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Still the king

Still the king.

Yesterday, I looked at the career leaders in 4th quarter (and overtime) game-winning touchdowns from scrimmage. Today I will do the same thing for passing touchdowns.

As a reminder: tracking things like game-winning touchdowns is only interesting in a trivial sort way. I looked at all games, regular and postseason, in all leagues, from 1940 to 2012, and counted all touchdowns scored that put the player’s team ahead for good (with one exception: I did not count touchdowns scored when down by 7 and the team successfully went for two afterwards). The table below shows all players with at least 4 such game-winning touchdown passes. It won’t do much to settle the Brady/Manning debate.

Johnny Unitas23clt
Dan Marino19mia
Brett Favre18gnb-nyj-min
Fran Tarkenton18min-nyg
Vinny Testaverde17tam-cle-rav-nyj-dal-car
Drew Bledsoe16nwe-buf-dal
Joe Montana16sfo-kan
Dave Krieg15sea-crd
Peyton Manning15clt-den
Terry Bradshaw15pit
Tom Brady15nwe
Y.A. Tittle14bcl-sfo-nyg
Ron Jaworski13phi-kan
Eli Manning13nyg
Warren Moon12oti-min-sea
Drew Brees12sdg-nor
John Elway12den
Neil O'Donnell11pit-cin-oti
Sonny Jurgensen11phi-was
Steve Bartkowski11atl
John Brodie11sfo
Joe Ferguson11buf
Norm Snead10was-phi-min-nyg
Jon Kitna10sea-cin-det
Jay Cutler10den-chi
Matt Hasselbeck10sea-oti
Jim Kelly10buf
Ken Stabler10rai
Randall Cunningham9phi-min-rav
Charley Johnson9crd-oti-den
Mark Brunell9jax-was
Bobby Layne9det-pit
Jake Delhomme9car
Dan Fouts9sdg
Ken O'Brien9nyj
Philip Rivers9sdg
Jeff Blake8cin-nor-rav-crd
Kerry Collins8car-nyg-rai-oti
George Blanda8chi-oti-rai
Trent Green8was-ram-kan
Jay Schroeder8was-rai-crd
Craig Morton8dal-den
Jake Plummer8crd-den
Norm Van Brocklin8ram-phi
Aaron Brooks8nor
Marc Bulger8ram
Charlie Conerly8nyg
Tommy Kramer8min
Joe Namath8nyj
Carson Palmer8cin
Ben Roethlisberger8pit
Brian Sipe8cle
Roger Staubach8dal
Bubby Brister7pit-phi-nyj
Babe Parilli7gnb-nwe-nyj
Kurt Warner7ram-nyg-crd
Boomer Esiason7cin-crd
Elvis Grbac7kan-rav
Daryle Lamonica7buf-rai
Jim Plunkett7nwe-rai
Doug Williams7tam-was
Troy Aikman7dal
Ken Anderson7cin
Len Dawson7kan
Matthew Stafford7det
Joe Theismann7was
Steve Young7sfo
Chris Chandler6tam-crd-oti-atl
Steve DeBerg6den-tam-kan-mia
Trent Dilfer6tam-rav-cle
Don Majkowski6gnb-clt-det
Ed Brown6chi-pit
Lynn Dickey6oti-gnb
Rich Gannon6min-rai
Jeff Garcia6sfo-phi
John Hadl6sdg-gnb
Bobby Hebert6nor-atl
Jack Kemp6sdg-buf
Frank Ryan6ram-cle
Jim Finks6pit
Joe Flacco6rav
Steve Grogan6nwe
Donovan McNabb6phi
Don Meredith6dal
Chris Miller6atl
Tony Romo6dal
Matt Ryan6atl
Mark Sanchez6nyj
Phil Simms6nyg
Marc Wilson6rai
Brad Johnson5min-was-tam
Paul Christman5crd-gnb
Jim Everett5ram-nor
Erik Kramer5atl-det
Steve McNair5oti-rav
Earl Morrall5det-nyg
Richard Todd5nyj-nor
Frank Tripucka5det-den
Sammy Baugh5was
Daunte Culpepper5min
Josh Freeman5tam
David Garrard5jax
Pat Haden5ram
Jim Hart5crd
Stan Humphries5sdg
Byron Leftwich5jax
Neil Lomax5crd
Bart Starr5gnb
Jim Zorn5sea
Bruce Gradkowski4tam-rai-cin
Jim McMahon4chi-phi-min
Mike Tomczak4chi-cle-pit
Jason Campbell4was-rai
A.J. Feeley4phi-mia
Roman Gabriel4ram-phi
Damon Huard4mia-kan
Lamar McHan4crd-gnb
Bill Munson4ram-det
Chad Pennington4nyj-mia
Tobin Rote4gnb-sdg
Mark Rypien4was-cle
Billy Joe Tolliver4sdg-atl
Michael Vick4atl-phi
Tim Couch4cle
Tom Flores4rai
Otto Graham4cle
Bob Griese4mia
Jeff Hostetler4rai
Bert Jones4clt
Bernie Kosar4cle
Greg Landry4det
Andrew Luck4clt
Sid Luckman4chi
Aaron Rodgers4gnb
Alex Smith4sfo
Jack Trudeau4clt
Danny White4dal
  • Tim Truemper

    Roger Staubach tied with Craig Morton with 8. No one wonder there was a QB controversy in Dallas. and Norm Snead has 10. Didn’t see that coming.

  • Phil Blevins

    Vinny with 17 and Zorn with 15 stood out to me. I would like to see the results of % of times a QB was successful in leading a game winning drive. Some QBs have more opportunities than others and I think a relevant stat is how often they actually produce. Could say with the ball with 5:00 or under left what was the success rate of producing the winning score either TD or FG. I would throw out games where a QB gets the ball with only one or two attempts and 80 yds. away needing a TD. Of course, this is quite subjective in what guidelines are placed. If a QB gets two opportunities, which is very possible, that would count as two chances missed or one failed attempt and one successful attempt.