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Net Interceptions and the Jets

The Jets threw 25 interceptions last year, which was bad because no other team threw more than 21. Also not good: the Jets defense forced just 8 interceptions last year, tied for second-fewest in the league behind the Jaguars (7).

That means New York was at -17 net interceptions last year, which is bad. But the Jets have generally been pretty bad in this category over the last decade, with -59 net interceptions from ’07 to ’16. Take a look at the yearly totals, with interceptions throwing by Jets passers in white, and interceptions forced by the Jets defense in green.

As you might suspect, -59 is the worst net interception total in the NFL over the last ten years. But it’s not the biggest outlier: the Patriots are at +89, while Green Bay is at a remarkable +103.

It is not easy being a Jets fan.

  • Tom

    …especially when you’re in the same division as a team that doesn’t have this problem. Looks like Detroit is in just about the exact same predicament…

  • MattHat121

    I’m guessing the GB total is more a function of Rodgers than Patriots is a function of Brady. New England defense is notoriously opportunistic. Green Bay not as much.