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Largest Increases in Team Scoring

Last year, the Los Angeles Rams scored 224 points, or just 14.0 points per game. That ranked last in the NFL, 40 points behind the 31st-ranked Cleveland Browns. But as noted earlier this week, the 2017 Rams have scored 212 through seven games, a 30.3 points per game average that ranks 2nd in the NFL.

If that holds, the Rams increase of 16.3 points per game would rank as the third largest ever, and the biggest increase since 1950. [Update: Los Angeles ended the season averaging 29.9 points per game; that 15.9 PPG increase remains the third largest in NFL history, and displaces the 1999 Rams for the biggest year-over-year increase since 1950.] The table below shows the 100 biggest per-game increases in scoring in pro football history:

RkTeamYearPrev Yr PPGCurr Yr PPGIncrease
1Cleveland Bulldogs19247.425.418.0
2New York Yanks195012.830.517.8
3St. Louis Rams199917.832.915.1
4New York Giants19296.120.814.7
5Baltimore Colts197513.628.214.6
6Chicago Bears194121.636.014.4
7Detroit Lions19433.517.814.3
8Chicago Cardinals19469.823.613.8
9Kansas City Chiefs201313.226.913.7
10Oakland Raiders201012.325.613.3
11San Francisco 49ers196516.930.113.2
12Carolina Panthers201112.325.413.1
13New England Patriots200724.136.812.8
14Rock Island Independents19229.322.012.7
15Washington Redskins198321.133.812.7
16Minnesota Vikings199822.134.812.6
17Atlanta Falcons201621.233.812.6
18San Francisco 49ers194823.435.412.0
19Baltimore Colts194811.923.811.9
20Los Angeles Raiders198217.128.911.8
21Philadelphia Eagles197310.422.111.8
22Chicago Bears193410.222.011.8
23Dallas Cowboys196216.928.411.6
24Arizona Cardinals201519.430.611.2
25Buffalo Bills197518.930.011.1
26New Orleans Saints200614.725.811.1
27Seattle Seahawks198314.125.211.1
28New York Jets197215.126.211.1
29Cincinnati Bengals198115.326.311.1
30Oakland Raiders196722.533.410.9
31Green Bay Packers19509.520.310.8
32Denver Broncos201219.330.110.8
32Green Bay Packers201124.335.010.8
34Oakland Raiders196315.225.910.7
35Denver Broncos200019.630.310.7
36Chicago Cardinals19291.211.810.7
37Chicago Bears196518.629.210.6
38St. Louis Cardinals198713.624.110.5
39Chicago Bears200616.326.710.4
40Phi/Pit Eagles/Steelers194312.222.510.3
41Cleveland Browns200714.925.110.3
42New Orleans Saints201124.034.210.2
43New Orleans Saints198718.028.110.1
44Philadelphia Eagles201317.527.610.1
45Carolina Panthers201521.231.310.1
46Pittsburgh Steelers195215.325.09.8
47New York Giants194111.921.69.7
48New York Giants19337.817.49.7
49Houston Oilers196127.136.69.6
50New York Giants195414.924.49.5
51Buffalo Bills200415.224.79.5
52Chicago Bears193917.627.19.5
53Green Bay Packers194713.522.89.4
54Washington Redskins196212.421.89.4
55Washington Redskins201218.027.39.3
56Atlanta Falcons19757.917.19.2
57Carolina Panthers200816.725.99.2
57Kansas City Chiefs200220.029.29.2
59Dallas Cowboys201617.226.39.1
60Boston Patriots196120.429.59.1
61Buffalo Bills199815.925.09.1
62Washington Redskins194715.524.69.0
63Cincinnati Bengals198819.028.09.0
63Kansas City Chiefs196623.032.09.0
65New York Giants194815.824.88.9
66Columbus Tigers19233.011.98.9
67Los Angeles Rams195030.038.88.8
68New York Jets197813.622.48.8
69Seattle Seahawks19938.817.58.8
70Denver Broncos197214.523.28.7
71Dallas Cowboys196623.231.88.6
72New York Jets200816.825.38.6
73Washington Redskins193913.522.08.5
74Cleveland Browns195713.922.48.5
75New England Patriots197618.426.98.4
76Green Bay Packers200718.827.28.4
76St. Louis Cardinals198315.023.48.4
76Cleveland Indians19213.511.98.4
79Pittsburgh Steelers195813.421.88.3
80Philadelphia Eagles195321.029.38.3
81San Diego Chargers200419.627.98.3
82Atlanta Falcons200816.224.48.3
83St. Louis Rams200319.827.98.2
83Chicago Bears198520.328.58.2
85Pittsburgh Steelers196614.422.68.1
86Arizona Cardinals201315.623.78.1
87Baltimore Colts196422.630.68.0
88Jacksonville Jaguars201515.623.57.9
89Chicago Bears195816.924.87.9
90Denver Broncos201330.137.97.8
91Los Angeles Rams196720.628.47.8
92New England Patriots199618.426.17.8
92Washington Redskins199919.927.77.8
92Miami Dolphins198424.332.17.8
92Cleveland Browns200110.117.87.8
96New York Yankees194719.327.07.7
97Tampa Bay Buccaneers19787.415.17.7
98Tampa Bay Buccaneers200713.220.97.7
99Cleveland Browns196022.530.27.7
100Dallas Cowboys197121.429.07.6

The Rams can set another record by ranking 4th or higher in points scored. Right now, the biggest increase in a team’s rank in points scored is 27 slots, when the 2010 Panthers jumped from 32nd to 5th after drafting Cam Newton. The table below shows all instances when a team jumped at least 16 slots in the points scored rankings.

TeamYearPrev Yr PPGPrev Yr RkCurrent Yr PPGCurrent Yr RkPPG IncreaseRank Increase
Carolina Panthers201112.33225.4513.127
Kansas City Chiefs201313.23226.9613.726
New Orleans Saints200614.73125.8511.126
Dallas Cowboys201617.23126.359.126
Oakland Raiders201012.33125.6613.325
Philadelphia Eagles201317.52927.6410.125
Cincinnati Bengals198115.32726.3311.124
Chicago Bears200616.32626.7210.424
St. Louis Rams199917.82432.9115.123
Los Angeles Raiders198217.12528.9211.823
Denver Broncos201219.32530.1210.823
Buffalo Bills200415.23024.779.523
Arizona Cardinals201519.42430.6211.222
Cleveland Browns200714.93025.1810.322
Washington Redskins201218.02627.349.322
Buffalo Bills199815.92925.079.122
Baltimore Colts197513.62328.2214.621
Seattle Seahawks198314.12725.2611.121
New York Jets197215.12326.2211.121
St. Louis Cardinals198713.62824.1710.521
St. Louis Rams200319.82327.928.221
New England Patriots199618.42326.127.821
Tampa Bay Buccaneers200016.92724.367.421
Atlanta Falcons201621.22133.8112.620
Carolina Panthers200816.72625.979.219
Cincinnati Bengals198819.02028.019.019
New York Jets197813.62222.438.819
Atlanta Falcons200816.22924.4108.319
New York Giants200518.92226.437.419
Denver Broncos199316.42223.336.919
Dallas Cowboys199115.32621.476.119
New England Patriots200117.32523.265.919
New Orleans Saints200016.32922.1105.919
Kansas City Chiefs199718.62423.454.919
Philadelphia Eagles197310.42622.1811.818
Carolina Panthers201521.21931.3110.118
Green Bay Packers200718.82227.248.418
Jacksonville Jaguars201515.63223.5147.918
Green Bay Packers198915.02622.687.618
Washington Redskins200515.03122.4137.418
Atlanta Falcons200218.22325.156.918
Cleveland Browns198617.92324.456.518
Carolina Panthers199618.12522.974.918
New Orleans Saints198718.01928.1210.117
Chicago Bears200113.52821.1117.617
Detroit Lions198013.72820.9117.217
New York Jets201517.72824.2116.517
Jacksonville Jaguars200516.32922.6126.317
Houston Texans201417.33123.3146.017
San Diego Chargers201620.02625.695.617
Baltimore Ravens201420.02525.685.617
Houston Oilers197715.92221.455.517
Detroit Lions199718.92123.744.817
Denver Broncos200019.61830.3210.716
New York Jets200816.82525.398.616
St. Louis Cardinals198315.02523.498.416
Chicago Bears199516.92424.587.616
Buffalo Bills200216.62723.7117.116
Indianapolis Colts199919.41926.437.116
Houston Texans200716.72823.7127.016
Minnesota Vikings200218.12424.486.316
San Francisco 49ers200018.42224.365.816
Washington Redskins201518.82624.3105.416
Indianapolis Colts201620.82425.784.916

What stands out to you?

  • kevin trammo

    Not surprising to see Randy Moss as part of 2 different teams in the top 16 on that list.

  • mrh


  • The Rams ranked 32nd in points scored in 2016 and finished 2017 1st in points scored.

    That, of course, has never happened before. That’s an increase of +31 spots in the rankings, the most theoretically possible.

    Also of note: the last three seasons, the team that led the NFL in points scored ranked outside of the top 16 in points scored the prior year.