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On Thursday, I looked at the quarterbacks with the most game-winning touchdown passes that came in the fourth quarter or overtime. Yesterday, I did the same for all touchdowns scored, either as a running touchdown, receiving touchdown, or otherwise. Three years ago, I looked at the same concept but for field goals: today, we revisit that post.

At the time, Morten Andersen was the career leader with 35, while Adam Vinatieri was hot on his trails with 30. Well, Vinatieri didn’t have a single game-winning field goal after the third quarter of any game in 2013 or 2014, but he then did it three times in two months last year (against Jacksonville in overtime from 27 yards, a 55-yarder against the Broncos with 6 minutes left, and a 43-yarder in the final minute against Atlanta.

Of his 33 game-winning field goals, 16 have been from 40+ yards away, with five of those being from 50+ yards, while his average game-winning field goal has come from 37.1 yards:

RkKickerGW FGs40+50+Avg Dist
1Morten Andersen3511335.8
2Adam Vinatieri3316537.1
3John Carney2611336.4
4Jason Elam2511236.4
5Matt Bryant2314340.4
6Ryan Longwell224232.6
6Steve Christie224034.3
8Phil Dawson215233.4
8Jason Hanson2111138.9
10Joe Nedney209136.4
10Mark Moseley208136.5
12Gary Anderson187235.8
12Nick Lowery187036.6
14Rian Lindell178337.4
14Matt Stover179239.0
14Jan Stenerud173129.8
14Matt Bahr177034.1
18Kevin Butler166335.3
18Pete Stoyanovich164236.2
18David Akers162133.4
18John Kasay166138.2
18Al Del Greco165134.3
23Olindo Mare156236.0
23Jim Breech152031.2
23Chris Bahr154032.8
26Rob Bironas148340.4
26Sebastian Janikowski145135.3
26Norm Johnson146136.3
26George Blanda145129.8
30Kris Brown138240.4
30Mike Vanderjagt135236.3
30Jay Feely135136.2
30Jim Turner133131.8
30Jeff Reed134035.5
30Todd Peterson133035.2
36Josh Brown127343.0
36Chris Jacke124237.0
36Jeff Jaeger123235.9
36Robbie Gould124037.0
36Billy Cundiff122031.2
36Eddie Murray125035.3
36Jim Bakken120024.8
43Dan Bailey114135.5
43Mike Nugent116138.4
43Uwe von Schamann111029.4
43Don Cockroft110024.9
47Justin Tucker106243.3
47Nick Folk105238.8
47Joe Danelo102131.7
47Shaun Suisham105036.8
47Jeff Wilkins102033.0
47Chip Lohmiller104032.5
47Pat Leahy101032.1
47Ray Wersching102034.2
47Fred Cox100020.9
47Lou Groza101025.2
57Josh Scobee94339.7
57Raul Allegre93338.2
57Stephen Gostkowski94240.8
57Matt Prater94237.8
57Paul Edinger97243.7
57Michael Husted93234.9
57Greg Davis94236.9
57Lawrence Tynes93136.3
57Doug Brien93138.1
57John Hall92135.9
57Dean Biasucci95140.4
57Shayne Graham90031.9
57Fuad Reveiz93034.0
57David Treadwell91029.8
57Bob Thomas90027.1
57Neil O'Donoghue93034.9
57Toni Fritsch91027.2
74Graham Gano84239.6
74Martin Gramatica85242.5
74Dan Carpenter84138.4
74Roger Ruzek84139.3
74Mike Lansford82130.8
74Mike Hollis81031.3
74Cary Blanchard84036.9
74Rich Karlis81028.4
74Rafael Septien83033.9
74Lou Michaels81024.0

As you’ll see tomorrow, the main takeaway here may just be that Vinatieri has been around for a really, really long time. He’s 3rd all-time in career field goal attempts, and certainly could retire as the all-time leader in both that category and points (perhaps as soon as the end of the 2018 season). But he’s still far behind Nick Lowery when it comes to being the greatest field goal kicker of all time.

  • sacramento gold miners

    Greatness and longevity are often connected, and Vinatieri has usually delivered when needed. His long playoff FG against the Raiders in the snow, was one of the signature kicks in NFL history. Nick Lowery had the GW playoff kick against the Steelers, but was 1-3 in the other playoff game where he provided the winning margin. We can’t blame Lowery for not having more postseason chances, but it’s tough for a kicker who played for only one team which reached a conference title game. Like all aspects of sports, there’s some degree of unfairness involved.

  • Wolverine

    Jason Hanson could always be counted on to do his job, even when most of his teammates were generally incompetent at theirs (with a few notable exceptions). Speaking of exceptions, it’s staggering to think about the fact that Hanson shared a locker room with both Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson. Dude played for a really long time.

  • David Morrison

    Is any information available on fourth quarter/overtime game winning field goals missed?

  • Clint

    Phil Dawson is in the top 10 despite playing on Browns teams that averaged 5 wins a year