              The latest in a Season to have played a Division opponent for the first time (Since 2002)
              Week 15, 2012 – HOU vs. IND
              Week 15, 2017 – BUF vs. MIA

              • Richie

                So this is the 2nd time?


    • Adam

      I wish the NFL didn’t backload the division games as they’ve been doing in recent years. At the very least, I would really like to see them eliminate the two games in three weeks nonsense that has become relatively commonplace. That doesn’t give teams enough time to make adjustments or evolve their strategies, and a injuries are a double whammy. Ideally, I would prefer three division games in the first half of the season, and another three in the second. But that’s a pipe dream.

  • Mark Growcott

    Chase nice work, you may want to change your “every team gets one Thursday game” – CLE & JAC do not.

  • Adam

    Thanks for the iPhone schedule. Really nice to have all 256 games on one screen!

  • Adam

    I know certain teams lobby for certain things to happen in their schedule, but I wonder how many of those requests are actually granted? For example, the Broncos have opened at home seven straight years now, and closed the season at home 6/7 years. That seems like too much of a coincidence to be random. Denver has also had frontloaded home schedules in recent years; four of the first five in 2017, five of the first seven in 2014, first two in 2011 and 2016, three of the first four in 2012 and 2013. Again, this seems like a pattern.

    I find it ridiculous that the AFC North always features CIN vs. BAL and PIT vs. CLE in week 17. Would it kill the schedule makers to mix it up a little? I understand they don’t want to risk “wasting” a Ravens/Steelers matchup on a meaningless week 17 game, but that rivalry isn’t what it used to be. How about PIT/CIN and BAL/CLE? At this point I’d be fine with removing the division game mandate for week 17 just so we wouldn’t have so much repetition from year to year. Speaking of repetition…Giants vs. Cowboys again on week 1 SNF? Enough already!

    On a positive note, I like how the NFL spread out the interconference games evenly throughout the season. In recent years, they’ve burned most of these matchups early on which never made sense to me. Additionally, there are lots of interconference games in primetime, which I love because these are matchups we only get to see once every four years.

    Has anybody noticed long term schedule trends for other teams?

    • Richie

      Why would the NFL cave in to the request of the Broncos?

      I think 2010 was when the NFL (finally!) decided to have week 17 be a divisional game for every team. Interesting that Pit has played Cle in 6 of those 7 years. On the other hand, Miami has played New England 4 times and the Jets 3 times, but never Buffalo in week 17. (That will change in 2017.)

      • Adam

        I don’t know why the NFL would cave to the Broncos’ requests, it just seems weird that their schedule tends to follow the same pattern ever year. I do know for a fact that the Cardinals requested two road games to start the season when they played in the scorching heat of Sun Devil Stadium, and their wish was granted more often than not. So there is a precedent here.

        • Richie

          Granting a request for a team to play on the road, seems easy. Especially when it’s based on something logical like weather that would affect the Cardinals and their opponent.

          But letting the Broncos have a home game to open and close the season, seems like giving them a slight advantage. Strange that they would fulfill the request regularly.

  • #KeepPounding

  • JeremyDeShetler

    For anyone interested…there was an MMQB article from 2014 talking about the schedule process. I thought it was an interesting read.


  • Manolo Folcarelli

    I think the schedule i wong.. from week 5