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That’s pretty darn impressive. Going back to December of his rookie season in 2011, Julio Jones has gained 5,703 yards in his last 57 games. That’s not a record, but he is just the fourth player since 1960 to do that. You can probably guess who the first four were: in fact, I think most of you would be able to name the top 3 if you take a minute and think about it. So take that minute.




One player, of course, is Jerry Rice, who from 1992 to 1996, recorded 5,705 receiving yards in one 57-game stretch.

A second, as regular readers of this blog know, is Lance Alworth, who basically had scorched earth run throughout the mid-’60s. There were 24 stretches where Alworth had at least 5,700 yards in his trailing 57 games; the best one came beginning at the start of the 1964 season and ending in the middle of 1968. During that time, the Chargers great had 6,101 yards in those 57 games!

And finally, we get to Calvin Johnson, the star of yesterday’s post. Megatron has 34 such 57-game streaks, but his best way ended with his first game of the 2014 season (his second-best stretch ended with the final game of the 2014 season). From the middle of 2010 through the first week of ’14, Johnson gained 6,130 receiving yards.

Does Jones have a chance to break that? During the first 11 games of his streak, he gained 837 receiving yards. So he would need 1,264 yards over his next 11 games to tie Megatron. That’s an average of 114.9 receiving yards per game. Normally I would say that’s very unlikely, but Jones did average 116.9 over 16 games last year, so it’s certailny not out of the question.

  • Clint

    I love how Alworth had a 1 rec 2yd game in the middle of his streak. That 1 catch was a td too AND they won.

  • Jones was also the first non-RB to lead the NFL in total yards from scrimmage since Billy Howton did so in 1952. (Though some ends led the AFL in YFS in the 60’s.)

  • wiesengrund

    I think its also worth keeping in mind that Jones is currently shattering the recYards/game records, a look at what he would need to do to beat Megatron there can be found here:


  • In Jones’ last 76 games — including playoffs — he has 7,664 receiving yards, or 100.8 per game. At this rate, he may exceed 100 yards per game for his entire career at some point in 2017.

    • For his career, Jones has played 84 games including the playoffs, and totaled 8,162 receiving yards. So with 338 receiving yards in the Super Bowl, Jones will be at 100 yards per game for his entire career.

      More realistically, if Jones can gain 114 yards in the Super Bowl, and then average 114 yards per game in 2017, he will be at 10,100 receiving yards for his career, over 101 career games (including playoffs).

  • Over his last 87 games — including playoffs — Jones has 8,722 receiving yards, or 100.3 receiving yards per game. He’s had a down 2017 for him (which means under 100 yards per game, even after today’s 253-yard game outburst) but he’s still over the century mark in his trailing 87 games, beginning December 11th of his rookie season.