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Josh Gordon sets two-game receiving record

Cleveland’s Josh Gordon caught 14 passes for 237 yards and a touchdown against the Steelers last week. Against the Jaguars this afternoon, Gordon caught 10 passes for 261 yards and two scores. In the process, he became the first player to ever record back-to-back 200+ yard receiving games, and set an NFL record with 498 receiving yards in two games.

The table below shows the 53 players to record 350 receiving yards in back-to-back games from 1960 to 2012. Until this year, Houston’s Andre Johnson had the modern record for receiving yards in consecutive games, set just last season. Then Calvin Johnson had 484 yards in two straight games, setting a record that stood for all of five weeks.

PlayerTeamyear_idrec ydsrecrectdGame 1 BoxGame 2 Box
Andre JohnsonHOU2012461231BoxscoreBoxscore
Calvin JohnsonDET2011455233BoxscoreBoxscore
Chad JohnsonCIN2006450175BoxscoreBoxscore
John TaylorSFO1989448163BoxscoreBoxscore
Jerry RiceSFO1995442263BoxscoreBoxscore
Miles AustinDAL2009421164BoxscoreBoxscore
Flipper AndersonRAM1989413191BoxscoreBoxscore
Terrell OwensSFO2000412262BoxscoreBoxscore
Jerry RiceSFO1995410203BoxscoreBoxscore
Stephone PaigeKAN1986402132BoxscoreBoxscore
Frank ClarkeDAL1962400145BoxscoreBoxscore
Sonny RandleSTL1962400193BoxscoreBoxscore
Don MaynardNYJ1968394162BoxscoreBoxscore
Drew BennettTEN2004393255BoxscoreBoxscore
Lance AlworthSDG1963390182BoxscoreBoxscore
Andre JohnsonHOU2009389202BoxscoreBoxscore
Eric MouldsBUF1999387191BoxscoreBoxscore
Wes ChandlerSDG1982385175BoxscoreBoxscore
Flipper AndersonRAM1989384171BoxscoreBoxscore
Art PowellOAK1964382175BoxscoreBoxscore
Raymond BerryBAL1960381154BoxscoreBoxscore
Charley HenniganHOU1961381171BoxscoreBoxscore
Charley HenniganHOU1961380172BoxscoreBoxscore
Wes ChandlerSDG1982378144BoxscoreBoxscore
Jerry RiceSFO1989378172BoxscoreBoxscore
Wes WelkerNWE2011375253BoxscoreBoxscore
Torry HoltSTL2003374182BoxscoreBoxscore
Qadry IsmailBAL1999373134BoxscoreBoxscore
Eric MouldsBUF1998373143BoxscoreBoxscore
Glenn BassBUF1964372142BoxscoreBoxscore
Isaac BruceSTL1995372184BoxscoreBoxscore
Qadry IsmailBAL1999371113BoxscoreBoxscore
Fred BiletnikoffOAK1968370144BoxscoreBoxscore
Webster SlaughterCLE1989370123BoxscoreBoxscore
James LoftonGNB1984368163BoxscoreBoxscore
Lance RentzelDAL1967368183BoxscoreBoxscore
Isaac BruceSTL1995364192BoxscoreBoxscore
Gary ClarkWAS1986364172BoxscoreBoxscore
James LoftonGNB1984364162BoxscoreBoxscore
Jerry RiceSFO1986360163BoxscoreBoxscore
Chris ChambersMIA2005359233BoxscoreBoxscore
Henry EllardWAS1994359162BoxscoreBoxscore
Del ShofnerNYG1962359171BoxscoreBoxscore
Stephone PaigeKAN1985358113BoxscoreBoxscore
Drew BennettTEN2004357156BoxscoreBoxscore
Charlie JoinerSDG1981357130BoxscoreBoxscore
Lance AlworthSDG1967355152BoxscoreBoxscore
Roy GreenSTL1984355142BoxscoreBoxscore
Pete RetzlaffPHI1965355143BoxscoreBoxscore
Lance AlworthSDG196435393BoxscoreBoxscore
Bill GromanHOU1960353123BoxscoreBoxscore
Jimmy SmithJAX1999352192BoxscoreBoxscore
Calvin JohnsonDET2012350172BoxscoreBoxscore
  • I find it amusing that the top three are three different guys with the same last name.

    • Kibbles

      Admit it, you just think it’s funny that their name is “Johnson”.

      • Funnily enough, I first typed, “I find it amusing that the top three are named Johnson” and then realized that’s what it would sound like.

        • Ben Stuplisberger

          Three Johnsons, but only one Berry.

    • Even better than that – if you add Calvin Johnson’s game from earlier this year, you have Gordon at #1 and then 4 straight Johnsons.

  • Mike

    Calvin Johnson had 484 yards in two games earlier this season, 155 in Week 7 and 329 in Week 8. So he had the record before today.

    • Chase Stuart


  • Tim Truemper

    Not one receiver performance from the 1970’s- the so-called “dead ball era” (at least up to 1977-78 with the passing rule changes).

  • Archer

    It’s pre-1960, but it there any way to know the receiving yardage of Jim Benton and Cloyce Box in the adjacent games to their 300+ rec yds outings?

    One thing is for sure: the great Don Hutson was the first to make this list, posting 358 (-18-4) in two weeks way back in 1942!
    The latter was the NFL first 200 rec yd game, setting marks for both yards and receptions (13-209-2). Just two weeks later, he had another one.

    P.S. the most amusing fact about Gordon’s record is that until two weeks ago the Browns were the only NFL team that never had a 200 yard receiver (Ozzie Newsome held the team record with 191).

    • Chase Stuart

      Good stuff, Archer. I suppose you could search the Google newspaper archive to perhaps piece together the strings for Benton and Box. Good info, and thanks for the comment.

  • Archer

    Surprising no-one, including yourself, noted that technically Gordon isn’t the first to have back-to-back 200+ rec yd games; Megatron’s 2011 entry is 244 (season finale) + 211 (WC), but unfairly he doesn’t get the credit as postseason is officially considered to be a different set of marks.

    It’s not exactly clear what I missed checking it earlier, but Benton had 100+ in both games before and after his NFL record 303 yards rec (that stood for 40 years; and he then added 9-125-1 in the title game for good measure), so he has 14-431-3 and 18-422-2, making him the only receiver to appear twice in the top 10 until CJ this year.
    That was in 1945, in a team that once (barely) cleared 300 yards passing and only four times went over 200. Mind-boggling.

    Box in 1950, together with his previous game, had 16-425-7!
    They seem to be the only ones to eclipse 400 until Paige did it in the 1986 opener.

    Benton’s 3 game stretch was 550, which perhaps trails only Rice’s 563 from 1995 and Calvin Johnson’s 566 from 2011/2 and then 591 from two weeks ago.
    Extending to 4 consecutive games, no-one touches Megatron with 769 (three of them 200+) in 2011/2 and again 746 culminating two weeks ago.

    • Archer

      Another 1950 entry, courtesy of the highest scoring (PPG) offense of all time [well, at least for now]: Tom Fears 25-387-5. The first of those set a single game reception record (18) that stood for 50 years.
      In the championship game Fears was 9-136 and in the 1951 season opener (Van Brocklin’s 554 yard game) he was 7-162, so that’s 523 for 3 games and 685 for 4.

      Which brings us back to Gordon, which of course already set the 3 consecutive games mark last week at 623, only to better it again today to 649 and set a new 4 game mark at 774 (125, 237, 261, 151 for those keeping score).
      Cleveland being Cleveland, they found a way to lose all of these despite his efforts; today they really had to do something special for that…

  • Anon

    Two 200 yard games back to back? That would be impressive if Calvin Johnson didn’t do it against Green Bay and New Orleans in 2011