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Footballguys.com – Why You Should Subscribe

Regular readers know that I’m one of the writers at Footballguys.com. I think regular readers know that I’m not a very good salesman, either. But if you are a hardcore fantasy footballer, you probably already know that Footballguys.com is the single best source for fantasy football information. If you are a more casual fantasy football player, you’ll find that the tools available at Footballguys will make life much, much easier for you to win your league(s). Either way, I think a Footballguys.com subscription is a fantastic value for $29.95. Also fantastic values: the Footballguys Draft Dominator for mobile devices, which costs $4.99.

I don’t make extra money if more people sign up for Footballguys or buy an app, but I hope my readers subscribe because I think a subscription is a really good deal. If you play fantasy football and want to win your competitive league or save hours doing research for your local league, a Footballguys subscription is well worth it. For $29.95, you get:

  • Always up to date and informed projections and rankings, along with 50,000 + pages of Footballguys Insider content.
  • The Footballguys Draft Dominator (the single most valuable tool in all of fantasy football, IMO), along with the Lineup Dominator and Projections Dominator. Even if you don’t sign up for Footballguys, you can play around with Doug Drinen’s ultra-cool Rate My Team application for free.
  • The Footballguys Insiders contest, giving you a chance at over $35,000 in prizes — this is 100% free to subscribers.
  • During the season, My FBG is a fantastic customizable tool that makes roster management incredibly easy. If you’re in multiple fantasy leagues, this is a lifesaver, and can be fully integrated with certain league management systems.
  • I won’t list every reason to sign up, but you can check out the Why Subscribe? link or just play around on the FBG homepage.
  • In addition to everything else, a money-back guarantee. In the 11 years I’ve been at Footballguys, they’ve always offered this feature, and it’s almost never used. There’s a reason for that.

Anyway, I’m not very good at the salesman thing, so I’ll wrap things up.

  • JeremyDe

    Also, if you are a fantasy football fanatic and like to save a little $$, they also have a 3 year subscription for $64.95.

  • Mike

    It is the best site for fantasy football. I won all four of my leagues last year using Draft Dominator and focusing on their suggested free agents pick ups during the season. Their Strength of Schedule tool is invaluable during the playoffs.

  • sn0mm1s

    Chase – go ahead and delete/edit this if you think it is inappropriate but since you are also working for FO you might want to mention KUBIAK as well. The Draft Dominator tool is awesome (the absolute best around) but I have found I like the KUBIAK fantasy football rankings better.