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NFL Futures

I’m in Las Vegas, and thought I would solicit suggestions before placing bets.





  • I would suggest not betting on Jamall Charles, since he does not exist. 🙂

    Being more serious and admitting that I only sort of understand what the numbers mean, I think the field for receiving leader, the field for rushing leader, over on the Panthers, over on the Chiefs, over on the Bengals, and under on the Colts are what stand out to me.

    If I had money to spend on it, I view gambling as all about the fun of the process, so I would take wild swings at things that just seem vaguely possible. I would think about Jay Cutler leading the league in passing (The defense falls apart, requiring lots of passing, and Trestman turns out to be an absolute wizard and gets Cutler to maximize his talent, throwing for 5200 yards for a 7-9 team.), LeSean McCoy as rushing leader (Kelly’s offense turns out to be run-heavy and super-fast-paced, meaning that McCoy gets 350 carries and winds up leading the league with 1700 yards.), and under on the 49ers (Justin Smith is no longer dominant and it turns out the defense relies on him and Kaepernick turns into a pumpkin.) as possibilities.

    • (I would also suggest seeing Penn & Teller, since you’re a little too late for the Amazing Meeting.) 🙂

  • purple grank

    Redskins over is the only wins one I think is particularly good.

    Matt Schaub for pass yards champion is pretty great odds.

    CJ Spiller and McCoy are both odds I’d take happily.

    Don’t like any on the receiving chart.

  • Arif Hasan

    The easiest one here I think is Panthers on the over. Their W/L had more to do with noise last year than other teams, particularly if you look at Brian Burke’s efficiency metrics.

    I took the Vikings, but I am a Vikings fan.

    I think Arian Foster has good odds for most rushing yards, despite the fact that I don’t think that will be the case. But the likelihood is probably higher than that. I think Spiller has great odds, so between the two, I’d put a small amount on Spiller unless you were very confident in Foster.

    Calvin Johnson has good odds as well, despite leading.

  • Richie

    RGIII for passing yards at 20/1 seems like a nice bet. I am not a huge believer in RGIII yet, but his rate stats were so good as a rookie. If he can keep that accuracy up and if his knee is not 100% and/or Shanahan has him run less to try to protect his knee, another 1,300+ passing yards doesn’t seem impossible.

  • xmenehune

    Under total wins – NE
    Under total wins – OAK
    Under total wins – JAC
    Under total wins – BAL
    Under total wins – BUF

    I apologize, if I’m late, just read RSS today 7/22