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If you have been to PFR in the past couple of days — and if you read this site, you’ve probably been there in the last few hours — you’ve seen that PFR has undergone a redesign. Most website redesigns are frustrating, but I think PFR has done a nice job of making it both easier to use on mobile while not changing too much around.

The PFR guys will be checking the comments section here, so if you have any bug requests, suggestions, comments, or just want to give those guys a well-deserved “Thank you!”, let your voice be heard.

  • tyschalter

    Congrats, everyone! It looks great on mobile, but it keeps detecting my desktop as a mobile device (?!) and I don’t see a way to select the full site. Having to click 62 “More” tabs and buttons is not an improvement…

    • Mike Kania

      If you were using IE, this should be fixed. If not, what browser?

      • tyschalter

        I’m running Chrome on Windows 10… if it’s fixed, I still have to click an awful lot of “SHOW” buttons. Would love to default to show everything, because I’m never on PFR to not-see information.

  • Andropov

    I like the site menu at the bottom and the little career/most recent season summary up top. Other than that, it mostly seems like the look is just a little modernized, which I’m pretty fine with. A good job, particularly since it seems they didn’t try to do too much and break something that didn’t really require fixing (unfortunately, an all too common occurrence during website updates).

  • Yazan Gable

    The search bar you can add to the Firefox browser to PFF does not work. It takes me to the site, but it will always be to the 404 page. Site itself looks wonderful, that’s been the only nitpick I’ve had for a while.

  • Adam

    Frankly, the desktop site is not much different than it used to be, save for some pleasant cosmetic changes. Very disappointed that glaring data gaps have not been filled, such as game-by-game QB sack data and complete playoff data. These numbers are freely available elsewhere on the internet, so why can’t PFR acquire them?

    • I know of a guy who has a database of kneels and spikes going back over a decade.

  • LightsOut85

    REALLY like the new look, but I had a few “issues” when I was looking up some data (& I tried on a different/default browser, so I don’t think it’s any security measures I have running on Chrome, which have caused issues for me on other sites)

    1) When using the Player Game Finder (specifically b/c I wanted to see seasons including playoff data, since the season-finder has never had a playoff option), no matter how I filled out the form, when I hit Get Results the page essentially just refreshed to the blank form again.

    2) Less a technical issue, more of a “huh?”/disappointment (if it’s perma-gone): I was bummed to see the ability to filter by player missing from the Game Play Finder. The drop-down menus on player-pages that accomplished the same thing (in a single click) were also, unfortunately, gone.

    • LightsOut85

      Hmm, both of those were fixed nicely, but today the player-filter on the GPF has once again disappeared.

      • Mike Kania

        You can get to the player filtering via the dropdown menus on player pages (check under “More” for each type of play), I need to add the box itself back to the play finder but there’s an issue with it currently listing ALL players instead of just those since we have PBP data (1994+). Don’t want people putting Jim Brown in there & wondering why they get no results.

        • LightsOut85

          Ah, okay. Good to know it’s being worked on. Thanks 🙂

          (I had seen the player-page links were there, but I was looking to combine certain years & if you try to edit the initial parameters, it’d just search the whole NFL – b/c of said box-absence……and I’ll admit I just wanted the convenience of the box rather than copy/pasting multiple year-searches into Excel, heh).

  • One bug note for me: when you search for say, Brandon Marshall, both players come up. If you click the top link, it used to take you to the page for the Jets Marshall. Now it does not. Is that something you can easily fix? I have attached a screen shot.

  • Also, on player profiles like Jeff Fisher’s, there used to be a link to his coaching page, and vice versa. That appears to have disappeared.

    • Mike Kania

      That’s still there, you’ll have to click “More Bio, uniform, draft, etc.” in red in his bio and there’s a link to his coaching info.

      • Ah, I see. Thanks!

  • I’m agnostic regarding the visual change; I’m all about utility.

    Just noticed Doug’s old articles are gone. Also noticed draft finder isn’t working (404).

  • Kaedwon

    It’s an upgrade aesthetically, but won’t make much difference to me in practice.

  • Mike Kania

    Hey all, thanks a ton for the feedback. Will definitely address as many of these as I can – honestly, if something was removed, it was probably just an oversight on my part & will be added back in (for instance, the player pass/rush/rec links). Bryan, where did you get a 404 for the draft finder? It should still be at http://www.pro-football-reference.com/play-index/draft-finder.cgi

    • On my phone, from the draft page, under the dropdown “more draft pages,” the links don’t take me to the draft finder but to a 404 error page.

      • Mike Kania

        Ah, will fix that. Thanks!

  • Tom

    I like the new look, but I’m with Bryan Frye as far as what’s most important about the site: utility. PFR is easily the best NFL stat site there is because of its flexibility, simplicity, its search engine, the Play Index, the range of data, etc. As long as all that stuff works and is simple and intuitive, I’m down with whatever cosmetic changes they make. Thanks PFR!!

  • Does the PFR linker need to be updated? For most players, it is working fine, but for players who share a name, it does not. For example, Steve Smith’s name is liked as such:

    Steve Smith

    That’s how it’s always been. But whereas before, it would take you to the page with all the Steve Smiths, now you just get an error.

    (Also, while we’re here, is there any way we can remove the other Jerry Rice, so that linking to Rice works properly? 🙂

    • Mike Kania

      I’ll take a look at the linker. As for other Jerry Rice, only if you can talk the various Brandons Marshall to work out some different names. And don’t even get me started on Alex Smith.

  • Alejandro

    It looks fine (I’m averse to website change, but this one doesn’t seem too drastic, so I’ll get over it.). I just want to know if there’s a way for desktop users to have all of the tabs on a player page (Passing/Rushing/Receiving/Leaderboards/etc.) open at once without having to click on each tab individually. Is there a button somewhere that allows you to select them all, or a setting that sets that as a default? It’s not a big thing, but just something that might appeal to those who actually liked having all the numbers at once without extra clicks.

  • Mike – let me know if it’s easier to put new comments in here or via email. Anyway, one more:

    Is this supposed to be a page? http://www.pro-football-reference.com/opps/chi/2005.htm

    I am, of course, looking at Steve Smith’s playoff game log. And when I click on Chicago 2005 — I believe it would normally take me to this page — http://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/chi/2005.htm — but it instead takes me to that ‘opps’ page, which is an error.

    • Mike Kania

      That should be fixed now.

  • Tom

    Not sure if you’re still checking this, or if this has already been mentioned –

    One of the options in the Play Index – Game Play Finder is missing: in the “Scoring Margin” area, there were options for “down by 7” or “ahead by 3”, something like that. This was invaluable because it showed you the format. You don’t really know which score goes in the left or right box, etc. Probably obvious to most people, but it wasn’t to me.


    • Mike Kania

      Still checking, I just put those back in there. Thanks for pointing it out!

  • I’m really digging the new look! I wish that more was done with the career stat summaries, though. There’s a lot of space there that could be used to add common stats, such as:

    Receiving for RB (and maybe rushing for WRs?)
    Interceptions for DL/LB
    Sacks for DB
    Total points for K
    Anything for P
    And… some kind of rate stat for QB? I know, passer rating is meh, but it’s probably better known than something like ANY/A

    I guess I’d question the inclusion of fantasy points, but if there’s plenty of room, no harm in including them. I just don’t know that anyone’s ever said, “Hey remember how great Steve Young was?” “Yeah, how many touchdowns did he throw?” “Touchdowns? Who cares? Let’s go to PFR to look up his career fantasy points!”

    • Mike Kania

      Yeah I need to flesh those out a bit more – wasn’t entirely sure how much space I’d have so I erred on the side of too little, but need to add some things. Thanks for the suggestions!

  • Tom

    Mike – hopefully you’re still checking these comments, this is a big one for me. You guys used to have the play-by-play data for the Super Bowls, pre-1994. I’m not sure if you had them all, but I’ve been slowly downloading them over the years, so I know you have SB’s 5-11, SB 13, 20, 24, maybe others. Would be really bummed if you guys took those down, hopefully you haven’t (man, I hope you didn’t lose the data!). Thanks Mike!

    • Mike Kania

      Those should be back now, an oversight on my part.

      • Tom

        Awesome, thanks Mike!

      • Tom

        Mike – hate to bug you about this again, but here’s two things regarding the play-by-play:

        1. Having the EPA/WPA column on the right was pretty handy, it would be cool if you could put that back up there.
        2. I believe you also used to show the current score of the game on the right as well.
        3. Right now, there seems to be a formatting error; if there is a long play description it goes off the edge, and you can’t read it all (at least on my computer, using Chrome).

        Thanks for the hard work Mike, it’s appreciated!

        • Mike Kania

          Not bugging me at all, this is my job – for the play-by-play, the descriptions no longer wrap so the score and EPA stuff IS in fact there on the right, it just gets cut off. If you go to the bottom of the table you can scroll it right, but I need to fix that somehow because it’s not ideal.

          • Tom

            Got it, thanks Mike!

  • Tom

    Mike –

    Got something else, not a big deal, but odd:


    When you click on “Conference” to see the results of the Conference games, you also get the Super Bowl game. At first I thought this was something on purpose, but I notice it’s not like that for 2015. Thanks.