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Non-Offensive Touchdowns

This year, the Chiefs have returned four interceptions for touchdowns, and also scored via a fumble return, kickoff return, and punt return. That’s seven non-offensive touchdowns for Kansas City, the most in the league. In addition, Kansas City hasn’t allowed a single non-offensive touchdown, so the Chiefs obviously lead the league in net non-offensive touchdowns:

TeamNon-Off TDsNon-Off TDs AllowedNet
Kansas City Chiefs707
Minnesota Vikings615
Philadelphia Eagles514
Atlanta Falcons523
Miami Dolphins413
Buffalo Bills303
Denver Broncos422
New York Giants312
Detroit Lions312
Tampa Bay Buccaneers321
Chicago Bears321
Baltimore Ravens211
Seattle Seahawks101
San Diego Chargers440
Houston Texans220
Oakland Raiders110
Pittsburgh Steelers110
Dallas Cowboys000
New England Patriots000
Cincinnati Bengals000
Carolina Panthers34-1
Indianapolis Colts23-1
Cleveland Browns12-1
San Francisco 49ers01-1
Arizona Cardinals24-2
Washington Redskins13-2
Green Bay Packers02-2
Jacksonville Jaguars14-3
Los Angeles Rams15-4
New Orleans Saints05-5
New York Jets06-6
Tennessee Titans07-7

That’s a remarkable number: in fact, over the course of NFL history, only a handful of teams have been at +8 for the season. One of those, though, was this Chiefs team three years ago:

TmYearNon-Off TDsNon-Off TDs AllowedNet

And here are the worst teams in NFL history in net non-offensive touchdowns:

TmYearNon-Off TDsNon-Off TDs AllowedNet

As a Jets fan, it has been a painful few years. The last time the Jets scored a non-offensive TD was back in 2013. Over the last (almost) four years, no team has been as bad in this metric as the Jets:

TeamNon-Off TDs Since 2013Non-Off TDs All Since 2013Net Since 2013
Kansas City Chiefs28226
Minnesota Vikings22913
Arizona Cardinals19712
Philadelphia Eagles251510
Pittsburgh Steelers14410
Denver Broncos19118
Miami Dolphins1376
Buffalo Bills1385
Seattle Seahawks1385
Detroit Lions1183
Atlanta Falcons15132
Carolina Panthers15132
San Francisco 49ers972
Tampa Bay Buccaneers12111
Baltimore Ravens12111
Dallas Cowboys11101
New England Patriots1091
Cleveland Browns12111
Green Bay Packers13130
Houston Texans1315-2
Cincinnati Bengals911-2
Indianapolis Colts1115-4
New York Giants1319-6
San Diego Chargers915-6
Oakland Raiders816-8
Los Angeles Rams1624-8
Chicago Bears1221-9
Washington Redskins1121-10
New Orleans Saints313-10
Jacksonville Jaguars1021-11
Tennessee Titans720-13
New York Jets222-20
  • KC has only given up two return TDs since 2013? As a Denver fan, that only makes this one even sweeter: http://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/201509170kan.htm

    • Adam

      Ah yes, great memories. That game was such an anomaly for the Chiefs with all the turnovers, but Denver’s D has a way of putting teams in situations they’re not accustomed to.

  • Adam

    Amazing that TEN is 8-6 despite being -7 in this metric.

  • Richie

    Fascinating that Kansas City has been the best on both sides of the equation.

    • Adam

      Should we give Andy Reid credit for this? There’s a lot of randomness involved in non-offensive touchdowns, but the Chiefs’ dominance in this area is now a four year trend.

      • Richie

        I guess we’d need a breakdown by TD type to see if there’s a trend.