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Here is graphic video of a famous football player performing an act of cowardly violence against a defenseless victim. The offender did not receive any penalty for his actions. After committing that crime, the assailant showed no remorse at the condition of the victim, who lay prostrate on the ground. Not disciplined for earlier acts of violence, that player struck again, this time paralyzing his defenseless victim. That victim would eventually die far too young, in part as a consequence of that attack.

For this perpetrator, the response was much worse than insufficient punishment or radio silence. Jack Tatum was celebrated for many of his hits, perhaps most notably the one on Sammy White in Super Bowl XI. The Ray Rice punch makes all of us cringe, but the hit on White―and even more so the one on Darryl Stingley ― should also make us cringe.

Tatum’s kind of violence pervaded the NFL until recently. In the last few years, I have become a bigger football fan as the NFL banned the headhunting and it decreased on the field. The fall in cringe-worthy violence has made it easier to focus on everything I love about football. Billy “White Shoes” Johnson returning a punt, Barry Sanders breaking free, Jerry Kramer pulling on a Packer sweep, Jerry Rice floating through defenses, Adam Vinatieri kicking through the snow,1 Johnny Unitas surveying the field, Bill Walsh rubbing his chin, Peyton Manning dropping it in the bucket, Aaron Rodgers flicking an easy-to-catch laser, and the list goes on.

None of that has anything to do with inflicting physical harm on another human being. I don’t think I’m alone among football fans in primarily appreciating the aspects of the game that have nothing to do with violence. Still, since the league outlawed many kinds of hits, fans and players have complained that they were making the game into something like flag football. For all the criticism the league deserves for its slow reaction to concussions and many other situations, it also deserves more credit than it has received for taking serious to change the rules (including kickoff returns) to reduce head injuries. If Adam Silver gets endless praise for doing something that just about everybody wanted to see happen, it seems only fair to at least acknowledge actions that were a good deal less popular and have changed the game.

Since the most egregious on-field incidents are finally diminishing, it doesn’t quite add up to me that fans queasy about on-field violence would suddenly now feel worse about it. But other reasons arising from the recent off-field incidents could make us question our fandom. I see two primary candidates, which I will consider in turn:

  • Violent off-field behavior is getting worse or is at least not improving.
  • The NFL has been far too permissive of intolerable off-field behavior, including domestic violence. By watching football, we fail to appropriately condemn such behavior.

Reason #1 to Question Your Fandom: Off-field violence is getting worse.

Despite crime plummeting around the country, people believe that it is getting worse. Why? We are much more likely to be moved by narratives than by crime statistics. It sure feels like crime in the NFL is getting worse with the recent stories. But they are just a few examples in a league with over 1600 players. To determine the actual trend over time, I looked at the arrest data from USA Today’s NFL Player Arrests database, which has information on 730 player arrests going back to 2000. The data seem to be pretty comprehensive, but my view is that any bias towards not identifying arrests would go towards overestimating recent increases since arrest records have likely gotten more accessible over time.2

Healy violence

The data show an increase in the violent crime rate and domestic violence rate around 2005. That increase might occur due to better reporting in later years so that earlier years should have been higher. The more easily-interpretable trend is the fall in arrest rates that starts in about 2008. I do think it is possible that the problem is underreported. I certainly believe strongly in better criminal justice outcomes for the wealthy, so the roughly five arrests per year for domestic violence could understate the true extent of the problem. Still, the data imply that violent crime in general and domestic violence in particular is lower than it was 6-8 years ago. Particularly for domestic violence, the rate of offense may not be increasing, even if it’s certainly increasing on the national radar. On the other hand, we must always keep in mind that domestic violence crimes are chronically underreported,3 which makes it very difficult to track actual rates over any period of time.

I encourage anyone interested to just check out these data. Based on this information, violent crime4 among NFL players is on the decline.5

09/11/2014MINAdrian PetersonRBIndictedChild abuseGrand jury in Texas indicted Peterson on a charge of injury to a child.Resolution undetermined.
09/04/2014NYJQuincy EnunwaWRArrestedDomestic violenceCharged with simple assault after alleged incident with woman at hotel in Florham Park; N.J.Resolution undetermined.
08/30/2014SFRay McDonaldDEArrestedDomestic violenceSuspected of domestic violence against pregnant fiance; who showed police bruising on her body.Resolution undetermined.
08/23/2014BUFAlan BranchDTArrestedDUIAccused of drunken driving; blood-alcohol content of 0.14; after police say they noticed him vomiting out of car door.Resolution undetermined. Team released him the next day.
08/20/2014PITLe'Veon BellRBArrestedDrugsPulled over and suspected of marijuana possession with teammate LeGarrette Blount in passenger seat.Resolution undetermined.
08/20/2014PITLeGarrette BlountRBDetainedDrugsWas riding in passenger seat when police pulled over car driven by teammate Le'Veon Bell. Suspected of possessing bag with about 20 ounces of marijuana.Resolution undetermined.
08/11/2014WASBashaud BreelandCBCitedDrugsCited for marijuana possession at gas station by police of Virginia Commonwealth University.Resolution undetermined.
07/23/2014JAXJustin BlackmonWRArrestedDrugsPulled over for traffic violation in Oklahoma; accused of marijuana possession.Resolution undetermined.
07/20/2014STLJo-Lonn DunbarLBArrestedBatteryAccused of getting into a fight with NBA free agent Donte Greene outside club in Miami Beach.Resolution undetermined.
07/18/2014PHIKeelan JohnsonSArrestedAssaultAccused of striking police officer; disordery conduct during disturbance at a bar in Tempe; Ariz.Resolution undetermined.
07/12/2014BALJimmy SmithCBArrestedDisorderly conductAccused of refusing to obey police orders during incident at a bar in Maryland. Smith said he was trying to help an intoxicated woman.Resolution undetermined.
07/05/2014CLEJosh GordonWRArrestedDUIAccused of driving while impaired after being pulled over for speeding in Raleigh; N.C.Resolution undertermined.
06/29/2014ARIJohn AbrahamLBArrestedDUIAccused of drunken driving after an officer found him passed out behind the wheel of his car outside Atlanta.Resolution undetermined.
06/20/2014CHICornelius WashingtonDEArrestedLicensePulled over for speeding; accused of driving with a suspended license in Georgia.Paid fines.
06/09/2014KCSean SmithCBArrestedDUIAccused of drunken driving after a police officer said he saw Smith drive his car into a pole in Kansas City.Resolution undetermined.
05/30/2014BUFMarcell DareusDTArrestedReckless drivingAccused of crashing his Jaguar into a tree; drag racing and reckless endangerment in upstate New York.Resolution undetermined.
05/24/2014BALLorenzo TaliaferroRBArrestedPublic intoxicationAccused of destroying a taxi cab window in Virginia; being drunk in public.Resolution undetermined.
05/22/2014DENT.J. WardSWarrantAssaultAccused of throwing a glass at a female bartender after being told he couldn't buy at the strip club.Resolution undetermined.
05/13/2014CARGreg HardyDEArrestedDomestic violencePolice responded to call and reported that a woman accused Hardy of assaulting her and threatening her.Resolution undetermined.
05/05/2014BUFMarcell DareusDTArrestedDrugsPulled over for speeding in Alabama; accused of felony drug possession.Resolution undetermined.
04/27/2014CHIJosh MorganWRWarrantAssaultAccused of simple assault; punching another man outside of a nightclub in Washington; D.C.Resolution undetermined.
04/16/2014JAXTandon DossWRArrestedDisorderly conductAccused of refusing to listen to police orders after two men reported him to police and said Doss was following them in his car.Dropped after prosecutors declined to file charges.
04/13/2014SFAldon SmithLBArrestedDisorderly conductAccused of making a false bomb threat at Los Angeles airport after being selected for secondary screening.Resolution undetermined.
03/31/2014CINOrson CharlesFBArrestedGunAccused of brandishing gun in car in apparent road rage incident.Resolution undetermined.
03/29/2014STLGreg ReidCBArrestedProbation violationAccused of undiclosed probation violation stemming from 2012 arrest after the car he was riding in was pulled over in Georgia for seatbelt violation.Resolution undetermined.
03/28/2014SFChris CulliverCBArrestedReckless driving; weaponAccused of hitting a bicyclist with his vehicle; felony hit-and-run and possession of brass knuckles in San Jose. He allegedly threatened witness with brass knuckles.Resolution undetermined.
03/21/2014TENAdewele OjomoDEArrestedSolicitationAccused of soliciting a prostitute in Miami for $100; busted by undercover cop.Resolution undetermined.
03/09/2014BALJah ReidOLArrestedBatteryAcccused of getting into a fight at an adult entertainment establishment in Key West; Fla.Resolution undetermined.
02/21/2014BALDeonte ThompsonWRArrestedDrugsAccused of marijuana possession after Chevrolet SUV he was riding in was pulled over for driving without its headlights on.Resolution undetermined.
02/20/2014WASFred DavisTEArrestedDUIAccused of drunk driving in Tysons Corner; VA.; after passerby called police to report a man apparently asleep in his Rolls-Royce.Resolution undetermined.
02/18/2014ATLRoddy WhiteWRArrestedFailure to AppearPulled over for speeding in Georgia; accused of failing to appear on illegal window tint charge from a year earlier.Resolution undetermined.
02/15/2014BALRay RiceRBArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of striking his wife at Atlantic City casino; rendering her unconscious. She also is accused of hitting him.Resolution undetermined.
01/26/2014SFDaniel KilgoreOGArrestedPublic intoxicationAccused of being drunk in public in Kingsport; Tenn.Resolution undetermined.
01/17/2014CLEDavone BessWRArrestedAssaultAccused of assaulting a law officer and disorderly conduct after bizzare behavior at airport in Fort Lauderdale; Fla.Resolution undetermined.
01/14/2014TBAkeem SpenceDTArrestedDrugsPulled over for speeding in Alabama; accused of marijuana possession after police dog searched car.Resolution undetermined.
01/12/2014SEASpencer WareRBArrestedDUIPulled over by Washington State Patrol; suspected of drunken driving in Seattle.Resolution undetermined.
01/09/2014TBMichael HillRBArrestedResisting ArrestAccused of refusing to obey a lawful officer; disorderly conduct stemming from fight at bar in St. Joseph; MO.Resolution undetermined.
01/01/2014MINErin HendersonLBArrestedDUI; drugsAccused of drunken driving for second time since November after allegedly crashing into trees in parking lot. Also accused of marijuana possession.Resolution undetermined.
12/30/2013NYJKellen Winslow Jr.TEChargedDrugsAccused of possession of synthetic marijuana after police responded to a complaint of him in a parked car outside a Target store in New Jersey on Nov. 19.Resolution undetermined.
12/29/2013SDThomas KeiserLBArrestedAssaultAccused of getting into a fight with another man outside a bar in downtown San Diego after chargers' game.Resolution undetermined.
12/22/2013CHIHenry MeltonDTArrestedAssault; alcoholAccused of public intoxication and attacking an employee at a bar in Grapevine; Texas.Resolution undetermined.
12/20/2013NYGWill HillSArrestedChild supportArrested in New Jersey on warrant related to lack of child-support payments.Resolution undetermined.
11/25/2013MINA.J. JeffersonCBArrestedDomestic ViolenceTaken to jail by Eden Prairie police on probable cause of domestic assault.Resolution undetermined. Cut by team hours later.
11/19/2013MINErin HendersonLBArrestedDUIFailed breath test during traffic stop; suspected of drunk driving with blood-alcohol measured at .11. He said police didn't have grounds to stop his car.Resolution undetermined.
11/10/2013KCDwayne BoweWRArrestedDrugsPulled over for going 48 mph in a 35-mph zone; accused of marijuana possession after police smelled odor and searched car.Resolution undetermined.
11/09/2013MINJerome SimpsonWRArrestedDUIAccused of drunk driving after police responded to a report of a stalled vehicle. He failed sobriety tests.Resolution undetermined.
11/01/2013ARILequan JeffersonTEArrestedDUIPolice in Arizona stopped him after report of a collision. Blood-alcohol measured at .156.Resolutoin undetermined. Released by team within days.
10/09/2013SFAldon SmithLBChargedGunCase stems from house party in June 2012; in which Smith was stabbed. Three felony counts of illegal possession of an assault weapon.Resolution undetermined.
09/23/2013CINAdam JonesCBArrestedDisorderly conductHe was the passenger in a car pulled over for speeding and was cited for disorderly conduct. The driver was charged with drunk driving.Resolution undetermined.
09/20/2013SFAldon SmithLBArrestedDUI; drugsAccused of drunk driving and marijuana possession after crashing his pickup truck in San Jose; Calif.Resolution undetermined.
09/05/2013DENVon MillerLBCitedLicensePulled over for speeding in Arapahoe County; Colo.; accused of driving with a suspended license. Second traffic issue in six weeks.Resolution undetermined.
09/02/2013INDJohn BoyettSArrestedPublic intoxicationAccused of getting into an altercation with police; public intoxication and not departing a bar in Indianapolis when asked.Resolution undetermined. Team cut him the next day.
08/28/2013DENJulius ThomasTEArrestedFailure to appearPulled over for speeding; charged with failing to appear in court for previous traffic ticket from Jan. 25; 2013.Resolution Undetermined.
08/17/2013BUFNigel BradhamLBChargedDrugsPulled over for window-tint violation; charged with marijuana possession.Resolution undetermined.
08/11/2013DENVon MillerLBArrestedOutstanding warrantArrested near Denver on warrant for failure to appear in court on previous traffic charges; including careless driving and driving without a license.Resolution undetermined.
07/30/2013NYJJoe McKnightRBArrestedOutstanding warrantPulled over for speeding; he was accused of having outstanding warrants for previous unpaid traffic fines.Resolution undetermined.
07/12/2013TBEric WrightCBArrestedDUIArrested in Los Angeles on suspicion of drunk driving. Previous DUI arrest on 7/2/12.Resolution undetermined. Wright traded to San Francisco a week later.
07/11/2013NEAlfonzo DennardCBArrestedDUIPulled over around 2 a.m. in Lincoln; Neb.; arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.Resolution undetermined.
07/06/2013NYGDan ConnorLBArrestedWeaponAccused of having a switchblade in his luggage at Philadelphia airport. Charged with possession of offensive weapon.Resolution undetermined.
06/29/2013INDJoe LefegedSArrestedGunAccused of fleeing police and multiple gun charges in Washington; D.C.; including carrying unlicensed gun.Resolution undetermined.
06/26/2013NEAaron HernandezTEArrestedMurder; gunCharged with first-degree murder in death of friend Odin Lloyd; five gun charges.Indicted and in jail without bail. Released by team.
06/25/2013CLEAusar WalcottLBArrestedAttempted murderTurned himself in after allegedly punching man in head outside night club.Pleaded not guilty; case pending. Released by team.
06/12/2013PHIJason PetersOTArrestedResisting arrestAccused of drag racing and resisting arrest in Monroe; La.Pleaded guilty to lesser charges; including resisting officer by flight. Fined $656.50.
06/10/2013CINAdam JonesCBArrestedAssaultAccused of punching a woman outside a Cincinnati bar on June 5. It is his eighth run-in with the law since 2005.Resolution undetermined.
05/31/2013CHIEvan RodriguezFBArrestedDUIArrested for drunken driving after getting pulled over at 3:30 a.m.Resolution undetermined. Released by team month after arrest.
05/30/2013TBCody GrimmSArrestedPublic intoxicationArrested in Virginia; where he was attending a wedding. Second arrest on same charge since March.Resolution undetermined.
05/29/2013NOJoe MorganWRArrestedDUIArrested on drunken driving charge after being found asleep behind wheel on expressway in LouisianaResolution undetermined.
05/19/2013DENQuentin SaulsberryCArrestedDUIPulled over after 2 a.m.; accused of drunken driving and lane violation in Arapahoe County; Colo.Resolution undetermined.
05/17/2013NYJMike GoodsonRBArrestedDrugs; gunAccused of marijuana possession and having an illegal gun with hollow-point bullets.Resolution undetermined.
05/03/2013CLEArmonty BryantDEArrestedDUIAccused of drunk driving in Ada; Okla. Blood-alcohol content of .098.Resolution undetermined.
05/03/2013ARIDaryl WashingtonLBArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of assaulting ex-girlfriend; grabbing her by throat and shoving her to the ground.Resolution undetermined.
04/29/2013NYJClaude DavisDEArrestedDrugsCharged with marijuana possession after police saw occupied vehicle filled with smoke.Resolution undetermined. Released by team day after arrest.
04/29/2013NYJCliff HarrisCBArrestedDrugsCharged with marijuana possession after police saw occupied vehicle filled with smoke.Resolution undetermined. Released by team.
04/21/2013BALRolando McClainLBArrestedDisorderly conductAccused of resisting arrest at park in Decatur; Ala.; after police responded to report of disturbanceResolution undetermined. Retired month after arrest at age 23.
04/20/2013DETRonnell LewisLBArrestedPublic intoxicationCharged with three misdemeanors; including disturbing the peace outside bar in Norman; Okla.Pleaded no contest to two misdemeanors; six-month deferred sentence; $400 in fines and costs.
04/18/2013ATLWilliam MooreSArrestedBatteryAccused of grabbing woman by shoulder in dispute; charged with simple battery.Resolution undetermined.
04/17/2013CLEQuentin GrovesLBArrestedSolicitationAccused of responding to sex-for-hire advertisement in prostitution sting.Pleaded no contest; apologized; paid $365.
03/26/2013DETAmari SpieveySArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of third-degree assault; risk of injury to a child and disorderly conduct in dispute with girlfriend about child support.Resolution undetermined.
03/22/2013STLTrumaine JohnsonCBArrestedDUIAccused of misdmeanor drunken-driving in Missoula; Montana.Resolution undetermined.
03/21/2013CHIEvan RodriguezFBArrestedResisting arrestAccused of disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest after traffic stop in Miami.Charges dropped.
03/10/2013TBCody GrimmSArrestedPublic intoxicationAccused of public intoxication in Christianburg; Va.Deferred disposition.
03/09/2013DENQuinton CarterSArrestedFraudAccused of felony cheating at craps in North Las Vegas casino. He allegedly placed $5 chips on table after dice rolled.Charges dropped.
03/07/2013ARIJavarris JamesRBArrestedFailure to appearAccused of failing to appear in court to face previous marijuana possession charge.Resolution undetermined.
02/24/2013OAKDesmond BryantDTArrestedCriminal mischiefAccused of misdemeanor mischief in Miami. Related lawsuit says he tried to break down door of house.Resolution undetermined.
02/24/2013CHIJ'Marcus WebbOTArrestedDrugsCharged with possession of a controlled substance; marijuana and paraphernalia in Pulaski County; Ill.Charges dropped.
02/23/2013TENBrandon BardenTEArrestedDUICharged with drunken driving after single-car accident in Georgia. Car left road and flipped.Charge dropped.
02/20/2013SFAl NetterOGArrestedDUICharged with drunken driving in San Jose; Calif.Resolution undetermined.
02/18/2013TBDa'Quan BowersDEArrestedGunArrested at LaGuardia airport after allegedly packing gun into his carry-on bag.Pleaded guilty to reduced charge of disorderly conduct; fined $370.
02/04/2013INDMoise FokouLBArrestedDUICharged with drunk driving for arrest in January in Washington D.C.Resolution undetermined.
01/29/2013SEALeroy HillLBArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of third-degree assault and unlawful imprisonment in dispute with girlfriend.Resolution undetermined.
01/22/2013DALJay RatliffDTArrestedDUIAccused of drunken driving after crashing his Ford pickup truck into an 18-wheeler.Resolution undetermined.
01/17/2013CINAndre SmithOTArrestedGunAccused of bringing loaded .38 pistol in carry-on bag at the Atlanta airport.Resolution undetermined.
01/10/2013PITChris RaineyRBArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of slapping girlfriend in face in dispute over cell phone.Resolution undetermined.
01/08/2013OAKRolando McClainLBArrestedFalse namePulled over for window-tint violation in Alabama; accused of giving false name to police.Pleaded guilty to window-tint charge. Other charge dropped.
01/04/2013CINRobert SandsSArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of assaulting his wife at their home in Florence; Ky. Wife treated at hospital for minor injuries.Resolution undetermined.
12/08/2012DALJosh BrentDTArrestedDUICharged with intoxication manslaughter after flipping his car; killing teammate Jerry Brown. Police report blood-alcohol content at .189.Indicted on intoxication manslaughter. Retired from football. Free on bond; pending trial.
12/01/2012KCJovan BelcherLBDiedMurder; gunFatally shot his girlfriend 10 times; then drove to team facility and fatally shot himself in head.Suspect dead
11/30/2012SFDemarcus DobbsTEArrestedDUISuspected of drunk driving and marijuana possession at 3:45 a.m. after crashing car on 25th birthday.Resolution undetermined.
11/26/2012MIAJonathan AmayaSArrestedBatteryAccused of choking cab driver outside club in Miami Beach at 4:30 a.m.Resolution undetermined.
10/31/2012NYJBryan ThomasLBArrestedDomestic violenceCharged with assault on wife at their New Jersey home. He allegedly punched her in stomach.Probation; pretrial intervention program.
10/30/2012TBAhmad BlackCBCitedDrugsAccused of having less than 20 grams of marijuana after being pulled over at 1:56 a.m.Resolution undetermined.
10/14/2012PITAlameda Ta'amuDTArrestedDUIAccused of resisting arrest; eluding police and drunk driving after hitting several parked carsResolution undetermined.
09/24/2012ATLJohn AbrahamDEArrestedObstructionAccused of obstructing police and firefighters who responded to a call about a woman threatening to jump from a building.Resolution undetermined.
09/18/2012ATLMichael TurnerRBArrestedDUICharged with drunk driving just hours after scoring a touchdown in a win against Denver on Monday night.Resolution undetermined.
08/25/2012SEAJohn MoffittOGArrestedDisorderly conductBanned from mall in Bellevue; Wash.; in January 2012; he later was accused of trespassing there; obstrucing police and public urination.Pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct; $1;407 fine; two-year suspended jail sentence.
08/11/2012MIAChad JohnsonWRArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of head-butting the wife he married a month earlier.Pleaded no contest to misdemeanor domestic violence; probation. Cut by team.
07/21/2012DETAaron BerryCBArrestedAssault; gunCharged with simple assault during incident in which he brandished a gun.Released by team same week.
07/20/2012TENKenny BrittWRArrestedDUICharged with drunken driving after trying to pass through security gate at Fort Campbell Army post in Kentucky.Found not guilty of DUI; guilty of refusing Breathalyzer test.
07/19/2012KCDonald WashingtonCBArrestedDUI; drugsStopped for speeding by Illinois state police; who detected an odor of marijuana. Charged with DUI drugs.Resolution undetermined.
07/16/2012DALDez BryantWRArrestedDomestic violenceTurned himself in after being accused by his mother of hitting her.Resolution undetermined.
07/14/2012DENElvis DumervilDEArrestedAssault; gunAccused of aggravated assault with a firearm in Miami after allegedly lifting his shirt to show a gun to a motorist.Charge dropped.
07/14/2012SEAMarshawn LynchRBArrestedDUIPulled over in Oakland; Calif.; and taken to Santa Rita Jail on DUI charge.Resolution undetermined.
07/13/2012JACOdrick RayDEArrestedTraffic warrantsPulled over in Tulsa; Okla.; for speeding and arrested for having outstanding traffic warrrants.Resolution undetermined.
07/10/2012STLRobert QuinnDEArrestedDUICharged with driving while intoxicated and two other traffic charges.Resolution undetermined.
07/08/2012PHIDion LewisRBArrestedReckless endangermentCharged with falsely reporting a fire and reckless endangerment. Police said he and his brother tried to knock down door at hotel.Charges dismissed.
07/07/2012MINAdrian PetersonRBArrestedResisting arrestArrested in downtown Houston on charge of resisting arrest at nightclub after he "assumed an aggressive stance."Charge dismissed.
07/07/2012STLIsaiah PeadRBArrestedDrugsCharged with marijuana possession in McKinney; Texas.Resolution undetermined. Suspended by league.
07/02/2012TBEric WrightCBArrestedDUICharged with felony drunk driving in Los Angeles after being involved in an accident that caused an injury.District attorney declined to prosecute.
07/01/2012CLEKiante TrippDTArrestedBurglary; gunArrested in Georgia on suspicion of felony burglary after allegedly having gun and threatening people in an apartment.Resolution undetermined.
06/23/2012DETAaron BerryCBArrestedDUIArrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Harrisburg; Pa.; after slamming into parked cars.Diversion program.
06/10/2012NYGDavid DiehlOTArrestedDUIArrested on DUI charge in Queens; N.Y. after hitting parked cars. Blood-alcohol content of .18.Pleaded guilty to aggravated DUI; license restrictions; $1;200 in restitution.
06/03/2012JACJustin BlackmonWRArrestedDUIArrested in Stillwater; Okla.;on DUI charge after traffic stop. Blood-alcohol three times the limit.Pleaded guilty; $500 fine; deferred sentence of one year.
06/02/2012MINJerome FeltonFBArrestedDUIArrested on DUI charge in drive-thru lane at McDonald's.Resolution undetermined.
05/27/2012DETNick FairleyDTArrestedDUIArrested on DUI charge and eluding police in Mobile; Ala.; after being pulled over for going 100 mph.Pleaded guilty in apparent plea deal that later came under question by judge.
04/28/2012MINCaleb KingRBArrestedAssaultAccused of third-degree assault in incident that put another man in the hospital with a skull fracture.Resolution undetermined. Released from team after the weekend.
04/26/2012WASBrandon MeriweatherSArrestedDUIPulled over for speeding; charged with drunken driving after failing sobriety test in Arlington County; Virginia.Pleaded no contest; $300 fine; 180-day suspended jail sentence.
04/07/2012OAKDarrius Heyward-BeyWRArrestedDUIPulled over on Bay Bridge in California; charged with DUI.Pleaded no contest; three years' probation; DUI classes.
04/03/2012DETNick FairleyDTArrestedDrugsPulled over in Mobile; Ala.; charged with marijuana possession after police found marijuna cigarettes.Charge dropped after he passed drug test.
03/30/2012MIAKoa MisiLBArrestedBatteryPolice said he punched a man in the eye in California in 2011.Pleaded no contest to misdemeanor; three years' probation.
03/17/2012Free agentSamson SateleCArrestedDisorderly conductArrested at a shopping complext in Hawaii. He later signed with Indianapolis.Resolution undetermined.
03/12/2012DETMikel LeshoureRBArrestedDrugsCharged with marijuana possession after traffic stop in Michigan; his second in a month.Pleaded guilty; $575 fine
02/26/2012SEAJarriel KingOTArrestedSexCharged with having forcible sex with woman in South Carolina who said she was intoxicated.Resolution undetermined. Released by team after it learned of the arrest.
02/25/2012SEALeroy KingLBArrestedDrugsAccused of marijuana possession in Atlanta and report of strong odor coming from apartment.Charge dropped.
02/23/2012JACNate CollinsDTArrestedDrugsAccused of marijuana possession after traffic stop in Warrenton; Va. Police pulled him over because of his tinted windows.Resolution undetermined.
02/18/2012DETMikel LeshoureRBArrestedDrugsPulled over for speeding; charged with marijuana possession in Benton Township; Mich.Pleaded guilty to marijuana use; $485 fine.
02/13/2012CHIJ.T. ThomasLBArrestedDrugsPulled over for going wrong way on one-way street. Police say they found marijuana.Resolution undetermined.
02/08/2012SFRay McDonaldDEArrestedOutstanding warrantPulled over in Sunnyvale; Calif.; arrested on outstanding warrant from drunken driving case in 2010.Resolution undetermined.
02/05/2012CINRey MaualugaLBArrestedAssaultCharged with misdemeanor assault after bar employee said Maualuga hit him in the face.Charged dropped after private mediation.
02/01/2012DENKnowshon MorenoRBArrestedDUICharged with drunken driving after being pulled over for speeding. License plate reportedly was "SAUCED."Resolution undetermined.
01/27/2012SFAldon SmithLBArrestedDUIAccused of drunken driving in Miami Beach.Resolution undetermined.
01/23/2012DETJohnny CulbreathOTArrestedDrugsAccused of marijuana possession at Comfort Inn in South Carolina.Convicted; paid $412 fine.
01/19/2012CINJerome SimpsonWRIndictedDrugsAccused of marijuana trafficking after 2.5 pounds of it were delivered to his home the previous September.Resolution undetermined.
12/30/2011MINBenny SappCBArrestedAssaultAccused of fifth-degree assault and careless driving after dispute with security guard who tried to detain him at hospital.Resolution undetermined.
12/14/2011CHISam HurdWRArrestedDrugsAccused of accepting a kilogram of cocaine from undercover officer and trying to set up drug distribution network.Pleaded guilty to conspiracy to possess drugs with intent to distribute. Awaiting sentence.
11/30/2011OAKRolando McClainLBArrestedAssault; gunAccused of discharging a gun within city limits of Decatur; Ala.; and putting a gun next to a man's head in fight.Resolution undetermined.
11/25/2011GBErik WaldenLBArrestedDomestic violenceJailed after complaint of felony assault against live-in girlfriend.Resolution undetermined.
11/02/2011CARLawrence WilsonLBArrestedDrugsPulled over for speeding; accused of having 11 grams of marijuana.Resolution undetermined.
11/01/2011NEJulian EdelmanWRArrestedAssaultAccused of touching a woman inappropriately at a nightclub on Halloween night.Charges dropped.
10/22/2011MINChris CookCBArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of domestic assault after neighbor called 911 to report argument.Acquitted.
10/14/2011DENRyan McBeanDTArrestedStalkingAccused of felony stalking; ordered to cease contact with victim.Resolution undetermined.
10/01/2011GBJohnny JollyDEArrestedDrugsPulled over; accused of possessing narcotic containing codeine and tamperting with evidence to conceal it.Resolution undetermined.
09/20/2011MINTyrell JohnsonSArrestedDUIAccused of fourth-degree drunken driving with blood-alcohol content of 0.12.Resolution undetermined.
09/02/2011DALKevin OgletreeWRArrestedOutstanding warrantPulled over for speeding in Coppell; Texas. Police found two previous traffic violations unresolved.Paid $597 bond; car towed.
08/07/2011MINRhett BomarQBArrestedDUIAccused of third-degree drunk driving in Mankato; Minn.Resolution undetermined.
08/02/2011DENMatt PraterKArrestedDUIAccused of drunk driving after allegedly backing his Chevy Trailblazer into parked car and fleeing the scene.Resolution undetermined.
07/24/2011BUFPaul HubbardWRArrestedDUIAccused of drunk driving after his car hit a police officer. Blood-alcohol content measured at 0.08.Resolution undetermined.
07/17/2011CINCedric BensonRBArrestedAssaultAccused of misdemeanor assault after incident with former male roommate in Travis County; Texas.Resolution undetermined.
07/17/2011INDJerry HughesDEArrestedPublic intoxicationTaken into custody around 2:30 a.m. at nightclub in Dallas with TCU teammates.Resolution undetermined.
07/14/2011CINMarvin WhiteSArrestedAssaultAccused of disturbing the peace and being verbally abusive at his child's day care center.Resolution undetermined.
07/10/2011CINAdam JonesCBArrestedAlcoholAccused of disorderly conduct while intoxicated and resisting arrest at bar in Cincinnati.Resolution undetermined.
07/09/2011PITHines WardWRArrestedDUIAccused of drunk driving in Georgia after being pulled over about 2:30 a.m.Pleaded guilty to reckless driving in plea deal. One year probation; $2;000 fine.
06/29/2011TENKenny BrittWRSurrenderedOutstanding warrantTurned himself in on two outstanding warrants that say he provided inaccurate information on driver's license applications.Resolution undetermined.
06/19/2011PHIAkeem JordanLBArrestedAssaultAccused of assasult and battery after incident at bar in Harrisonburg; Va.Resolution undetermined.
06/18/2011DETCorey WilliamsDTArrestedDUIPulled over in Arkansas for crossing center line; accused of drunk driving. Breath test measured his blood-alcohol level at .10. His attorney alleged racial profiling.Charge dropped by judge; according to court clerk.
06/16/2011GBBrandon UnderwoodCBArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of pushing wife to the ground and ripping necklace from her neck in Green Bay.Resolution undetermined.
06/16/2011SEARaheem BrockDEArrestedTheftAccused of walking out on $27 restaurant tab in Philadelphia. He said they canceled order before food arrived.Acquitted.
06/09/2011INDJavarris JamesRBArrestedDrugsAccused of misdemeanor marijuana possession in Florida.Resolution undetermined.
06/08/2011TENKenny BrittWRArrestedDrugsAccused of resisting arrest in New Jersey after police suspected him of trying to hide a marijuana cigar.Resolution undetermined.
05/22/2011CHIGarrett WolfeRBArrestedTheftAccused of refusing to pay bill at Miami nightclub; resisting arrest and assaulting police.Charges dropped.
05/09/2011TBAlex MageeDEArrestedDrugsPulled over for driving with an expired tag on his 2009 black Dodge Charger; accused of marijuana possession.Resolution undetermined.
05/06/2011SDAntwan ApplewhiteLBArrestedDUIPulled over around 2:30 a.m. in San Diego; suspected of drunken driving.Resolution undetermined.
04/26/2011WASAlbert HaynesworthDTIndictedSexCharged with misdemeanor sexual abuse for allegedly fondling the breast of a worker in a Washington restaurant.Pleaded no contest to simple assault.
04/19/2011ATLWilliam MooreSArrestedLicenseAccused of speeding; driving with a suspended license and failure to appear in court for a previous ticket.Resolution undetermined.
04/12/2011TENKenny BrittWRArrestedObstructionAccused of eluding police with car chase in his hometown of Bayonne; N.J.; speeding and obstruction.Pleaded guilty to careless driving; $478 fine.
04/04/2011KCMike VrabelLBArrestedTheftAccused of stealing alcoholic beverages from casino deli in Florence; Ind.Diversion agreement. Charge dropped if he stays out of trouble for 180 days.
04/03/2011OAKLouis MurphyWRArrestedDrugsPulled over in Gainesville; Fla.; accused of possessing bottle of Viagra for which he had no prescription; resisting arrest.Resolution undetermined.
03/29/2011TBAqib TaliqCBWarrantGunPolice near Dallas issued warrant accusing him of firing gun near head of sister's boyfriend.Charge dropped.
03/26/2011PHIJason PetersOTArrestedDisturbing the peaceAccused with playing loud music; disturbing the peace in Shreveport; La.Resolution undetermined.
03/25/2011GBJohnny JollyDEArrestedDrugsPulled over in Houston around 12:45 a.m.; accused of having bottles of codeine; charged with intent to distribute.Charge dropped but pleaded guilty to 2008 drug charge; probation; jail time; drug treatment.
03/19/2011DALBryan McCannCBArrestedPublic intoxicationAccused of public intoxication by Dallas police; which he denied.Resolution undetermined.
03/17/2011OAKMario HendersonOTArrestedGunPulled over in Fort Myers; Fla.; and accused of carrying a concealed weapon an d playing music too loud.Resolution undetermined.
03/12/2011MINChris CookCBArrestedGunAccused of brandishing a gun during an argument in Virginia with a neighbor.Charge dropped.
03/04/2011PHIKing DunlapOTArrestedDisorderly conductAccused of reckless driving and disorderly conduct in Nashville after allegedly driving his Escalade onto sidewalk near arena.Resolution undetermined.
02/12/2011SDLegedu NaaneeWRArrestedPublic intoxicationAccused of public intoxication; resisting arrest after refusing orders to stay away from homicide scene in Indianapolis.Resolution undetermined.
02/12/2011OAKMichael BushRBArrestedDUISuspected of drunk driving in Clarksville; Ind.Resolution undetermined.
02/09/2011TENKenny BrittWRChargedTheftAccused of theft by deception after allegedly not paying two bail bonds companies in New Jersey on behalf of his friend.Resolution undetermined.
02/02/2011WASAlbert HaynesworthDTChargedAssaultAccused of punching motorist in Virginia in traffic altercation after the alleged victim made gesture at Haynesworth for tailgaiting.Charge dropped after settlement with alleged victim.
01/31/2011MINEverson GriffenDEArrestedAssaultPulled over near USC campus; subdued by Taser after allegedly assaulting officer during traffic stop.Pleaded guilty to reduced charge; $10;000 fine; three years probation.
01/29/2011MINEverson GriffenDEArrestedPublic intoxicationAccused of being drunk in public in Hollywood; Calif.Charge dropped.
01/17/2011DENLaurence MaroneyRBArrestedDrugs; gunPulled over in St. Louis; accused of unlawful possession of guns and drugs with other men.Acquitted.
12/27/2010WASJoe JosephDTArrestedDUIPolice responded to report of single-car accident; accused him of drunk driving around 3 a.m.Resolution undetermined.
12/26/2010BALSergio KindleLBArrestedDUIPulled over on suspicion of drunk driving in Jessup; Md. Measured .17 on a Breathalyzer test.Pleaded guilty; two years probation; five days in a private facility.
12/20/2010DENKevin AlexanderLBArrestedDomestic violenceGirlfriend accused him of shoving and striking her in the face. Charged with battery and assault.Charges dropped for a lack of evidence. Alexander cut by Broncos a day after arrest.
12/13/2010TBGeno HayesLBArrestedDisorderly conductCharged after altercation outside Tampa nightclub in which police used stun gun on him.Pleaded no contest to trespassing; with ajudication withheld. Disorderly conduct charge dropped. Paid $265 in court costs.
12/09/2010DENPerrish CoxCBArrestedSexual assaultAccused of impregnanting woman after she passed out at his home.Acquitted.
11/27/2010NOWill SmithDEArrestedDomestic violenceCharged after police in Lafayette; La.; observed him allegedly arguing with his wife and pulling her by the hair.Diversion program. Charges were dropped when Smith completed community service and counseling.
11/19/2010TBMike WilliamsWRArrestedDUIPulled over on suspicion of drunken driving in Hillsborough County; Fla.; despite Breathalyzer test showing legal blood-alcohol level.Charges dropped when urine test came back clean.
11/13/2010SEARaheem BrockDEArrestedDUIPulled over by University of Washington police on suspicion of drunken driving. Measured .13 on a Breathalyzer test.Resolution undetermined.
11/12/2010DEND.J. WilliamsLBArrestedDUIPulled over on suspicion on drunk driving in Denver at 2:40 a.m. Also cited for driving without headlights.Convicted of DUI and sentenced to 30 days home arrest.
10/24/2010DENElvis DumervilLBArrestedAssaultCited for assault; disturbing the peace after alleged altercation with parking lot attendant at Invesco Field after he forgot his credentials.Charges dimissed five days before scheduled trial.
10/23/2010TBJerramy StevensTEArrestedDrugsPulled over and cited for possession of marijuana; of which 38 grams were found in the car.Resolution undetermined. Cut by team two days after arrest.
10/20/2010INDPat McAfeePArrestedAlcoholCited after he took a late-night swim in a canal and told police; "I am drunk." Officers said he had a .15 blood-alcohol content.Diversion program in which he attended eight hours of community service and paid $298 fee. Suspended one game by the Colts.
10/05/2010CARDwayne JarrettWRArrestedDUIPulled over for speeding after 2 a.m. and arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.Resolution undetermined. Cut by team same day of arrest.
09/25/2010NEBret LockettDBArrestedDisorderly conductCited after police said he ignored their instructions to stay away from a club in Providence; R.I.; that was filled to capactiy.Diversion program; charge dismissed after three months without incident.
09/21/2010NYJBraylon EdwardsWRArrestedDUIPulled over at 5:15 a.m. because police say his windows were too tinted; smelled of alcohol and blood-alcohol measured .16Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor. Deal included $500 fine; driver's license suspended for six months; entered into substance-abuse program.
09/03/2010INDFili MoalaDTArrestedDUIPulled over at 2:31 a.m. for speeding and cited with suspicion of driving under the influence. Blood-alcohol measured .10.Convicted of misdemeanor operating a vehicle while intoxicated with a blood-alcohol count of .08 to .15 and public intoxication. Sentenced to 180 days probation.
08/08/2010CLEGerard LawsonDBArrestedDUICited with suspicion of driving under the influence after hitting a parked car and leaving the scene.Pleaded no contest and sentenced to one year of probation; 72 hours of an alternative to jail program; 20 hours of community work service and $500 fine. Also had license suspended for six months.
08/08/2010INDJohn GillDTArrestedAlcoholCited after found in a ditch on the side of the road; barefoot and slurring his speech.Charged dropped. Gill entered treatment facility.
08/07/2010WASFred DavisTEArrestedReckless drivingCited with reckless driving; driving 20 mph over the speed limit.Pleaded guilty to reduced charge of speeding; $75 fine.
08/04/2010TENKenny BrittWRCitedLicensePulled over in Nashville for windows in Camaro tinted too dark; then cited for misdemeanor driving without a valid license.Resolution undetermined.
07/24/2010STLJerome MurphyCBArrestedLicensePulled over in Tampa for what said police said was loud music; charged with misdemeanor of driving without a valid license.Resolution undetermined.
07/03/2010SEAQuinton GantherRBArrestedDUIPulled over on suspicion for two misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence in Sacramento. State limit for BAC is .08.Resolution undetermined.
07/01/2010TENChris SimmsQBArrestedDUI;drugsCharged in New York City with driving while on drugs (marijuana) with his pregnant wife in the car.Acquitted in May 2011
07/01/2010CLERobaire SmithDE/DTArrestedGunCharged for November 2009 incident of possessing a firearm (Belgian 5.7) in Flint (Mich.) Bishop Airport; in his bagResolution undetermined.
06/29/2010CINCedric BensonRBArrestedAssaultCharged with misdemeanor assault for a May 30 incident in Austin; Texas; where he allegedly punching a bar employee in the face.Pleaded no contest; 20-day jail sentence; $4;000 fine.
06/16/2010TENDerrick MorganDEArrestedLicensePulled over in northwest Georgia for speeding; charged with driving with a suspended license.Resolution undetermined.
06/13/2010TENVince YoungQBCitedAssaultAccused of getting into a fight at a Dallas strip club and left before police arrived.Resolution undetermined.
06/12/2010SFRay McDonaldDEArrestedDUIPulled over in his black BMW when the California Highway Patrol clocked him at 94 mph in a 65-mph zone; given field sobriety test.Resolution undetermined.
06/10/2010GBBrandon UnderwoodCBArrestedSexual assaultCharged with prostitution/non-marital sexual intercourse after two women alleged he sexually assaulted them in Lake Delton; Wis.Pleaded no contest to misdemeanor count of soliciting a prostitute; $379 fine.
05/26/2010MIAPhillip MerlingDEArrestedDomestic violenceCharged with aggravated battery against his pregnant girlfriend in Weston; Fla.Charges dropped after girlfriend stopped cooperating with authorities.
05/24/2010SDKevin EllisonSArrestedDrugsPulled over for speeding; charged with suspicion of possessing a controlled substance -- 100 Vicodin pills -- in Redondo Beach; Calif.Pleaded guilty to possession of controlled substance; charged later dropped through diversion program.
05/23/2010NOHarry ColemanSArrestedBatteryCharged with misdemeanor simple battery after allegedly shoving someone out of the way upon leaving tribal casino in Louisiana.Resolution undetermined.
05/16/2010TBMario UrrutiaWRArrestedLicenseCharged with non-resident driver's license violation by Hillsborough (Fla.) County deputies.Resolution undetermined.
05/08/2010DENRonald FieldsDTArrestedGunPulled over in Houston upon witness seeing Fields waving a gun at a club; then driving off; charged with misdemeanor.Resolution undetermined.
05/07/2010WASFred DavisTECitedLicenseCharged with driving with a suspended license; falsely identifying himself to police in Loudon County (Va.).Pleaded guilty; 30-day suspended sentence; fined $2;500
05/04/2010CINMaurice PurifyWRArrestedDisorderly conductCharged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct after scuffle at a Newport; Ky.; nightclub.Charges dropped; one-game NFL suspension under personal conduct policy
04/17/2010CLEChris JenningsRBArrestedAssaultAccused of hitting a bouncer outside a Cleveland nightclub.Never charged.
04/10/2010SEALeroy HillLBArrestedDomestic violenceCharged with investigation of assault in the fourth degree/domestic violence from dispute with girlfriend in Issaquah; Wash.Diversion program; 18-month probation; treatment program.
04/07/2010WASFred DavisTEArrestedLicensePulled over for speeding; found to be driving under a suspended/revoked license.Pleaded guilty; 10-day suspended sentence; $2;500 fine; driver's license suspended 90 days.
04/01/2010CLEShaun RogersDTArrestedGunCharged at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport on felony count for carrying a handgun in his carry-on bag.Diversion program of 12 months; 10-hour weapons course; 40 hours community service; NFL fine.
03/27/2010ARIJoey PorterLBArrestedDUI; assaultSuspected of DUI and charged with assaulting an officer; resisting arrest after trying to help a friend who had been pulled over.Charges dropped; prosecutor did not believe jury would find Porter guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
03/19/2010MIARonnie BrownRBArrestedDUIPulled over in Atlanta for failing to use a turn signal; then charged with DUI with reported blood-alcohol level at 0.158.Resolution undetermined.
03/13/2010GBSpencer HavnerTEArrestedDUIArrested in Grass Valley; Calif.; after crashing his motorcycle; taken to hospital; and found to be under the influence.Charges dropped; not enough evidence
02/20/2010MIAWill AllenCBArrestedDUICharged in Miami Beach after tried to get through police roadblock. Blood alcohol measured at .152 and .167.Resolution undetermined.
02/19/2010WASByron WestbrookCBArrestedDUIPulled over in Waldorf; Md.; after his Mercedes crossed the center line several times; suspected of drunken driving.Acquitted by jury in June 2010.
02/06/2010MIATony McDanielDTArrestedDomestic violenceCharged with misdemeanor battery at Davie; Fla.; home; after shoving his girlfriend; whose head hit the pavenment.Pleaded no contest to amended charge of disorderly conduct; six months probation; counseling. NFL suspended him one game.
02/02/2010DALDeon AndersonFBArrestedGunAccused of pulling loaded gun a man in dispute in Addison; Texas; also having outstanding traffic warrants.Resolution undetermined.
01/30/2010KCMichael RichardsonCBArrestedAlcoholOne of hundreds charged with being in possession of an open alcohol container; at the Gasparilla Parade in Tampa.Resolution undetermined.
01/29/2010CINRey MaualugaLBArrestedDUICharged with drunk driving in Covington; Ky.; after police said he struck two parked vehicles and parking meter. Blood-alcohol .157.Pleaded guilty; suspended seven-day sentence; two days' probation. NFL fined him for two games.
01/18/2010WASChad RinehartOTArrestedPublic intoxicationCharged after police in Cedar Falls; Iowa; say he was pulling on the locked door outside a bar and refused a breath test.Found guilty by a judge; paid $195 fine
01/17/2010SDVincent JacksonWRArrestedLicensePulled over for playing loud music; cited for driving with a suspended license and expired tags.Pleaded guilty to knowingly driving with suspended license ; 80 hours community service; fined under $1;000.
01/15/2010TENKenny BrittWRArrestedLicensePulled over in Glen Ridge.; N.J.; an had three outstanding traffice warrants.Paid $865; released.
01/10/2010TBJermaine PhillipsSArrestedDomestic violenceCharged with third-degree felony domestic battery for allegedly strangling his wife at home in Tampa after she called 911.Diversion program.
01/01/2010INDTaj SmithWRArrestedDUIPulled over in Indianapolis after car crossed lane divider and was above 30 mph speed limit. Failed field sobriety; breath tests.Resolution undetermined.
12/29/2009NOBobby McCrayDEArrestedDUIPulled over for speeding in New Orleans at 4:30 a.m.; refused breathalyzer test; accused of drunk driving; driving without registration.Resolution undetermined.
12/10/2009ATLJonathan BabineauxDTArrestedDrugsPulled over for a traffic violation in Gwinnett County; Ga.; accused of marijuana possession.Pleaded no contest in misdemeanor plea deal; $1;500 fine; one year of probation.
11/30/2009CARJon BeasonLBArrestedAssaultAccused of aggravated assault after a confrontation with a man in Charlotte strip club.Charges dropped.
11/16/2009ATLEric WeemsWRArrestedDUIPulled over in Dekalb County; Georgia; accused of drunk driving.Resolution undetermined.
10/27/2009TBMarcus JohnsonOGArrestedDUISuspected of DUI after being found asleep in a Chevy Impala at 4 a.m. in Tampa; Fla.; refused breath tests.Resolution undetermined. Cut by team less then 12 hours later.
10/26/2009CLEBraylon EdwardsWRArrestedAssaultCharged with assault after allegedly punching a friend of LeBron James inside a Cleveland nightclub.Pleaded no contest to aggravated disorderly conduct; 180-day suspended sentence; $1;000 fine.
10/18/2009PITJeff ReedKArrestedAlcoholCited for resisting arrest; public intoxication in confrontation with police outside a Pittsburgh bar with teammate Matt Spaeth.Diversion program; 40 hours community service; then cleared.
10/18/2009PITMatt SpaethTECitedPublic urinationCited for public urination outside a Pittsburgh bar. Teammate Jeff Reed was arrested as part of the same incident.Resolution undetermined.
10/13/2009CHILance LouisOTArrestedAssaultCharged with assault after beating a teammate in a meeting room while enrolled at San Diego State in November of 2008.Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery; 40 hours of community service; 12 hours anger management; three years probation.
10/05/2009MIAWill BillingsleyCBArrestedDomestic violenceCharged with assault and nonviolently resisting arrest after argument over shoes with his girlfriend; who was found with scratches on her upper arm and neck.Resolution undetermined.
09/07/2009DENRichard QuinnTEArrestedDomestic violenceLive-in girlfriend accused him of shaking her to the ground and taking away the phone during an argument in Denver.Charges dropped.
09/06/2009SDShawne MerrimanLBArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of battery and false imprisonment after allegedly choking and restraining his girlfriend; television personality Tila Tequila; in San Diego.Charges dismissed less than a week later.
08/31/2009NOUsama YoungSArrestedFailure to appearStopped for speeding in New Orleans; arrested for failing to appear in traffic court for allegedly parking in a handicap spot.Resolution undetermined.
08/30/2009MINCedric GriffinCBArrestedDUIAccused of drunken driving after voluntarily pulling; possibly because he felt he was too impaired to drive in Minnesota.Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor; two years probation; two days community service; $300 fine.
08/23/2009BALTony FeinLBArrestedAssaultAccused of assault after a confrontation with an officer in Baltimore who was investigating report of possible gun being passed around his group.Died in October 2009 before trial. Suspected gun turned out to be phone.
08/21/2009TENChris DavisWRArrestedDUIPulled over for speeding in Nashville after 2 a.m.; suspected of drunken driving. Consented to a breathalyzer test that measured 0.11 in blood alcohol content.Resolution undetermined. Cut by team a few days after arrest.
08/20/2009TBAqib TalibCBArrestedAssaultAccused of battery and resisting arrest after allegedly hitting a cab driver in Tampa in the neck and ear.Diversion program; anger management course; civil settlement with driver.
08/05/2009PHIJuqua ParkerDEArrestedDrugsPulled over for a traffic violation in Bethlehem; Pa.; accused of marijuana possession as passenger in the car.Charges dropped after district attorney said the officer had no right to search the car.
06/28/2009HOUVonta LeachFBChargedAssaultCharged with simple assault in July for an alleged confrontation with a man in a restaurant near Leach's hometown of Lumberton; North Carolina.Resolution undetermined.
06/20/2009SEAOwen SchmittFBArrestedDUISuspected of drunken driving after being seen by an officer weaving and following cars too closely in Black Diamond; Wa. Blood-alcohol measured at 0.151.Pleaded guilty to reckless driving; one-year suspended jail sentence; 24 hours community service; $2;130 fines and fees.
05/26/2009ATLQuinn OjinnakaOTArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of tossing his wife down the stairs and throwing her out of the house after an argument over him contacting a girl on Facebook in Gwinnett County; Ga.Resolution undetermined. NFL suspended one game.
05/24/2009MIARandy StarksDEArrestedAssaultArrested after allegedly swerving his vehicle to strike a police officer on foot and pin him up against another car. Charged with aggravated battery in Miami; Fl.Convicted of misdemeanor traffic violation; eight-hour traffic course; $219 fine.
05/17/2009HOUBrandon WalkerOGArrestedDUIAccused of drunk driving in Norman; Okla.; where he played college football.Resolution undetermined. Released by team two days later.
05/14/2009BUFCorey McIntyreFBArrestedIndecent exposureArrested two months after allegedly fondling himself outside of a woman's home in Port St. Lucie; Fla.Charges dropped.
05/10/2009HOUBrandon WalkerOGArrestedOutstanding WarrantWarrant issued in Norman; Okla.; after he failed to pay a ticket for driving without proper registration and proof of insurance.Resolution undetermined.
05/06/2009TBAnthony MixWRArrestedSexTurned himself in after alledgedly having sex with a 15 year-old girl; the girl's mother turned him in after seeing text messages between the two.Resolution undetermined. Cut by team day of arrest.
05/03/2009NOBiren EalyWRArrestedAlcoholCharged with lewd coduct; obscenity and disturbing the peace. Accused of being drunk; urinating in public and exposing himself to women with teammate.Resolution undetermined. Cut by team two days after arrest.
05/03/2009NOKolomona KapanuiTEArrestedAlcoholCharged with lewd conduct; obscenity and disturbing the peace. Accused of being drunk; urinating in public and exposing himself to women with teammate.Resolution undetermined. Cut by team two days after arrest.
04/25/2009SDShaun PhillipsLBCitedBatteryCited for misdemeanor battery after a security guard at a San Diego hotel said Phillips punched him.Never charged. Civil settlement with guard.
04/11/2009BUFDonte WhitnerDBArrestedDisorderly conductPolice said they used Taser to subdue him at Cleveland club; charged him aggravated disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.Diversion program that included meetings with a probation officer for three months. Charges then dropped.
04/05/2009CINLeon HallCBArrestedDUIAccused of drunken driving after being pulled over after 3 a.m. In Ohio. Breath test showed blood-alcohol content of 0.149.Pleaded guilty to reckless operation of a vehicle; 30-day suspended jail sentence; 64 hours community service; $250 fine.
04/01/2009CLEDonte StallworthWRArrestedDUI; manslaughterAccused of striking and killing a pedestrian with his car in Miami March 14. Blood-alcohol content measured .126. Charged with DUI manslaughter.Pleaded guilty; 24 days in jail; two years of house arrest; 1;000 hours of community service. NFL suspended for 2009.
03/21/2009OAKCornell GreenOTArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of slamming the mother of his two children against wall and striking her arm with mop handle. Arrested at Tampa airport after incident.Resolution undetermined.
03/13/2009KCDavid MacklinCBArrestedDUIPulled over after 3 a.m. in Newport News; Va.; accused of drunken driving.Convicted; six-month suspended sentence; $250 fine. The team cut him five days after arrest.
03/11/2009WASAlbert HaynesworthDTIndictedReckless drivingGrand jury indicted him on charges of misdemeanor reckless driving and expired registration. Accused of causing Dec. 13 accident that caused another motorist to crash.Pleaded no contest; three months of probation; 25 hours community service.
03/09/2009JACMatt JonesWRArrestedAlcoholAccused of violating terms of previous plea deal in cocaine case. He tested positive for alcohol consumption; leading to his arrest in Arkansas.Found guilty; six days in jail.
03/01/2009DENBrandon MarshallWRArrestedDomestic disputeAccused of disorderly conduct in Atlanta after fight with fiance.Charges dropped.
02/14/2009PITJeff ReedKCitedDisorderly conductPolice said he broke towel dispenser in convenience store after finding it out of towels; also used profane language at employee.Pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and criminal mischief; fined $543.50. Arrested again in October 2009.
02/13/2009JACGerald SensabaughSArrestedLicense; gunsAccused of driving with a suspended license in Kingsport; Tenn. He had three guns in his Bentley; but apparently had a permit for them.Resolution undetermined.
02/11/2009BUFMarshawn LynchRBArrestedGuns; drugsPolice in Culver City; Calif.; said they checked car without tags and smelled marijuana; then found gun in trunk; plus marijuana cigarettes.Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor gun charge; 80 hours community service; three years probation. No drug charge. NFL suspended him three games.
02/11/2009JACReggie WilliamsWRArrestedDUI; drugsPulled over in Houston at about 2 a.m.; charged with drunken driving and possession of .97 grams of marijuana.Charges dropped.
02/08/2009INDDarrell ReidDTArrestedDisorderly conductPolice said he refused to leave nightclub parking lot in Indianapolis; accused of disorderly conduct and trespassing.Resolution undetermined.
02/05/2009KCMichael MerrittTEArrestedDrugsPolice officer in Orlando said he saw him with a marijuana cigarette; leading to marijuana possession charge.Resolution undetermined. Released from team later that month.
02/02/2009SFRoderick GreenLBArrestedGuns; drugs; reckless drivingPulled over in Brenham; Texas; accused of unlawfully carrying a weapon; marijuana possession; reckless driving and interfing with police; all misdemeanors.Resolution undetermined.
02/01/2009SDJamal WilliamsDTArrestedDUIPulled over for speeding; accused of drunken driving but blood-alcohol content measured at under the legal limit of .08.Pleaded guilty to a lane-change violation and speeding; required to take traffic safety class.
01/24/2009SEALeroy HillLBArrestedDrugsAccused of possessing less than an ounce of marijuana after being found asleep behind the wheel of his car at an intersection in Georgia.Pleaded guilty to marijuana possession; 12 months of probation; $500 fine.
01/16/2009NOJonathan VilmaLBArrestedReckless drivingMiami police said he resisted arrest after being spotting swerving his car and running red light.Charges dropped. Vilma agreed to give $1;000 to hospital trauma center.
01/10/2009DALAnthony SpencerLBArrestedAlcohol; disorderly conductBouncer at Indianapolis nightclub told police Spencer tried to punch him. Accused of public intoxication; disorderly conduct.Resolution undetermined.
01/06/2009SDVincent JacksonWRArrestedDUIPulled over for speeding and weaving; failed sobriety tests in San Diego; accused of drunken driving in 2008 GMC Sierra.Sentenced to four days in jail and five years of probation
01/01/2009BUFKo SimpsonSArrestedInterfering with policeAccused of hindering police in Rock Hill; S.C.; when one of his friends was being arrested at bar. Police said Simpson proclaimed he was "worth millions."Diversion program; at least 50 hours of community service.
12/28/2008STLGary StillsLBArrestedChild supportCivil warrant issued for unpaid child support.Resolution undetermined.
12/21/2008JACTravarous BainCBArrestedLicensePulled over for speeding in Florida; accused of having suspended or revoked license.Resolution undetermined. Released from team a few days after arrest.
12/07/2008CARJeremy BridgesOGArrestedAssaultAccused of spraying champagne on restaurant patrons and making threats in Charlotte.Dropped.
12/01/2008NYGPlaxico BurressWRSurrenderedGunAccidentally shot himself in thigh at New York club and did not have a permit for the pistol.Pleaded guilty to lesser weapons charge; two-year prison sentence; NFL suspension.
11/29/2008NYJShaun EllisDEArrestedDrugsPulled over in Hanover; N.J.; charged with marijuana possession; speeding and driving without insurance.Resolution undetermined.
11/13/2008NYGKareem McKenzieOGArrestedDUIPulled over in New Jersey; accused of drunken driving after cutting through a gas station parking lot.Resolution undetermined.
10/27/2008KCLarry JohnsonRBSurrenderedAssaultCharged with simple assault; accused of spitting in a woman's face at a nightclub in Kansas City.Pleaded guilty to two counts of disturbing the peace for this and other case. Two years probation.
10/23/2008PITSantonio HolmesWRArrestedDrugsPulled over because police were looking for similar car; marijuana cigars found in his car by police.Dropped after prosecutors agreed the search warrant wasn't specific enough.
10/18/2008TBMatt McCoyLBArrestedDUIPulled over near his home in Tampa after 4 a.m.; accused of drunk driving.Resolution undetermined. Cut by team day of arrest.
09/28/2008NYGDanny WareRBArrestedAlcoholAccused of being a pedestrian under the influence of alcohol after standing in road talking in Athens; Ga.Resolution undetermined.
09/15/2008ATLLawyer MilloySArrestedDUIAccused of drunk driving; speeding after game in Atlanta.Resolution undetermined.
09/14/2008OAKTommy KellyDTArrestedDUIPulled over on suspicion of drunk driving in Oakland.Resolution undetermined.
09/10/2008INDEd JohnsonDTArrestedDrugsPulled over for speeding near Indianapolis; charged with marijuana possession.Resolution undetermined. Cut by team within a day of arrest.
08/30/2008JACFred TaylorRBArrestedDisorderly conductForced out of car at gunpoint; accused of being uncooperative during search near nightclub in Miami Beach.Charges dropped.
08/30/2008CARRicardo ColcloughCBArrestedDUIAccused of driving while impaired just hours before team made its final cuts.Pleaded guilty to driving while impaired; 30-day suspended sentence. Released by team within a day.
08/20/2008HOUJameel CookRBArrestedDrugsPulled over; ticketed for license and registration issues; charged with marijuana possession.Charge dropped for marijuana possession.
07/20/2008TBDonte NicholsonSArrestedBatteryScuffled with security guards at bar; shot with stun gun; accused of resisting arrest and battery.Resolution undetermined.
07/10/2008JACMatt JonesWRArrestedDrugsAccused of cocaine possession after being spotted by Arkansas police in parked car cutting up cocaine-like substance.Diversion program of drug treatment. Suspended by league for three games.
07/08/2008GBJohnny JollyDEArrestedDrugsAccused of having mixture containing codeine in his car after arrest outside Houston nightclub.Pleaded guilty to possession in plea deal that included probation; five years of deferred adjudication.
06/30/2008NEWillie AndrewsCBArrestedDomestic violence; gunAccused of pointing gun at girlfriend's head; assault with a deadly weaponResolution undetermined. Cut by team a day later.
06/28/2008BALDerrick MartinCBCitedDrugsCleveland airport security personnel say they found marijuana packets on him at airport.Resolution undetermined.
06/22/2008TENJevon KearseDEArrestedDUIAccused of drunk driving near Vanderbilt campus around 5 a.m.; refused breath test.Pleaded guilty to reduced charge of reckless driving; six months of probation; restricted license.
06/21/2008NYGGeoffrey PopeCBArrestedAssaultAccused of hitting man in head with champagne bottle at club in Detroit.Charges dropped.
06/18/2008ARIJ.J. ArringtonRBArrestedDisorderly conductOne of five arrested stemming from fight at nightclub in North Carolina.Resolution undetermined.
06/15/2008NYGAhmad BradshawRBSurrenderedProbation violationUndisclosed probation violation stemming from undisclosed incident when he was a juvenile.Sentenced to two 30-day jail terms in Virginia.
06/15/2008ATLDaren StoneSArrestedDUISuspected of drunk driving in downtown Atlanta.Resolution undetermined.
06/13/2008TENBrandon JonesWRArrestedGunAccused of carrying .32-caliber gun into Nashville airport.Diversion program of six months; $500 fine.
06/07/2008CHICedric BensonRBArrestedDUIAccused of running a red light in Austin; Texas; suspected of drunk driving.Case dropped. Grand jury declined to indict.
05/31/2008BUFMarshawn LynchRBChargedReckless drivingAccused of hitting woman with his Porsche SUV in Buffalo and driving away. Woman required seven stiches for cut; plus hip bruise.Pleaded guilty to failure to exercise due care to pedestrian; license revoked; $150 fine and surcharge.
05/30/2008JACGerald SensabaughSArrestedReckless drivingAccused of doing stunts on a motorcycle in Kingsport; Tenn.Resolution undetermined.
05/20/2008NOCharles GrantDEIndictedManslaughterOne of several men charged in connection to shooting death of innocent pregnant woman; a bystander at club fight in Georgia.Pleaded to reduce charge of affray (public fighting); $20;000 restitution; $1;000 fine; probation.
05/10/2008SEALofa TatupuLBArrestedDUIPulled over in Kirkland; Wash.; for speeding. Police measured blood-alcohol content at .155 or more.Pleaded guilty; one day in jail; $1;255 fines and court costs.
05/03/2008CHICedric BensonRBArrestedDUIAccused of boating while intoxicated and resisting arrest on Lake Travis; Texas.Case dropped. Grand jury declined to indict.
05/03/2008ATLMichael BoleyLBArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of becoming physical with wife during argument at home in Dacula; Ga.Charge dropped. NFL suspension of one game.
05/01/2008CINAhmad BrooksLBSummonedAssaultAccused of punching woman in left eye during dispute with neighbor in Kentucky.Accepted mediation.
04/30/2008Free agentDarrion ScottDEArrestedAssaultAccused of putting dry-cleaning bag over 2-year-old son's head. After leaving Minnesota; he later signed with Washington Redskins.Pleaded guilty to child endangement.
04/27/2008NENick KaczurOTArrestedDrugsPulled over for speeding; accused of having 202 OxyContin pills; charged with misdemeanor drug possession.Pleaded guilty to reduce charge of speeding; drug charge dropped in deal; $355 in fines and fees.
04/26/2008DETKalvin PearsonSArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of aggravated battery of pregnant woman; domestic battery by strangulation; obstrucing officer in southwest Florida.Domestic charges dropped.
04/21/2008INDKenton KeithRBArrestedAlcoholAccused of refusing to leave nightclub parking lot being cleared by police; trespassing; public intoxication; disorderly conduct.Resolution undetermined.
04/21/2008SEARocky BernardDTArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of hitting his girlfriend in the head at Seattle nightclub.Diversion program; agreed to have no contact with woman for two years; domestic violence treatment.
04/13/2008SFDonald StricklandCBArrestedAlcoholAccused of running away from police in San Jose; public intoxication and resisting arrest.Resolution undetermined.
04/11/2008MIAReagan MauiaRBArrestedBatteryAccused of knocking a man out in restaurant parking lot in Florida.Resolution undetermined.
04/03/2008CLEKenny WrightCBArrestedDrugsAccused of evading arrest by trying to outrun police in Texas; misdemeanor marijuana possession.Resolution undetermined. Cut by team a month after arrest.
03/31/2008CINChris HenryWRArrestedAssaultAccused of punching man and throwing beer bottle out of car window.Charge dropped.
03/19/2008PITCedrick WilsonWRArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of punching ex-girlfriend in the face; disorderly conduct at restaurant.Resolution undetermined. Released by team the next day.
03/16/2008HOUJacoby JonesWRArrestedDUIAccused of drunken driving while stuck in Houston traffic.Pleaded guilty; diversion program; education classes; alcohol-detection device placed in car.
03/15/2008TENLenDale WhiteRBCitedDisorderly conductAccused of property destruction; disobedience to a lawful order and resistance stemming from party in hometown of Denver.Resolution undetermined.
03/11/2008CARDwayne JarrettWRArrestedDUIPolice say he ran a red light and crossed center line; accused of drunken driving with blood-alcohol content of 0.12 near Charlotte.Pleaded guilty; surrended license; 24 hours of community service; $420 in court costs.
03/08/2008PITJames HarrisonLBArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of hitting his girlfriend during argument about whether to baptize his son; simple assault; mischief.Charges dropped. He also underwent anger counseling.
03/06/2008DENBrandon MarshallWRArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of hitting his girlfriend on March 4; misdemeanor battery.Acquitted. NFL suspended him one game.
03/01/2008CLEKenny WrightCBArrestedDrugsPulled over for speeding in Texas; charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession.Resolution undetermined.
03/01/2008DENMarcus ThomasDTArrestedDrugsPulled over in Florida; accused of cocaine possession after police said the found the drug and gun in truck.Charges dropped.
02/26/2008NEKevin FaulkRBSummonedDrugsAccused of possessing marijuana cigarettes at concert in Lafayette; La.Pleaded no contest; suspended jail sentence; probation; $300 fine; substance-abuse program.
02/24/2008MINBryant McKinnieOTArrestedBatteryPolice report said he spit on nightclub security guard in Miami after being kicked out; accused of disorderly conduct; resisting arrest.Resolution undetermined. NFL suspended him four games.
02/24/2008KCLarry JohnsonRBChargedAssaultAccused of pushing a woman's head and Kansas City nightclub.Pleaded guilty to disturbing the peace for this and other incident; two years of probation; counseling.
02/19/2008DENAndre HallRBSurrenderedLicenseArrest warrant issued stemming from driving without valid license in Florida and not appearing in court afterward.Paid $513 bond.
02/19/2008OAKFabian WashingtonCBArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of domestic battery in Florida after incident with girlfriend. Police observed "slight red marks" on her neck.Diversion program for first-time offenders. NFL suspended him one game.
02/18/2008HOUJerome MathisWRArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of choking pregnant; common-law wife in Texas.Charges dropped.
02/17/2008BUFRoscoe ParrishWRArrestedDUIPulled over around 4:30 a.m. in Miami; suspected of drunk driving.Resolution undetermined.
02/16/2008PHIMike PattersonDTArrestedDrugsCharged with marijuana possession after police said they found it in his car in New Jersey.Convicted of careless driving.
02/13/2008NYGAntonio PierceLBSummonedAnimal neglectAccused of neglecting pitpulls after one was found severely underweight and suffering from illness.Pleaded guilty to neglecting pets; $1;300 fine.
02/05/2008NEWillie AndrewsCBArrestedDrugsPulled over in Massachusetts; where police said they found a half-pound of marijuana and $6;800 in cash.Pleaded guilty to marijuana possession; no prison time.
02/01/2008NYGAdrian AwasomDEArrestedDUIPulled over about 3:10 a.m. in ARI; accused of extreme drunken driving two days before Super Bowl there.--
02/01/2008MIAMatt RothDEArrestedAlcoholAccused of public intoxication; refusing to leave bar in Iowa.Pleaded guilty; paid $182 fine.
01/14/2008JACBrent HawkinsDEArrestedDUIPulled over for speeding; accused of drunken driving near Jacksonville after telling police he had three vodkas with orange juice.Pleaded guilty; $1;000 in fines; six months of probation; license suspended.
01/11/2008DENDaniel GrahamTEArrestedDomestic violenceSuspected of harrasing former girlfriend; who told law enforcement he struck a bedpost during argument about sale of home.Charge dropped.
12/29/2007BALGerome SappSChargedAssaultTeammate Joe Maese accused him of punching him at bar. Sapp then alleged similar charge against Maese.Charge dropped after the two decided not to testify.
12/29/2007BALJoe MaeseLSChargedAssaultTeammate Gerome Sapp accused him of second-degree assault at bar after Sapp did the same to Maese.Charge dropped after the two decided not to testify.
12/28/2007JACStockar McDougleOTArrestedBatteryCharged with battery on person 65 or older at landscaping company in dispute over interest on bill.Resolution undetermined.
12/26/2007MINDarrion ScottDECitedDrugsPulled over in West Virginia; cited for possession of 7.1 grams of marijuana.Resolution undetermined.
12/13/2007MINDwight SmithSCitedDrugsPulled over in Minneapolis; cited for marijuana possession.Pleaded guilty to obstructing traffic; and drug charge was dropped. Fined $200.
12/08/2007DENTodd SauerbrunPCitedAlcohol; assaultCited for simple assault after incident outside restaurant involving a cab driver. Police said he was taken to detox facility.Pleaded guilty to distrubing the peace; 24 hours of community service; deferred judgment.
12/01/2007DENDarrell HackneyQBArrestedDUIPulled over about 2:20 a.m.; accused of drunk driving.Resolution undetermined.
11/29/2007HOUChester PittsOGArrestedResisting arrestPulled over in Houston for making illegal left turn; Pitts was accused of driving away despite police orders.Charge dropped when grand jury declined to indict.
11/19/2007TBCato JuneLBArrestedDUIPulled over for speeding; accused of drunk driving in Tampa.Charge dropped.
11/03/2007JACJustin DurantLBArrestedAlcohol; resisting arrestPolice said they found him in his car on road; charged him with possession of open container and resisting arrest.PENALTY FOR CRIME? Suspended two games.
11/03/2007JACRichard CollierOTArrestedDUIPolice said they found him asleep at the wheel in McDonald's drive-thru window; charged him drunk driving. Blood-alcohol 0.96.Pleaded no contest; six months probation; 50 hours community service; $650 fines and costs.
10/23/2007STLClaude TerrellOGArrestedDomestic violenceCharged with assaulting his wife at hotel; where she was found with "obvious signs of physical injury."Pleaded guilty; 30 days in jail; deferred adjudication; $1;000 fine.
10/22/2007DENBrandon MarshalllWRArrestedDUIPulled over for driving erratically in Denver; charged with drunk driving. Blood-alcohol registered at .116.Pleaded guilty to reduced charge of driving while impaired; $1;100 fine; one year probation.
10/12/2007WASKili LefotuOGArrestedAlcohol; assaultCharged with being drunk in public after conflict with patron at a restaurant. Also accused of assault and property destruction.Resolution undetermined.
10/04/2007PITNajeh DavenportRBArrestedDomestic violenceIn Cleveland custody dispute; he allegedly slapped and choked mother of his son; age 5. Also charged with child endangerment.Resolution undetermined.
09/29/2007JACKhalif BarnesOTArrestedReckless drivingPolice say he drove through a yard and crashed his Mercedes into a tree; then fled the scene. Charged with violating DUI probation.Charges dropped.
09/05/2007CLELeigh BoddenCBArrestedResisting arrestAccused of failing to comply with police at Cleveland airport. Police said he drove backward on one-way street; resisted arrest and argued..Acquitted.
08/27/2007CHILance BriggsLBChargedReckless drivingAccused of crashing his Lamborghini into pole and leaving the scene of the accident. His car was discovered around 3:15 a.m.Pleaded guilty; one year court supervision; 120 hours community service.
08/23/2007TBDavid BostonWRArrestedDUIAccused of drunken driving after being found asleep behind the wheel of his Range Rover on his way to the Tampa airport.Pleaded guilty to reckless driving in deal; 50 hours community service; six months probation.
08/05/2007BUFAnthony HargroveDEArrestedResisting arrestAccused of breaking a police officer's eyeglasses; resisting arrest and criminal mischief in scuffle outside nightclub.Pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct; 200 hours community service; $300 fine.
07/26/2007CARJeremy BridgesOTArrestedAssault; gunAccused of pointing a gun at a female entertainer in parking lot of strip club.Found guilty; 60-day suspended jail sentence; 60 hours community service .
07/17/2007ATLMichael VickQBIndictedDogfightingGrand jury indicted him and three others as part of criminal dogfighting enterprise.Pleaded guilty; 23-month jail sentence. He served 19 months. NFL suspension until 2009.
07/14/2007MIAChris ChambersWRArrestedDUIAccused of driving while impaired near Charlotte; failing sobriety tests.Pleaded guilty to speeding as part of plea deal. Blood-alcohol measured at 0.6; below limit.
07/05/2007OAKBryant McNealDEArrestedOutstanding warrantPulled over in South Carolina ; arrested on outstanding warrant involving defrauding a pawn broker . He allegedly sold broker a car he did not own.Resolution undetermined. Released by team a week after arrest.
07/03/2007SDAnthony WatersLBArrestedAssaultCharged with simple assault after allegedly striking a fellow motorist who threw a rock at his windshield and broke it.Resolution undetermined.
07/03/2007MIAKelly CampbellWRArrestedDrugsPolice approached his SUV in a "known drug area" of Atlanta; confiscated marijuana and Ecstasy pill.Released by team two days after arrest.
06/28/2007STLClaude WrotenDTArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of damaging property on LSU campus in argument with girlfriend; kicking down her door.Resolution undetermined.
06/23/2007MIAFred EvansDTArrestedBattery; resisting arrrestPolice subdued him with a taser; accused him of battery on a police officer after dispute with taxi driver in Miami Beach.Pleaded no contest to resisting arrest; battery. Fined $1;310. Team released him within week.
06/22/2007CHITerry JohnsonDTArrestedDUIPulled over in Arizona for going 40 mph in a 25-mph zone; accused of being impaired "to the slightest degree."Charge dropped after blood-alcohol content measured 0.72. Team released him three days after arrest.
06/21/2007TENAdam JonesCBChargedCoercion; gunSurrended in Las Vegas; charged with felony coercion in connection to strip club shooting that paralyzed a man.Pleaded no contest to conspiracy to commit disorderly conduct; agreed to testify against gunman. SENTENCE?
06/17/2007GBNick BarnettLBArrestedBatteryCharged with battery after allegedly knocking out somebody's drink and breaking cell phone at bar in Appleton; Wisc.Pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct in plea deal; deferred prosecution agreement.
06/17/2007CINQuincy WilsonRBArrestedDisorderly conductAccused of failing to heed police order to disperse from bar; where he was part of a wedding party in West Virginia.Charge dropped in exchange for staying out of trouble through Dec. 17.
06/16/2007CLEMike MasonWRArrestedDisorderly conductAccused of resisting arrest; disorderly conduct after not heeing police orders to leave club at closing time in Cleveland. Shocked with stun gun.Resolution undetermined.
06/02/2007ATLJimmy WilliamsCBChargedDrugsAccused by state police of marijuana possession in Virginia.Found guilty; license suspended six months; $146 in costs paid.
05/20/2007DENDavid KircusWRArrestedAssaultAccused of punching a man in his face at a party; breaking his facial bones.Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault; two years probation; later held liable in civil case.
05/20/2007NYJJustin MillerCBArrestedAssaultAccused of third-degree assault after swinging at a man but hitting a woman instead at New York nightclub.Resolution undetermined.
05/18/2007CINA.J. NicholsonLBArrestedDomesticAccused of hitting girlfriend in the eye; but she later recanted her statement; saying she hit herself with a phone.Diversion program. Charge dropped after 40 hours community service; other programs. Released by team three days later.
05/10/2007PITRichard SeiglerLBArrestedPimpingAccused of persuading a woman to become a prostitute; living from earnings of prostitute in Las Vegas.Charges dropped in 2008. Released by team.
05/09/2007BALSteve McNairQBArrestedDUIPulled over for speeding; charged with being owner of car driven by drunk driver. McNair was a passenger in the car he owned.Charge dropped after driver pleaded guilty to reckless driving.
05/05/2007JACAhmad CarrollCBArrestedGun; drugsPolice said he told he was carrying a gun after they questioned him about incident at an Atlanta restaurant. They also said they found pink pills in car.Resolution undetermined.
04/19/2007MINRonyell WhitakerCBArrestedOutstanding warrantAccused of not appearing in court for previous reckless driving incident even though his attorney was there. Police later apologized.Charge dropped.
04/15/2007MINCedric GriffinCBArrestedDisorderly conductAccused of getting into ruckus with bouncers and police after getting kicked out of Minneapolis club for letting his pants sag too low.Diversion program. Charge dropped if he stayed out of trouble and club; $1;000 in costs.
04/01/2007TBAnthony DavisOTArrestedDisorderly conductCharged with disorderly conduct in his hometown of Victoria; Va.Charge dropped.
03/31/2007INDDarrell ReidDEArrestedDrugsAccused of marijuana possession in New Jersey after police said they saw small bag of it in the open door of his car.Resolution undetermined.
03/29/2007TBLionel GatesRBArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of hitting pregnant woman in argument about whether he was father of her child.Diversion program; anger management course; $3;200 in restitution.
03/26/2007DENBrandon MarshallWRArrestedDomestic violenceCharged with false imprisonment in dispute with girlfriend; accused of hitting her car window and blocking her taxi.Diversion program. Charge dropped if he completed anger management.
03/25/2007CARD'Anthony BatisteOGArrestedGunAfter being pulled over for dark window tint; he was accused of carrying a concealed weapon.Charge dropped
03/21/2007CINChris HenryWRCitedLicenseAccused of driving with a suspended license; seat-belt violation and making an improper turn. Vehicle impounded.Resolution undetermined.
03/19/2007NOE.J. KualeLBArrestedGun; drugsAccused of marijuana and illegal possession after his car was searched by police in Baton Rouge.Released by team two days later.
03/19/2007JACGerald SensabaughSArrestedGunPulled over for speeding in his BMW; he was charged with carrying a firearm without a permit in Tennessee.Charge dropped on permit.
03/18/2007MIAJoey PorterLBArrestedBatteryAccused of punching Bengals' offensive lineman Levi Jones at a blackjack table in Las Vegas.Pleaded no contest; $1;000 fine.
03/13/2007SEAJerramy StevensTEArrestedDUIPulled over in Scottsdale; Ariz.; accused of extreme drunken driving; marijuana possession. Blood-alcohol measured at .204.Guilty on three counts; 12 days in jail; $3;160 in fines.
03/10/2007JACCharles SharonWRArrestedGun; drugsAccused of stealing a Glock gun and carrying a concealed weapon in Tampa after police approached his parked car and said they smelled marijuana.Resolution undetermined.
03/04/2007PITDeshea TownsendCBArrestedAssaultAccused of taking part in brawl in Pittsburgh bar.Charged dropped for lack of evidence.
03/04/2007STLDominique ByrdTEArrestedDUIPulled over in Los Angeles; accused of drunken driving.Pleaded no contest; three years of probation; alcohol treatment.
02/27/2007ATLMichael VickQBCitedTrespassingAccused of fishing in a private lake in Virginia.Charged dropped.
02/20/2007INDDominic RhodesRBArrestedDUIPulled over for speeding; Rhodes was accused of operating a vehicle while intoxicated in Indiana.Pleaded guilty to reduced charge of reckless driving; $1;000 fine; two days in jail.
02/19/2007ATLJonathan BabineauxDTArrestedAnimal abuseAccused of killing girlfriend's pit bull in Georgia.Charge dropped after investigation determined it was self-defense.
02/10/2007MIAFred EvansDTArrestedDrugsAccused of marijuana possession in Colorado County; Texas.Pleaded no contest; $250 fine; one year deferred adjudication.
01/22/2007CINJohnathan JosephCBArrestedDrugsPulled over in Kentucky; where police accused him of marijuana possession in his backpack.Diversion program.
01/06/2007SDRyan KrauseTEArrestedDUIPulled over in Pacific Beach neighborhood of San Diego around 2 a.m.; accused of drunken driving.Pleaded guilty; volunteer service of 32 ours; $1;756 in fines and costs.
01/03/2007INDDeDe DorseyRBArrestedGunPulled over for speeding; he is accused of carrying a pistol without a permit.Resolution undetermined.
01/02/2007DETRoss VerbaOGArrestedOutstanding warrantPulled over for speeding in Wisconsin; he was arrested on warrant for writing bad checks in Las Vegas.Dropped after debt resolved;
01/01/2007MINTravis TaylorWRArrestedAssaultPolice used a Taser gun on him in scuffle outside Minneapolis nightclub. Accused of ignoring police orders and pushing an officer.Pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct; $1;000 fine; 48 hours community service; 90-day suspended sentence.
12/18/2006SDTerrance KielSCitedPublic urinationCited for relieving himself outside a club in San Diego.Charge dropped as he pleading guilty to other drug charges.
12/14/2006CHITerry JohnsonDTArrestedGunsIn police raid; police found six unregistered guns; which they said violated his previous probation stemming from a previous gun charge.Guilty of probation violation; served two months in jail; $2;500 fine. Suspended by NFL.
12/09/2006CINDeltha O'NealCBArrestedDUIPulled over at checkpoint near Cincinnati; he was accused of drunken driving.Pleaded guilty to reckless driving; $250 fine; $1;000 to MADD; three years of probation.
12/04/2006STLDominique ByrdTEArrestedAssaultAccused of hitting nightclub patron in the face with a drinking glass and grabbign a woman's buttocks.Pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors; two years probation; anger/alcohol treatment; $100;000 civil settlement.
12/03/2006CINReggie McNealWRArrestedDrugs; resisting arrestAccused of unruly behavior and resisting arrested after being denied entrance to Houston nightclub. Police also found sedative in his cigarette.Pleaded guilty; probation and fine.
11/27/2006SDCletis GordonCBArrestedDUIPulled over in San Diego after game against Oakland Raiders; accused of drunken driving.Charge dropped after blood-alcohol content measured below legal limit.
11/25/2006NYJAdrian JonesOTArrestedDUIPulled over for lane-change violation in New Jersey; he was was accused of drunken driving. Blood-alcohol content measured at .22.Pleaded guilty to related charge. Driver's license suspended. Fined $20;000 by team.
11/19/2006SFAntonio BryantWRArrestedDUIPulled over for speeding more than 100 mph in Lamborghini; accused of drunken driving in San Mateo; Calif. Refused sobriety test.Pleaded guilty to reckless driving; one year of probation; $1;312 fine.
11/14/2006HOUFred WearyCArrestedResisting arrestPulled over in Houston; he was Tasered by police and accused of resisting arrest. He later filed a civil rights suit against the police.Charges dropped.
11/11/2006DALMarcus ColemanSArrestedDUIPulled over in Irving; Texas; accused of drunken driving.Resolution undetermined.
11/10/2006JACKhalif BarnesOTArrestedDUIAfter being pulled over; he accused police officer of racism and called Jacksonville a hick town. Accused of drunken driving; he later apologized.Pleaded no contest; six months probation; 50 hours community service; $650 fines and costs.
11/05/2006BUFDonte WhitnerSArrestedDomestic disputeAccused of harrassment in a dispute at his residence involving girlfriend.Charge dropped.
10/26/2006TENAdam JonesCBCitedAssaultAccused of spitting in a woman's face at Nashville nightclub.Charge dropped because of inconsistent testimony.
10/26/2006TENRobert ReynoldsLBArrestedDomestic violenceCharged with domestic violence and criminal damaging in a dispute with his wife; whom he was divorcing.Pleaded guilty to smashing cell phone and punching hole in a wall; $300 fine.
10/22/2006JACBobby McCrayDEArrestedDrugsPulled over; accused of reckless driving and possession of a ydrocodone; a painkiller.Pleaded no contest to reckless driving; fined $1;000.
10/09/2006SDMarkus CurryCBArrestedDomestic violencePulled over; accused of injuring the mother of his child in the Gaslamp District of San Diego.Charge dropped after witnesses failed cooperate. Team released him hours later.
10/06/2006DETKenoy KennedySArrestedDUIPulled over in suburban Detroit; accused of drunken driving. Blood-alcohol content measured at .16.Pleaded guilty; 18 months probation; alcohol treatment; five days community service.
10/03/2006BALB.J. SamsWRArrestedDUIPulled over by police; who said they smelled alcohol; charged with drunken driving; lane violation.Acquitted on DUI charge; found guilty of lane violation; $90 fine.
09/27/2006DENSam BrandonSSurrenderedViolating court orderWarrant issued for alleged violatoin of restraining order and bond conditions stemming from arrest.Suspended two games for previous arrests.
09/26/2006KCJared AllenDEArrestedDUIAccused of second drunken-driving incident in five months. Also charged with speedingPleaded no contest. NFL suspended him two games.
09/26/2006SDTerrance KielSArrestedDrugsFederal drug authorities arrested him at Chargers facility; accused him of possessing and shipping codeine cough syrup.Pleaded guilty to felony and misdemeanor charges; 100 hours volunteer work. Died in 2008 car crash.
09/25/2006CINOdell ThurmanLBArrestedDUIPulled over; accused of drunk driving.Pleaded no contest; $250 fine; license suspended; 90-day suspended jail sentence.
09/03/2006SDSteve FoleyLBArrestedDUIShot by off-duty cop who followed him home and suspected him of driving drunk. Blood-alcohol level measured at .16.Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor; five years probation; alcohol testing; $1;756 fine. Never played again.
09/02/2006JACBrian WilliamsCBArrestedDUIAfter partying; he was pulled over and accused of drunken driving. Police said he smelled of alcohol.Acquitted at trial after first pleading no contest.
08/26/2006MINDwight SmithSArrestedSexAccused of indecent conduct after being found with woman in a hotel stairwell in Minneapolis.Pleaded guilty; $1075 in fines and costs; 16 hours of community service.
08/25/2006TENAdam JonesCBArrestedPublic intoxicationAccused of being drunk; shouting profanities and arguing with a woman outside club in Tennessee.Charges dropped on the condition he stays out trouble for six months.
08/15/2006MINKoren RobinsonWRArrestedDUIAccused of fleeing police and drunk driving after leading police on a high-speed chase in Minnesota.Pleaded no contest to felony in plea deal; 90-day jail sentence for probation violation stemming form previous DUI.
08/12/2006TENRandy StarksDTSurrenderedDomestic violenceAccused of beating fiancee; who lost some fingernails in the scuffle.Diversion program. Charge dropped if he undergoes counseling.
08/06/2006PITBarrett BrooksOTArrestedEvading policePolice said he recklessly drove his motorcycle; drove through stop signals and led them on a chase.Resolution undetermined.
08/05/2006CINEric SteinbachOGArrestedDUIAccused of drunken boating in Cincinnati; refusing breath test.Diversion program; 10 hours community service; safe boating class.
07/22/2006CHIJohn GilmoreTEArrestedDrugsAccused of refusing to leave bar in Chicago. After his arrest; police said they discovered marijuana.Resolution undetermined.
07/22/2006CINMatthias AskewDTArrestedResisting arrestAccused of refusing police orders; parking violations; resisting arrest and obstruction of police business in Cincinnati. He was subdued by Taser.Acquitted; he also won $500;000 award in civil lawsuit over incident. Cut by team three weeks after incident.
06/25/2006NEJohnathan SullivanDTArrestedDrugs; gunPulled over after police said he ran stop signs; accused of marijuana possessions. Sullivan gave police his gun during arrest and had permit for it.Charge dropped.
06/23/2006TENCortland FinneganCBArrestedDUIPulled over; refused breath test and accused of drunk driving.Pleaded guilty to reckless driving; six-month suspended sentence; 20 hours of community service.
06/22/2006NOJammal BrownOTArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of domestic battery in Louisiana after his wife called 911.Charge dropped.
06/21/2006CINFrostee RuckerDEChargedDomestic violenceAccused of fighting girlfriend at party in Los Angeles.Pleaded no contest to vandalism and false imprisonment; three years of probation; 750 hours of community service.
06/20/2006PHIJabar GaffneyWRChargedGunPulled over for driving erratically in New Jersey; charged with unlawful possession of a gun.Diversion program.
06/19/2006PITSantonio HolmesWRArrestedDomestic violenceMother of his children called 911 and said Holmes choked her and slammed her into a door in Ohio.Charge dropped after woman was reluctant to testify.
06/14/2006CINChris HenryWRSurrenderedAlcoholAccused of providing alcohol to minors in hotel room he rented in Covington; Ky.Pleaded guilty; two days in jail; with rest of 90-day jail sentence suspended.
06/13/2006INDCato JuneLBArrestedFailure to appearAccused of failing to appear in court on charge of driving with a suspended license.Resolution undetermined.
06/12/2006SDVincent JacksonWRArrestedDUIPulled over in San Diego; charged with drunk driving. Blood-alcohol measured at .13.Pleaded guilty; $1;750; five years of probation.
06/03/2006CINChris HenryWRArrestedDUIPulled over in Cincinnati for speeding; accused of drunk driving. Blood-alcohol measured at .09.Pleaded guilty to reckless operation of a vehicle; $250 fine; 30-day suspended sentence.
06/01/2006CINA.J. NicholsonLBChargedTheftAccused of stealing electronic equipment from former Florida State teammate.Pleaded no contest to burglary and theft; two months in a work program; two years of probation
05/27/2006PITSantonio HolmesWRArrestedDisorderly conductOne of hundreds of partiers arrested and accused of disorderly conduct in Miami Beach over Memorial Day weekend.Fined $250 and charge dropped.
05/26/2006GBCory RodgersWRArrestedGunAccused of firing a gun outside a nightclub in Fort Worth; Texas.Pleaded guilty to reduced charge in plea deal; 80 hours community service; 15 months of probation.
05/26/2006DENKarl PaymahCBArrestedDUIPolice said they found him asleep behind the wheel of his Land Rover off the road near Denver while vehicle was still running.Found guilty of driving under the influence; 24 hours of community service; $542 fine; alcohol treatment.
05/18/2006WASAtaveus CashWRArrestedLicensePulled over in Washington; D.C.; he was accused of driving without a valid license.Fined an undiclosed amount and released.
05/16/2006MIAKeith TraylorDTArrestedDUI; drugsPulled over in Oklahoma; accused of drunk driving; possession of a controlled substance and breaking smoke detector at jail.Sentenced to one year of probation; one year deferred sentence; paid $100 to replace smoke detector.
05/13/2006SEAWayne HunterOTArrestedAssasultPolice said Hunter and his brother got into a scuffle at a sports bar; knocked over a table and slammed a man down.Resolution undetermined. Released by team later that week.
05/12/2006TENAlbert HaynesworthDTSurrenderedReckless drivingWarrant issued after anoter motorist said Haynesworth tried to run him off the road with his truck.Charge dropped.
05/12/2006CLEReuben DroughnsRBArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of shoving his wife to the ground and locking her outside at his home near Denver.Charge dropped.
05/11/2006KCJared AllenDEArrestedDUIPulled over for speeding; accused of drunk driving in Overland Park; Kansas.Diversion program that barred him from drinking; but he later got arrested again in 2006.
04/23/2006CHIRicky ManningCBArrestedAssaultAccused of beating man at a Denny's restaurant near the UCLA campus.Pleaded no contest; 100 hours of community service; three years of probation. NFL one-game suspension.
04/21/2006SDSteve FoleyLBArrestedBattery; alcoholOfficers approached his car and accused him of resisting arrest; public intoxication and battery on officer in scuffle with police.Charge dropped.
04/14/2006SDShaun PhillipsLBArrestedResisting arrestAccused of obstructing police after an officer said he saw him pull a woman's head back by her hair in downtown San Diego.Charge dropped.
04/11/2006SEABryce FisherDEArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of twisting his wife's arm behind her back in a dispute.Charge dropped.
03/26/2006PHIDhani JonesLBChargedDisorderly conductAccused of not obeying a command to stop dancing in the street outside a Miami nightclub.Pleaded no contest; paid court costs and sentenced to withheld adjudictation.
03/23/2006TENAdam JonesCBChargedDrugsAccused of smoking marijuana after he emerged from Corvette reeking of marijuana. Officers were serving a warrant on his home in Georgia.Charge dropped.
02/18/2006PITTrai EssexOTArrestedDisorderly conductAccused of resisting an officer and disorderly conduct outside club in Miami.Charge dropped.
02/17/2006GBAhmad CarrollCBArrestedAssaultAccused of slapping the hand of an officer and disorderly conduct at a bar.Pleaded no contest to misdemeanor; $700 fine.
02/15/2006MIADamion McIntoshOTArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of pushing his wife at their home and causing her to hit her head.Charge dropped for lack of evidence.
02/12/2006CHITerry JohnsonDTArrestedAssaultAccused of aggravated assault; threatening police and resisting arrest at nightclub in Chicago.Charges dropped.
02/06/2006TENAdam JonesCBArrestedDrugsAccused of throwing a punch at an officer and marijuana possession in Fayetteville; Ga. He had been in his parked Bentley.Pleaded no contest to obstructing police; three years of probation; $500 fine.
01/28/2006CINChris HenryWRArrestedGunAccused of raising a gun in a fight outside of a club in Orlando; Fla. The gun had been listed as stolen.Pleaded guilty to concealed weapons charge; 100 hours of community service; two years of probation.
01/19/2006KCGreg WesleySArrestedDisorderly conductAccused of threating to hit a bouncer at bar in Kansas City.Charge dropped after bouncer failed to testify.
01/15/2006SEASean LocklearOTArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of grabbing his girlfriend in dispute after getting upset with her for dancing with another man at a club.Diversion program; community service.
01/09/2006JACReggie WilliamsWRArrestedDrugsPulled over for running a red light; accused of marijuana possession; driving with a suspended license.Diversion program; community service.
12/30/2005DALTerry GlennWRCitedDisorderly conduct; alcoholAccused of public intoxication and urinating behind dumpster at fast-food restaurant.Resolution undetermined.
12/15/2005MINBryant McKinnieOTChargedDisorderly conduct; sexOne of four Vikings accused of taking part in "love boat" ride on Lake Minnetonka with naked dancers and sex acts; disorderly and lewd conduct.Pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and being a public nuisance; 48 hours community service; $1;000 fine.
12/15/2005CINChris HenryWRArrestedDrugsPulled over for speeding in Covington; Ky.; accused of marijuana possession.Pleaded guilty; $250 fine; a month in drug rehab.
12/15/2005MINDaunte CulpepperQBChargedDisorderly conduct; sexOne of four Vikings accused of taking part in "love boat" ride on Lake Minnetonka with naked dancers and sex acts; disorderly and lewd conduct.Charge dropped.
12/15/2005MINFred SmootCBChargedDisorderly conduct; sexOne of four Vikings accused of taking part in "love boat" ride on Lake Minnetonka with naked dancers and sex acts; disorderly and lewd conduct.Pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and being a public nuisance; 48 hours community service; $1;000 fine.
12/15/2005MINMoe WilliamsRBChargedDisorderly conduct; sexOne of four Vikings accused of taking part in "love boat" ride on Lake Minnetonka with naked dancers and sex acts; disorderly and lewd conduct.Found guilty of disorderly conduct; 30 hours community service; $300 fine.
11/25/2005KCLionel DaltonDTArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of domestic battery in incident with his wife on Thanksgiving.Charged dropped when she did not testify.
11/09/2005NOFakhir BrownCBArrestedDUIPulled over in San Antonio; accused of driving while intoxicated.Charge dropped.
11/01/2005CLEReuben DroughnsRBArrestedDUIPulled over in Ohio; accused of speeding; failing breath test and drunk driving. Blood-alcohol measured at .08.Acquitted at trial.
10/31/2005SDDerreck RobinsonDEArrestedDUIAccused of drunken driving after police heard single-car crash into center divider on interstate highway near La Mesa; Calif.Guilty; six-month suspended sentence; five years of probation; $1;850 fine.
10/26/2005NOCourtney WatsonLBArrestedDUIPulled over in San Antonio; accused of driving while intoxicated and having an open alcohol container.Pleaded no contest; probation; $1;365 fines and costs.
09/26/2005MINBryant McKinnieOTArrestedDisorderly conductAccused of getting into a scuffle and refusing to leave a gas station and deli in Minneapolis.Charge dropped.
09/26/2005MINMarcus JohnsonOGArrestedDisorderly conductAccused of getting into a scuffle and refusing to leave a gas station and deli in Minneapolis.Charge dropped.
09/23/2005DEND.J. WilliamsLBArrestedDUIAccused of drunk driving in Douglas County; Colo.Pleaded guilty to impaired driving; probation; 24 hours of community service.
09/13/2005TBTorrie CoxCBArrestedDUIPulled over after police said his 2005 Dodge Magnum was drifting. Police said they smelled alcohol and accused him of drunk driving.Pleaded no contest; community service; alcohol treatment.
09/12/2005KCLarry JohnsonRBChargedDomestic violenceAccused of domestic abuse in scuffle with his girlfriend at a bar. Police said he shoved her to the floor.Charge dropped after woman declined to testify.
08/28/2005MINKevin WilliamsDTArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of domestic assault in dispute with his wife at his home.Pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct; $1;000 fine; one year of probation.
08/17/2005KCLawrence TynesKArrestedBatteryAccused of breaking a bouncer's nose in a fight in a bar in River Falls; Wis.Pleaded to a reduced charge; fined $397.
08/15/2005BALB.J. SamsWRArrestedDUIPulled over; accused of drunk driving in Maryland.Pleaded to charge of driving while impaired; probation.
08/14/2005KCGreg WesleySArrestedDisorderly conduct; alcoholAccused of getting into drunken confrontation with police at Minneapolis hotel along with teammate Junior Siavii.Diversion program; $500 in costs.
08/14/2005KCJunior SiaviiDTArrestedDisorderly conduct; alcoholAccused of throwing objects; getting into drunken confrontation with police at Minneapolis hotel along with teammate Greg Wesley.Pleaded guilty to causing "assault fear;" 80 hours of community service.
07/15/2005ATLRod ColemanDTArrestedDisorderly conductPulled over for speeding in DeKalb; Ga.; accused of getting irritated at police and asking; "Do you know who I am? I play for the Falcons."Pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct; $1;000 fine; six months of probation.
07/13/2005TENAdam JonesCBSurrenderedAssaultAccused of assault and vandalism after being asked to leave club in Nashville.Charges dropped after nightclub manager said he didn't want to pursue it.
07/10/2005MIARandy McMichaelTEArrestedDomestic violence; alcoholWitnesses said he gave his wife a bloody nose in Georgia. He acknowledged drinking and was accused of battery and criminal trespass.Pleaded guilty to criminal trespass; three months of probation; $500 fine.
07/04/2005DENSam BrandonSArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of third-degree assault and causing property damage in domestic incident in Douglas County; Colo.NFL suspended him two games in 2007.
06/25/2005DETDavid KircusWRArrestedDUIPulled over in Ottawa County; Mich.; for driving erratically; accused of drunk driving. Blood-alcohol at .15.Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor; $850 in fines and costs; one day in jail with credit for time served.
06/23/2005MIAQuintin WilliamsSArrestedDUIPulled over near team practice facilility after being clocked at 111 mph; accused of drunk driving and drag racing.Pleaded guilty to reckless driving; six months of probation and cut by the team a day later.
06/11/2005CHITerry JohnsonDTArrestedGunPolice found a loaded 9mm gun in his car he was driving outside a nightclub.Pleaded guilty to gun charge; $2;500 fine; 18 months of probation; 40 hours of community service.
06/04/2005INDNick HarperCBArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of hitting his wife several times.Diversion program.
06/04/2005WASSean TaylorSArrestedGun; assaultAccused of assault and pointing a gun in a confrontation over his all-terrain vehicles.Pleaded no contest to two misdemeanors; 18 months of probation; $1;000 to schools.
05/29/2005DETKalimba EdwardsDEArrestedResisting arrestPulled over my Michigan state police; accused of resisting arrest and failing to produce a driver's license. Police pepper-sprayed him.Pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct; $820 in fines and costs; one year of probation.
05/29/2005INDMike DossSArrestedGunAccused of firing a gun outside a restaurant in Akron; Ohio.Pleaded guilty to carrying a concealed weapon and discharging a gun in city limits; 40 hours community service.
05/20/2005CLEKellen Winslow Jr.TECitedReckless drivingAccused of disregarding safety in motorcycle accident near his home. He tore up his knee in the accident; causing him to miss the season.Pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge; fined.
05/12/2005TENTyrone CalicoWRCitedSexAccused of having sex with a woman in the back seat of his Escalade.Charge dropped.
05/06/2005SEAKoren RobinsonWRArrestedDUIPulled over in Seattle suburb; accused of drunk driving. Blood-alcohol of .191Pleaded guilty; two years probation; one day in jail; fined $2; 137.
04/25/2005GBAhman GreenRBArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of domestic abuse in argument with his wife; who called the authorities on him.Diversion program; 100 hours community service; violence counseling.
03/18/2005JACTommy HendricksLBArrestedViolating court orderAccused of violating restraining order by calling his ex-wife.Team released him a week later.
03/14/2005TENBrad HopkinsOTArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of assaulting his wife.Pleaded guilty; one year probation; $10;000 donation to charity; anger management course; one-game suspension.
03/04/2005ARILarry NedRBArrestedTheftAccused of stealing another traveler's computer at an airport security checkpoint.Released by team immediately.
03/01/2005TBDwight SmithSArrestedGunAccused of pulling a pellet gun on fans who approached him in the drive-thru line at a McDonald's. Charged with aggravated assault.Charge dropped.
02/24/2005MINKelly CampbellWRArrestedGun; drugsPulled over and accused of marijuana possession and a gun that was reported stolen.Pleaded to charge in deal with prosecutors.
02/17/2005TENTank WilliamsSArrestedDUIPulled over in Nashville after police said he failed to fully stop at stop sign; accused of drunken driving.Pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment; required to complete alcohol safety program.
02/14/2005TENSamari RolleCBArrestedDomestic violenceIn Valentine's Day dispute with his wife; he was accused of assaulting here. She was treated for a cut above her eye.Diversion program; $10;000 donation to battered women; counseling and probation.
02/04/2005NYGFrank WalkerCBArrestedGun; stolen possessionAccused of possesing a stolen vehicle in Atlanta; where police said they also found a gun for which he had a permit.Charges dropped; described as a misunderstanding by Walker.
01/21/2005CHIDavid TerrellWRArrestedViolating court orderAccused of showing up four hours later to his court date on license and traffic violations.Pleaded guilty to driving on a suspended license; six months of probation; $1;050 fine.
01/01/2005INDMontae ReagorDTSurrenderedHarassmentAccused of harassing and threatening the life of telephone to former girlfriend in Colorado.Resolution undetermined.
01/01/2005DENWillie MiddlebrooksCBArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of beating up his girlfriend after his girlfriend called police and said he struck her and choked her at home near Denver.Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault; nine months of domestic violence classes; 18-month deferred sentence.
12/20/2004OAKCharles WoodsonSArrestedAlcoholBriefly jailed in downtown Oakland after allegedly refusing to leave a woman's car around 4 a.m.; accused of being drunk in public.Charges dropped.
12/20/2004OAKMarques AndersonSArrestedAlcoholBriefly jailed in downtown Oakland after allegedly refusing to leave a woman's car around 4 a.m.; accused of being drunk in public.Charges dropped.
12/15/2004CARTodd SauerbrunPArrestedDUIPulled over in Charlotte; accused of speeding and drunk driving.Pleaded guilty to driving while impaired; $100 fine; one year of probation; 30-day driving ban in state.
12/04/2004TBTorrie CoxCBArrestedDUIPulled over in Tampa about 3 a.m.; accused of drunk driving.Pleaded guilty to reckless driving; probation; benched.
12/03/2004HOUBryan PittmanCArrestedDUIAccused of driving while intoxicated.Acquitted.
11/16/2004CHIDavid TerrellWRArrestedReckless drivingPulled over in Chicago; accused of reckless driving; driving with a suspended license and failure to yield.Pleaded guilty to driving on a suspended license; six months of probation; $1;050 fine.
11/16/2004CLEPaul ZukauskasOGArrestedDUIPulled over in Ohio; accused of drunk driving and failing sobriety tests.Acquitted. NFL suspended him one game.
11/06/2004ATLMatt SchaubQBSurrenderedAssaultAccused of being one of three men to assault a man in Virginia outside a campus restaurant.Acquitted by judge.
10/28/2004WASSean TaylorSArrestedDUIPulled over for speeding; accused of drunk driving and refusing to take a breath test in Virginia.Acquitted.
10/22/2004CARJarrod CooperSArrestedFalse informationPulled over in North Carolina; accused of providing false information to police.Resolution undetermined. Team released him within a week.
10/19/2004MIADavid BostonWRArrestedAssaultAccused of punching an airline ticket agent who wouldn't let him board a plane at an airport in Burlington; Vt.Pleaded no contest; fined $500 and $211 in restitution.
10/05/2004CINJustin SmithDEArrestedDUIPulled over for weaving near Dayton; Ohio; accused of drunk driving. Blood-alcohol content measured at .152.Pleaded guilty; three-day weekend intervention; $300 fine; $94 in court costs.
09/20/2004KCEric WarfieldCBArrestedDUIPulled over in Overland Park; Kan.; accused of drunk driving; his third DUI arrest. Blood-alcohol measured at .189. TPleaded no contest to felony; 80 days of house arrest; 10 days in jail; $1;500 fine; suspended four games.
07/18/2004NEMarquise WalkerWRArrestedDUIAccused of drunk driving in Tampa; Fla.; after rear-ending another car. Blood-alcohol measured at .179.Team released him within a week.
06/29/2004MIARandy McMichaelTEArrestedDomestic violenceIn Fort Lauderdale; Fla.; he was accused of hitting his wife; who was six months pregnant.Charge dropped.
06/27/2004JACChris NaeoleOGArrestedDisorderly conductAccused of getting into a shoving match with employees at a bar in Jacksonville Beach; he was subdued by police using a Taser.Charge dropped.
06/27/2004ARIWendell BryantDTArrestedDUIPulled over in Madison; Wis.; accused of several traffic violations and drunk driving.Pleaded no contest; $660 in fines and court costs; driver's license suspended for six months; suspended four games.
06/06/2004MINE.J. HendersonLBArrestedAssaultAccused of assaulting a man outside a nightclub in the Minneapolis Warehouse District along with two teammates.Charge dropped.
06/06/2004MINMike NattielLBArrestedAssaultAccused of assaulting a man outside a nightclub in the Minneapolis Warehouse District along with two teammates.Charge dropped.
06/06/2004MINSteve FarmerTEArrestedAssaultAccused of assaulting a man outside a nightclub in the Minneapolis Warehouse District along with two teammates.Charge dropped.
06/03/2004KCCliff CrosbyCBArrestedDisorderly conductAccused of screaming and swearing at police in Erie; Pa.; after being stuck in traffic.Pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct; $125.50 in costs; 25 hours of community service.
06/02/2004DENSam BrandonSArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of misdemeanor child abuse and criminal mischief in domestic dispute.Charges dropped.
05/25/2004DETBrock MarionSChargedTheftAccused of bilking his car insurance company out of $54;000 by falsely claiming his car was stolen in 2003.Pleaded no contest; four years probation; $54;000 in restitution; $10;000 to the American Red Cross.
05/06/2004HOUMarcus ColemanSArrestedDUIAccused of hitting a curb with his Mercedes; failing a sobriety test and drunk driving in Houston.Found guilty by jury; three days in jail; $2;000 fine and a one-year suspension of his driver's license.
04/27/2004NOJay BellamySArrestedDUIPulled over about 12:50 a.m.; accused of drunk driving in his 2002 Cadillac.Resolution undetermined.
04/24/2004STLLeonard LittleDEArrestedDUIPulled over about 3:45 a.m. near St. Louis; accused of speeding and drunk driving. He previously drove drunk in 1998 accident that killed a woman.Acquitted on drunk-driving charge by jury; convicted of speeding.
04/20/2004BALCorey FullerCBArrestedGambling; gunAccused of hosting lucrative card games at his house; where police raid found him carrying a holstered gun.Acquitted by jury. He had a permit for the gun.
04/17/2004NETy LawCBArrestedResisting arrestPolice tried to stop his Rolls-Royce for a lance violation in Miami before he sped away.Charge dropped.
04/10/2004MINE.J. HendersonLBArrestedDUIPulled over in Interstate 95 in Maryland; accused of drunk driving.Convicted; two years of probation; $1;020 in fines and costs; ordered to attend shock trauma tour at hospital.
04/03/2004INDJoseph JeffersonCBArrestedDUIAccused of drunk driving after driving his Chevrolet Impala into a ditch in Indiana. Blood-alcohol measured at .15.Pleaded guilty; sentenced to 30 days in jail before he sought a new attorney and new trial.
03/15/2004GBJoe JohnsonDEArrestedViolating court orderAccused of contempt of court after not showing up for a hearing on marijuana charge from May 2003.Resolution undetermined. Bond doubled to $3;375 after hearing with the judge.
03/02/2004NYGDavid TyreeWRArrestedDrugsPulled over for speeding in New Jersey; accused of having a half pound of marijuana in his car with intent to distribute.Pleaded to a reduced charge; probation; treatment; night in jail.
02/25/2004BALJamal LewisRBIndictedDrugsFederal indictment accused him of drug dealing and cocaine possession in Atlanta.Pleaded guilty to using a cell phone to set up a drug deal; sentenced to four months in prison; suspended two games.
02/15/2004TENJason GesserQBArrestedDUIPulled over in Honululu for running a red light; accused of drunk driving.Pleaded guilty; 14 hours of alcohol abuse classes; $150 fine; $307 in court fees; 30-day license suspension.
02/02/2004CINLevi JonesOTArrestedObstructionAccused of trying to take a baton from a police officer in a melee outside a club in Houston.Charge dropped.
01/14/2004SFJeff GarciaQBArrestedDUIPulled over in San Jose; accused of drunk driving. Blood-alcohol measured at .219.Pleaded guilty; three years of probation; $1;491 fine; eight days of community service.
12/05/2003KCLarry JohnsonRBChargedDomestic violence; gunAccused of brandishing a gun during a dispute with his girlfriend; felony aggravated assault.Diversion program; 120 hours of community service in exchange for dropping the case. Anger-management class.
12/02/2003CINJames LynchFBArrestedPublic intoxicationAccused of public urination; resisting arrest; eluding police and driving with a suspended license. Police used chemical irritant to subdue him.Pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct; two years of probation; 10 days in jail.
11/18/2003MINKenny MixonDEArrestedDUIPulled over in Deephaven; Min.; accused of drunken driving. It was his third drunken driving arrest in the county in 16 months.Found guilty; 216 hours of community service; 30 days in the county workhouse; 60 days house arrest.
11/17/2003INDJoseph JeffersonCBArrestedDUI; gunAccused of drunken driving in Bowling Green; Ky.; after police saw him driving in a parking lot. He also had a gun on the passenger seat.Pleaded guilty to driving with a suspended license.
11/17/2003MINKevin WilliamsDTArrestedDUIPulled over in Edina; Min.; accused of drunk driving. Blood-alcohol measured at .14.Pleaded guilty to careless driving; $300 fine; 30-day suspended sentence.
10/27/2003CLEWilliam GreenRBArrestedDUI; drugsPulled over; accused of drunk driving and having a bag of marijuana in his car. Blood-alcohol measured at .165.Convicted; sentenced to three days in jail in February. NFL suspension of four games.
10/26/2003JAXT.J. SlaughterLBArrestedAssault; gunAccused of aggravated assault after two teens said he pointed a gun at them on a highway in verbal dispute. Police found the gun in his car.Diversion program. Released by team a day later.
10/21/2003NEKenyatta JonesOTArrestedAssaultAccused of throwing a cup of hot water on his house guest.Pleaded no contest; one year of probation. Team released him five days later.
10/11/2003ATLJuran BoldenCBArrestedTheft; drugsAccused of driving stoken 2000 GMC Denali vehicle; possession of marijuana in Atlanta.Pleaded no contest to felony possession of stolen vehicle; misdemeanor stolen tags; three years probation; $3;000.
10/07/2003CHIRabih AbdullahRBArrestedDUIPolice said his SUV rolled over and gave him a concussion; accused him of drunk driving.Pleaded guilty to DUI; sentenced to one year of probation; #1;344 fines and costs.
10/01/2003NYJJohn AbrahamDEArrestedDUIAccused of refusing a sobriety test; drunk driving after crashing Hummer into fire hydrant in Baldwin; N.Y.Pleaded guilty to reduced charge of driving while impaired; fined $330; benched by team for one game.
09/20/2003OAKSebastian JanikowskiKArrestedAssault; alcoholAccused of misdemeanor assault; vandalism and public drunkenness after fight at supper club in Walnut Creek; Calif.Charges dropped for lack of evidence.
09/16/2003CARJarrod CooperSArrestedDUI; drugsPulled over for speeding; accused of drunk driving; possession of a controlled substance (Xanax) without a prescription.Pleaded guilty to driving while impaired; one year deferred sentence; one year probation; four-game NFL suspension.
09/14/2003SDMatt WilhelmLBArrestedDUIPolice suspected him of drunk driving in San Diego. He acknowledged making a mistake.Found guilty; five years probation; $1;700 fine; 180-day suspended jail sentence.
09/10/2003BUFRodney WrightWRArrestedDUIAccused of refusing breath test; drunk driving; driving without a license and unsafe lane changes after three-car accident in which three were hurt.Resolution undetermined. Released by team within hours.
08/21/2003SDLeonardo CarsonDTArrestedBurglary; assaultOn leave from team to attend his grandfather's funeral; he was accused of breaking into a woman's apartment and assaulting her in Mobile; Ala.Pleaded guilty; sentenced to 30 days in jail.
08/18/2003BALChris McAlisterCBArrestedDUIAccused of drunk driving in Northern Virginia; forcing him to miss team practice.Charge dropped for lack of evidence.
07/25/2003MINMike NattielLBArrestedDUIAccused of drunk driving in Minnesota just hours before he was to report to the start of training camp in Mankato.Pleaded guilty to careless driving; 30-day suspended sentence; one year of probation.
07/15/2003SEAWayne HunterOTArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of assaulting his pregnant girlfriend; who had been carrying for eight months.Diversion program. Domestic-violence counseling.
07/12/2003MINBryant McKinnieOTArrestedObstructionAccused of interfering with police in Miami; where he played college football.Charge dropped.
07/04/2003DENDwayne CarswellTEArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of choking and biting his girlfriend outside a nightclub in Atlanta and also obstructing police.Pleaded guilty to batter; one year of probation; one-game NFL suspension.
05/31/2003TBMichael PittmanRBArrestedDomestic violencePolice said he rammed his Hummer into his wife's Mercedes; which was carrying his 2-year-old child and a babysitter in Phoenix.Pleaded guilty to felony endangerment; 14 days in jail.
05/25/2003WASJermaine HaleyDTArrestedDUIPulled over in Miami; accused of drunk driving and property damage after hitting another car with his Land Rover.Pleaded no contest to reduced charge of reckless driving; one year probation; ordered to donate $3;000.
05/22/2003GBJoe JohnsonDEArrestedDrugsPulled over in Georgia after police saw his hazard lights flashing in a turn lane; accused of marijuana possession.Resolution undetermined. He later failed to show up for court on the charge.
05/22/2003NYGKeith HamiltonDTArrestedDrugsPulled over for window-tint violation; accused of cocaine and marijuana possession.Pleaded guilty to cocaine possession; three years of probation; 1;000 community service; retired from NFL.
05/22/2003TENSteve McNairQBArrestedDUI; gunPulled over in Nashville; accused of drunk driving. Police also found pistol in his Lincoln Navigator.Charges dropped after the judge said police didn't have sufficient reason to stop him.
05/03/2003HOURamon WalkerSArrestedAlcoholAccused of public intoxication and trespassing at a nightclub in Houston after he and a friend denied entry around midnight.Resolution undetermined.
04/27/2003WASBruce SmithDEArrestedDUIPulled over for speeding in Virginia Beach; accused of drunk driving and failing a sobriety test. Blood-alcohol measured at .07.Acquitted by judge.
04/16/2003TBDwight SmithSArrestedGunAccused of flashing a gun at another motorist in Clearwater; Fla.; during traffic dispute.Pleaded guilty to brandishing gun; 25 hours of community service; one year of probation; $225 fine.
04/03/2003SEAJerramy StevensTEArrestedDUIPulled over in Medina; Wash.; for rolling through a stop sign; accused of drunk driving. Blood-alcohol measured at .14.Pleaded guilty to reckless driving; two days in jail; 25 hours of community service; $1;000 fine.
03/29/2003BALTerrell SuggsLBChargedAssaultAccused of felony aggravated assault after a fight near Phoenix stadium. Suggs claimed he was hit over the head with an iron rod.Acquitted by jury. He had a permit for the gun.
03/13/2003KCEric WarfieldCBArrestedDUIAccused of failing to maintain a single lane and drunk driving in Overland Park; Kan.Pleaded no contest; 175 days of parole; two days in jail; three days under house arrest.
02/14/2003DALPeppi ZellnerDEArrestedDrugsAccused of cocaine possession; intent to distribute; after police in Georgia said they saw a package thrown from his car.Charge dropped after his brother took responsibility.
02/01/2003SEAKoren RobinsonWRArrestedDisorderly conductAccused of being unruly and failing to disperse after being told to leave the street outside a crowded nightclub in Durham; N.C.Resolution undetermined.
01/14/2003DALDwayne GoodrichCBChargedManslaughterAccused killing two people in hit-and-run accident while speeding in BMW. The victims had been trying to help pull another driver from a burning car.Convicted; sentenced to 7.5 years in prison; released on parole in 2011.
01/04/2003CHIDamon MooreSArrestedDUIAccused of driving wrong way on highway ramp in Columbus; Ohio; drunk driving; causing minor accident. Blood-alcohol measured at .18.Found guilty; community service; released from team in April 2003.
01/03/2003MINKenny MixonDEArrestedDUIPulled over for speeding shortly after 3 a.m.; accused of drunken driving; refusing sobriety test.Acquitted by jury.
12/28/2002DENJohn MobleyLBArrestedDUIAccused of speeding and driving drunk south of Denver. He failed a sobriety test.Convicted; sentenced to seven days in jail; 100 hours of public service; two years probation.
11/28/2002CARLamar SmithRBArrestedDUIPulled over by a state trooper in Mecklenburg County; accused of driving while impaired; speeding and reckless driving.Resolution undetermined. Team placed him on paid leave the next day and released him in March 2003.
11/22/2002CARSteve SmithWRArrestedAssaultAccused of striking teammate Anthony Bright in a team film meeting. Bright ended up on the hospital and required facial surgery.Diversion program; anger counseling; one-game suspension by team.
11/20/2002CARChris TerryOTArrestedFailure to appearAccused of failing to appear in court as scheduled on domestic violence charge from July 2002.Guilty. Team released him within hours.
11/18/2002NOVictor RileyOTArrestedDUIPulled over in New Orleans; accused of disobeying traffic signals and driving while intoxicated. Taken to jail at 2:25 a.m.Resolution undetermined.
10/26/2002NODeuce McAllisterRBArrestedLicensePulled over for allegedly driving 70 mph in a 40-mph zone on the way to team practice facility; accused of driving with a suspended license.Pleaded guilty on license charge; fined.
10/18/2002CHIBryan RobinsonDEArrestedDUIPulled over at 2:30 a.m.; accused of driving with a suspended license; drunk driving and refusing a breath test; his second DUI arrest since June.Pleaded guilty; 360 hours of community service; alochol treatment; 18 months probation.
10/07/2002CLEDarren HambrickLBArrestedTheftAccused of felony grand theft after he cashed a $5;682 check from the Carolina Panthers; then said he never received it and cashed the reissued check.Pleaded no contest; 20 hours of community service; one year of probation.
10/02/2002OAKSebastian JanikowskiKArrestedDUIPulled over in Oakland; accused of drunk driving. Blood-alcohol measured at .20.Pleaded no contest to misdemeanor DUI; three years of probation; $1;292 fine; DUI school.
09/25/2002KCLew BushLBArrestedDUIPulled over and ticketed for straddling a lane; accused of drunk driving; refusing sobriety test.Guilty; driver's license suspended.
09/24/2002MINRandy MossWRArrestedReckless driving; drugsAccused of careless driving after the officer stepped in front of his car to prevent illegal turn. Moss pushed cop with car; where marijuana was found.Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor careless driving; 40 hours of community service; 30-day jail sentence stayed.
08/31/2002KCWillie RoafOTArrestedDUIPulled over; accused of drunk driving in Wyandotte County; Kan.Diversion program.
08/25/2002OAKDarrell RussellDTArrestedDUIPulled over for speeding in Nevada; accused of drunk driving and failing a sobriety test after visiting a brothel.Pleaded guilty; ordered to attend DUI school; 48 hours of community service.
07/25/2002CARChris TerryOTArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of assault by his wife; who told police he pushed her up against a wall.Diversion program; counseling and community service in exchange for deferred prosecution.
07/23/2002MINKenny MixonDEArrestedDUIPulled over in Deephaven; Min.; accused of drunken driving; refusing sobriety test.Pleaded guilty; 30 days in the county workhouse or 16 days of community service within three months.
07/18/2002MIADerrick RodgersLBArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of attacking his wife and another man at a Miami restaurant after suspecting they were involved in an affair.Pleaded no contest; 26 domestic violence classes; 100 hours of community service; one-game suspension.
07/13/2002BUFCharlie RogersRBArrestedAssaultAccused of punching a cop and resisting arrest in brawl at a go-go bar in New Jersey.Acquitted.
07/12/2002PITMarvel SmithOTArrestedDrugsAccused of marijuana possession at a hotel room in Tempe; Ariz.; after police were called about the smell.Charge dropped.
07/08/2002GBNajeh DavenportRBArrestedBurglaryAccused of breaking into a woman's dorm room at Barry University in Miami and defecating in her laundry basket.Diversion program. Charge dropped in exchange for community service.
07/06/2002NYJAaron BeasleyCBChargedBatteryAccused of simple battery in bar fight in Jacksonville.Dropped.
07/06/2002SFMike RumphCBArrestedDUIPulled over after police said he ran stop signs in his Escalade; accused of drunk driving in Miami.Acquitted.
07/02/2002BUFRodney WrightWRArrestedReckless drivingAccused of hit-and-run after he crashed his SUV into a van in Fresno; Calif.Pleaded no contest to leaving the scene of an accident; three years of probation.
06/26/2002BUFSheldon JacksonTEArrestedDrugs; licensePulled over in Illinois; accused of possessing 2.5 grams of marijuana and driving with a suspended license .Guilty; paid fines.
06/23/2002CHIBryan RobinsonDEArrestedDUIAccused of drunk driving in Lake County; Ill.Pleaded guilty; driver's license suspended.
06/18/2002MIARicky WilliamsRBCitedLicensePulled over in Fort Lauderdale; accused of acting incoherently and driving his Hummer with expired tags; no license or proof of insurance. Handcuffed and ticketed.Guilty on traffic tickets.
06/13/2002CHIDavid TerrellWRArrestedBatteryAccused of getting into an altercation with a parking valet at a Chicago nightclub. He believed his car was stolen.Charge dropped.
06/12/2002INDJoseph JeffersonCBArrestedGunPolice spotted a gun in his car and accused of him carrying a firearm without a license.Resolution undetermined.
05/24/2002SFJeremy NewberryOCArrestedAssaultAccused of hitting a woman several times in the face on a boat in Lake Berryessa. His sister was also accused of joining in.Charge dropped.
05/18/2002SFVinny SutherlandWRArrestedDUIAccused of a hit-and-run accident and drunk driving in Saratoga. Two teammates suffered minor injuries in the wreck.Pleaded no contest; sentenced to 20 days in Santa Clara County jail. It was his second DUI in 10 months.
05/11/2002PITPlaxico BurressWRArrestedPublic intoxicationAccused of being drunk in public and causing disturbances in Virginia Beach.Deferred disposition. Charged dropped if he stays clean for a year.
03/27/2002INDDominic RhodesRBArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of hitting and shoving his live-in girlfriend in Indiana.Diversion program; $150 fee; counseling and treatment.
03/13/2002ARIDavid BostonWRArrestedDUI; drugsAccused of driving under the influence of cocaine and marijuana after testing positive for those drugs. He was arrested at his home after two people called 911.Pleaded no contest to misdemeanors; suspended sentence.
02/24/2002MIARicky WilliamsRBArrestedReckless drivingPulled over; arrested and accused of driving 126 mph on Interstate 10 in Louisiana.Pleaded to a reduced charge of speeding; $500 fine.
02/08/2002CARJarrod CooperSArrestedDUIAccused of drunk driving; losing control of his car in a single-car accident in North Carolina. Blood-alcohol measured at .18.Pleaded no contest; one year of probation; 90-day suspended sentence; $800 fine.
02/04/2002SDLeonardo CarsonDTArrestedAssault; gunAccused of pulling a gun at a car repair shop in Mobile; Ala. Shop employee said Carson threatened him in argument over repairs.Charge dropped.
02/01/2002OAKDarrell RussellDTArrestedSexual assaultAccused of drugging a woman and filming her rape by two associates in Alameda; Calif.Charges dropped for lack of evidence.
01/20/2002CARMuhsin MuhammadWRArrestedDrugs; gunPulled over for speeding in North Carolina; accused of marijuana possession and carrying a concealed weapon.Pleaded guilty; 30-day suspended sentence; $150 fine; one year of probation.
01/19/2002SDJeff GrahamWRArrestedGunAccused of carrying a concealed weapon in Dayton; Ohio; after police searched his truck. He was parked and talking on the phone when police approached.Charge dropped.
12/28/2001NOAlbert ConnellWRSurrenderedTheftAccused of taking $3;500 from car of teammate Deuce McAllister and $863 from his locker. He claimed it was a prank.Charge dropped after he returend the money; and McAllister declined to press charges. Team released him Feb. 28
12/27/2001NEBobby HamiltonDEArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of domestic assault in dispute with his wife; who showed no sign of injury; according to police.Charge dropped.
12/24/2001PITPlaxico BurressWRCitedAlcoholCited for carrying an open container of alcohol (beer) in the Cleveland warehouse district.Pleaded no contest; $50 fine; $100 court costs.
12/18/2001KCEric WarfieldCBArrestedDUIPulled over after police saw him weaving in traffic; accused of drunk driving in Lenexa; Kan.Diversion program; later revoked when he was arrested again in 2003.
12/09/2001CINNeil RackersKChargedAssaultAccused of choking man at a sports bar in Covington; Ky.; after the man allegedly insulted Rackers' wife and mother.Diversion program. Charge dropped in exchange for confidential settlement with victim.
12/07/2001CLEO.J. SantiagoTESummonedDrugsPolice searched teammate Gerard Warren's car and found marijuana; which they said belonged to Santiago.Guilty of disorderly conduct; $366 fine.
11/20/2001PHIDamon MooreSChargedAnimal abuseAccused of abandoning Rottweiler puppy in a New Jersey field three days after buying it. He found the dog to be too much trouble.Pleaded guilty; 15 hours of community service and animal center; $2;000 fine.
11/20/2001CLEGerard WarrenDTArrestedGunAccused of carrying an unlicensed gun after police spotted a holster in his Suburban parked outside a nightclub party for Plaxico Burress.Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor gun charge; one year of probation.
11/19/2001CLELamar ChapmanCBArrestedDrugsPulled over as passenger in Mike Sellers' car; accused of marijuana and cocaine possession.Pleaded guilty to possession of drug paraphernalia.
11/19/2001CLEMike SellersFBArrestedDUI; drugsPulled over in Cleveland with teammate Lamar Champan; accused of speeding; drunk driving and marijuana and cocaine possesssion.Pleaded guilty to drunk driving. Team cut him a week after arrest.
11/16/2001PHITerrence CarrollSArrestedDrugsPolice caught him smoking marijuana in the back of a car; accused of misdemeanor drug possession.Diversion program; one month of probation; 10 hours of community service; substance-abuse class.
11/11/2001JAXJimmy SmithWRArrestedDUIPulled over for speeing in Jacksonville; accused of drunk driving. Tests later showed cocained in his system. Blood-alcohol measured below limit at .05.Charge dropped.
10/26/2001BUFTravis HenryRBChargedSexAccused of attempting to have sex with a 15-year-old girl; who claimed she was almost 18.Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor sexual misconduct; 100 hours of community service.
10/14/2001NYJDamien RobinsonNYJArrestedGunPulled over outside Giants stadium; where bomb-sniffing dog helped lead police to an assault rifle in his trunk. He had permit for the gun in New York.Charge dropped. Team fined him $30;000.
09/14/2001SFVinny SutherlandWRArrestedDUIPulled over on Highway 101 in Bay Area ; accused of drunk driving.Pleaded guilty to reduced charge of reckless driving; rehab; two years of probation.
09/04/2001BALCornell BrownLBArrestedDrugsComplaints from neighbors led police to find marijuana and drug paraphernalia at his home.Charge dropped. Team cut him the next day but later re-signed him.
09/02/2001DENEddie KennisonWRArrestedDisorderly conductAccused of inciting a riot at Louisiana nightclub after dispute with bouncer who denied him entry to club because he wasn't properly dressed.Charges dropped.
08/31/2001CINVaughn BookerDEArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of pushing wife in argument at the couple's home near Cincinnati.Charge dropped.
08/26/2001CINTom BarndtDTArrestedDUIPulled over in Covington; Ky.; accused of drunk driving.Resolution undetermined. Team released him the next week.
08/12/2001CLECorey FullerCBArrestedDisorderly conductAccused of impeding traffic at crowded intersection; refusing to move car when asked to by police in Cleveland.Pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct; fined $75.
07/21/2001JAXR. Jay SowardWRArrestedDisorderly conductAccused of being intoxicated at theme park in Orlando; swearing at security guards.Pleaded no contest; $361 in fines and costs.
07/17/2001JAXStacey MackRBArrestedSolicitationAccused of offering $15 to undercover police officer for oral sex.Pleaded no contest; $300 fine.
07/14/2001CHIPaul EdingerKArrestedDUIAccused of drunk driving and crashing into mailboxes in Punta Gorda; Fla.Pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of reckless driving.
07/13/2001DETAaron GibsonOTChargedAssaultAccused of hitting a woman in the buttocks and spitting in her face outside a club in Pontiac; Mich.Pleaded guilty.
07/05/2001NOMichael HawthorneCBArrestedDrugs; reckless drivingPulled over for weaving in New Orleans; accused of reckless driving and marijuana possession after police smelled dope.Resolution undetermined.
07/04/2001MIABen KellyCBArrestedDUIAccused of bumping into a parked police car; drunk driving and refusing breath test in Miami.Acquitted by jury.
06/23/2001ARIMichael PittmanRBArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of breaking sliding glass door and criminal trespass in dispute with his wife in Tempe; Ariz. It was the second domestic incident for him in two weeks.Pleaded guilty; three years of probation; five days in jail; suspended one game.
06/16/2001TBAlex ArdleyCBChargedDUIAccused of drunk driving and crashing Deuce McAllister's SUV into a house in Tallahassee; Fla.Pleaded guilty to a reduced charge; 150 hours of community service; released by team the next day.
06/15/2001BALChris McAlisterCBArrestedDisorderly conductAccused of disturbing the peace; verbal abuse and pushing a flight attendant in dispute over seating arrangments at Las Vegas airport.Resolution undetermined.
06/10/2001ARIMichael PittmanRBArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of getting into a heated argument with his wife; who locked herself in a car to get away from him.Diversion program; anger management.
05/23/2001KCVictor RileyOTArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of ramming his vehicle into another vehicle occupied by his wife and baby daughter; leaving the scene of an accident in Overland Park; Kan.Diversion program; suspended one game.
05/16/2001NETerry GlennWRArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of assaulting the mother of his child in Walpole; Mass.Charge dropped after the mother recanted.
05/14/2001NYGJeremiah ParkerDEChargedManslaughter; child abuseAccused of child abuse in the case of the 4-year-old son of his girlfriend. The boy went unconscious and died after being shaken. The mother also was accused.Convicted of endangering a child; acquitted of manslaughter; sentenced to 10 years in prison.
05/04/2001BALLeon SearcyOTArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of kicking his wife in the leg during an argument.Diversion program; anger management.
05/01/2001CLEJeremiah PharmsLBArrestedTheft; gunAccused of stealing $1;500 worth of marijuana and shooting a drug dealer in Seattle in 2000. He was charged with the crime two weeks after getting drafted.Pleaded no contest; 41 months in prison.
04/04/2001PHIThomas HamnerRBChargedAnimal abuseAccused of beating his pit pull in New Jersey; the second time since November 2000.Pleaded guilty; put the dog up for adoption; fined $1;000.
03/07/2001NEAdrian KlemmOTChargedAssaultAccused of property destruction and punching the windshield of another motorist in a road-rage incident. He didn't like how the other motorist was driving.Convicted; ordered to pay $455 in restitution; 50 hours of community service; one-year probation.
03/03/2001MIAJermaine HaleyDTArrestedDUIAccused of drunk driving in Miami Beach; bottle of vodka found in his SUV. Blood-alcohol measured at .22.Pleaded no contest; 50 hours of community service; $500 fine; six months of probation.
03/02/2001DENDwayne CarswellTEArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of pulling a woman's hair and bruising her arm's in altercation in Pueblo; Colo.Diversion program; community service.
02/14/2001SDLeonardo CarsonDTChargedAssaultAccused of third-degree assault and criminal mischief in Alabama.Charge dropped.
02/08/2001CINAkili SmithQBArrestedDUIPulled over for driving the wrong way down a one-way street in San Diego; accused of drunk driving.Acquitted.
01/09/2001CINTremain MackSJailedProbation violationSentenced to a month in jail for probation violation stemming from previous drunk-driving conviction. A TV station filmed him driving; which violated probation.Guilty; one month in jail.
11/20/2000MINJohn DavisTEArrestedDUIPolice said they found his vehicle stopped in the road with him sleeping behind wheel; accused of drunk driving in Wayzata; Minn.Pleaded guilty to careless driving; fined $700; but $500 of it stayed along with 40-day jail sentence.
11/12/2000PHIThomas HamnerRBChargedAnimal abuseInvestigated for animal cruelty involving his pit bull in New Jersey.Pleaded guilty; $300 fine.
10/28/2000DENBrian GrieseQBArrestedDUIPulled over for speeding near Denver; accused of drunk driving; failing sobriety tests.Pleaded guilty; one year of probation.
09/21/2000DALJoey GallowayWRChargedAsssaultAccused of assaulting a police officer at a hotel party in Wheeling; W. Va.; in May 2000.Charge dropped.
09/20/2000WASDana StubblefieldDTArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of assaulting his wife at their homoe in Virginia during an argument about luggage. Police said there were no signs of physical injury.Charge dropped.
09/12/2000TBDamien RobinsonSArrestedTheftPolice pulled him over for a traffic violation and found warrant for his arrest on charge of writing a bad $80 check to the tax collector.Guilty; paid back funds.
09/07/2000JAXStacey MackRBChargedTheftAccused of writing a worthless check for property less than $150; according to county records. Offense date was April 18; 2000.Pleaded no contest; $100 fine.
08/26/2000CINCorey DillonRBArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of striking his wife in Washington; fourth-degree assault.Diversion program; $750 donation to women's shelter; treatment.
08/24/2000KCAndre RisonWRChargedTheftAccused of writing a bad check for $78;800 to a jewelry store while he was playing for the Chiefs.Pleaded guilty; two years of probation; paid back in full.
08/13/2000NODarren PerrySArrestedDUIAccused of drunk driving; hit-and-run and rear-ending another car near New Orleans. Police pursued him after seeing him swerving in traffic.Resolution undetermined.
08/09/2000DENBill RomanowskiLBIndictedDrugsAccused of illegaly obtaining prescription diet pills to boost his performance on the field.Acquitted by jury.
08/07/2000KCAndre RisonWRCitedFalse informationAccused of lying to police about his name after a bar fight in River Falls; Wis. He told the police his name was Brock Middlebrook.Guilty; fined $219.50. Team cut him a few days later.
07/28/2000TBDarnell McDonaldWRArrestedBurglary; batteryAccused of aggravated battery with great bodily harm and burglary stemming from incident on July 14 in Tampa.Pleaded out; two years probation; 150 hours of community service; anger management program; released by team.
07/20/2000CINDarnay ScottWRArrestedTheftAccused of writing a back check for more than $5;100 to a motorcycle shop in Florence; Ky.Charge dropped; but he spent a night in jail and had to pay back the money.
07/18/2000MIAPatrick SurtainCBArrestedDUIPulled over in Miami for speeding; accused of drunk driving; refusing breath test.Pleaded no contest to reckless driving; 50 hours of community service; $25;000 donation to MADD.
07/07/2000SDLeonardo CarsonDTChargedAssaultAccused of third-degree assault; one of string of incidents for him in his hometown of Mobile; Ala.Charge dropped.
06/21/2000OAKSebastian JanikowskiKArrestedDrugsAccused of possession of a controlled substance; the designer drug GHB; after police approached his car and found suspicious substance.Acquitted by jury.
06/11/2000CHIBryan RobinsonDEChargedBatteryAccused of spitting on a woman's face at a bar in Chicago.Resolution undetermined.
05/24/2000OAKCharles WoodsonCBArrestedDUIAccused of drunk driving and driving with a suspended license in Ann Arbor; Mich. Blood-alcohol measured at .24.Pleaded guilty to driving while impaired; 60 hours of community service.
05/20/2000BALChris McAlisterCBChargedDrugsAccused of marijuana possession after authorities found small amounts in his house while investigating a burglary.Charge dropped for lack of evidence.
05/19/2000GBMarco RiveraOGArrestedDUIPulled over for speeding at 95 mph in Brown County; accused of drunk driving. Blood-alcohol measured at .19.Pleaded no contest; $455 speeding ticket; $675 DUI fine.
05/13/2000WASMike SellersFBArrestedDUIPulled over in Arlington; Va.; after police said his Mercedes was weaving; accused of drunk driving.Convicted of DUI; 18-month suspended jail sentence; one-year license suspension.
04/17/2000DALTony HutsonOTArrestedFailure to appear; gunPulled over for speeding in Texas; accused of failing to appear in court for previous incident. Police also found a pistol in his car.Resolution undetermined.
04/10/2000GBMark ChmuraTEArrestedSexual assaultAccused of encouraging teenagers to drink; sexually assaulting 17-year-old girl in the bathroom at a prom party in Wisconsin.Acquitted by jury.
04/06/2000CINSteve FoleyLBArrestedGunAccused of firing gun into the air several times outside nightclub in Monroe; La. Pulled over and arrested; Foley yelled he was being illegal searched.Charge dropped for lack of evidence.
04/01/2000GBDe'Mond ParkerRBArrestedDrugsAccused of marijuana possession near Chicago after police investigated loud music coming from his parked car.Diversion program. Charge dropped in exchange for drug program.
03/31/2000MINChris WalshWRArrestedDUIPulled over near his home in Scottsdale; Ariz.; accused of drunk driving. Blood-alcohol measured at .229.Pleaded guilty to drunk driving; $1;277 fine; 12 days in jail; alcohol treatment.
03/23/2000DALSolomon PageOTArrestedDisorderly conductAccused of throwing punches and obstructing police in brawl in Morgantown; W.Va. Handcuffed and pepper-sprayed about 3 a.m.Pleaded no contest to reduced charged; $200 fine.
03/14/2000ARIMario BatesRBArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of slapping his girlfriend in the face in Scottsdale; Ariz.Pleaded guilty; $364 fine; two years of probation.
02/22/2000KCTamarick VanoverWRChargedTheftAccused of assisting in the sale of a stolen vehicle; arranging to have it moved from Kansas City to Florida in exchange for $10;000.Pleaded guilty; $10;000 fine; $6;241 to the insurance company; two months each in jail and home detention.
02/21/2000NORicky WilliamsRBArrestedFailure to appearPulled over in Austin; Texas; accused of improperly signaling lane change; failure to appear in court for previous traffic incidents.Guilty; pleaded $429 in fines.
02/19/2000TENBenji OlsonOGArrestedDUIPulled over at a shopping center in Hopkinsville; Ky.; accused of drunk driving. Blood-alcohol measured at .97.Pleaded to a reduced charge of failing to operate vehicle carefully. Fined $100; plus costs.
02/16/2000KCAndre RisonWRArrestedTheftAccused of renting but not returning a $1;100 audio recorder from Guitar World in Overland Park; Kan.Pleaded no contest; sentenced to one year of probation.
02/06/2000INDKeith EliasRBArrestedDisorderly conductAccused of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct in incident outside Bamboo Bar in New Jersey; along with Wayne Chrebet of the Jets.Pleaded guilty to nuisance violation; fined $230.
02/06/2000NYJWayne ChrebetWRArrestedDisorderly conductAccused of disorderly conduct in altercation outside the Bamboo Bar in New Jersey.Pleaded guilty to nuisance violation; fined $230.
02/05/2000CINSteve FoleyLBArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of kicking in the door of his son's mother and grabbing her by the throat.Charge dropped after woman declined to cooperate.
02/03/2000CARFred LaneRBArrestedDrugs; gunPolice pulled him over in Jackson; Tenn.; for moving slowly and said they found an assault rifle in the trunk of his Mercedes and marijuana on the men n the car.Indicted but shot and killed by his wife in July 2000.
01/31/2000BALRay LewisLBChargedMurderAccused of murder in the stabbing deaths of two men outside a nightclub in Atlanta on the night of the Super Bowl.Pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice; one year of probation; fined $250;000 by NFL. Crime unsolved.
01/24/2000DENRod SmithWRArrestedDomestic violenceAccused of choking; beating and shoving his common-law wife at home near Denver.Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor count of verbal abuse; two years probation; counseling.

Reason #2 to Question Your Fandom: The NFL is too permissive of off-field violence.

It’s hard to argue with this claim. The league has routinely punished drug offenses, including those for drugs that are not performance-enhancing, much more harshly than offenses such as domestic violence. They are changing that now, but that should have happened a long time ago. The lack of thoroughness, at a minimum, in the initial Rice investigation also speaks to the league not showing sufficient concern for incidents of off-field violence.

Some context is still helpful, however. MLB and the NBA have been no better than the NFL in their track records on domestic violence. Karen Crouse identified at the New York Times last week that the NFL is hardly an outlier among sports leagues in this arena. Out of the four major sports, the NFL has been the only one to have in place a specific policy on domestic violence. Baseball historically has done next to nothing about domestic violence. Basketball players have often not been punished for domestic violence incidents. When punished, they have received suspensions ranging from three games to a maximum of seven games according to what I have been able to find. That seven game suspension represents 8.3% of the NBA season.6 In comparison, 538 found that, under the previous NFL policy, the average suspension length for domestic violence in football was 1.5 games, or about 9.4% of the season.

Football is also not alone in the harshness with which it punishes drug offenders compared to domestic violence offenders. First offenses in baseball for steroids result in an 80-game suspension, while first suspensions for other drugs are from 15 to 30 days.

So the NFL has punished domestic violence much too lightly… just like other sports. Leniency on domestic violence makes me queasy about football, I don’t feel any less queasy about watching baseball and basketball.

Note that this is an indictment of all the major sports and it applies more broadly to people who are less likely to have their domestic violence publicized than professional athletes. So the NFL does not get off the hook, but it also does not seem to deserve unique condemnation.

On-field Violence and Off-field Violence

Another reason to consider quitting the NFL would involve players becoming more violent off the field because they played football. On the surface, there seems to be a pretty logical case for this argument. NFL players are asked to inflict physical punishment on each other. Perhaps it doesn’t stop at the white lines. Players could learn to be violent on the field and then carry that behavior off it.

I think that is hard to prove one way or the other, but some related evidence suggests this is probably not true. Economists have found, for example, that having an outlet for violence tends to actually reduce crime.7 If we are worried about football increasing violence, we might want to look at the people watching the games. Economists have found that fans commit more acts of domestic violence when their favorite team loses.

Overall, the truth is more complicated than the narrative. NFL players are substantially less likely than other men of their age to commit domestic violence, but much more likely when we look only at those earning high incomes.8 As shown in the figure above, the trend in NFL violent crime has actually been downwards-to-flat in recent years. And rather than uniquely bad, football appears to have been just very normal in its inadequate handling of domestic violence.

Football is flawed, it’s leadership more so. But the reality just isn’t as bad as the rhetoric right now. Football may lose me one day, but it is much further from losing me than it was in the days of safeties nearly killing receivers over the middle.9

  1. Chase note: Really, Andrew? []
  2. For 2014, I turn the number of arrests into an annual rate by accounting for the number of days left in the year. []
  3. As one study noted, women tend to avoid going to the police until it is a life or death matter. []
  4. Note that I defined a domestic violence arrest to be any arrest where “Domestic” is mentioned as the category and any violent offense to be an arrest where “Battery,” “Murder,” “Manslaughter,” “Assault,” “Domestic,” or “Abuse” is in the category title. []
  5. Of course, you can see that the graph is a bit choppy. Perhaps 6-8 years from now, where we are now will just be a low point in the cycle, the way 2004 was. []
  6. Note that the NBA’s policy apparently allows for ten games for a violent felony conviction, but I do not see an instance in which it was been enforced for domestic violence. []
  7. In addition, arrest rates for hockey players appear to be very low, which argues against violence in the games translating to violence off the field. Note that I could not verify these data enough to work with them more comprehensively. []
  8. It is worth pointing out that most NFL players grew up in much more modest circumstances than the average wealthy American. []
  9. A bet of the week didn’t seem appropriate in the body for this kind of article, but I need to keep my terrible streak going, so here’s the pick: Two-team teaser of Bengals and Falcons, each of them from -7 to -1. I like this one a lot, too, but a little less than my Steelers-Packers tease from last week. And we know how that turned out. Let’s make it 0-3! []
  • Tim Truemper

    Wonderful piece and I was hoping y’all would address this issue. The mauling by Jimmy Thomas and Jack Tatum in that SB game was appalling. Yet that was what the league rules allowed. I am glad that kind of violence is gone from the game. As you listed above, there are so many more inspiring and beautiful parts of the game that do not require these vicious aspects. Back in the day I used to cringe at the excitement and attention given to these hits that I knew were close to debilitating. And of course we knew that on rare occasions they could be- that is, Daryl Stingley (which of all things occurred during a preseason game). I was watching the NFL network story on Joe Greene. I was struck how many tackles were shoulder to body. And I remembered as a long standing Cowboy fan how Landry instructed “old school” tackling that was shoulder and helmet directed tackling (as I am sure others did). I also recalled the emerging rhetoric in football about “destroying the ball carrier.” Amazing. These are just somewhat random recollections and observations. I did want to mention that while its makes sense to associate participation in a violent sport as a cause toward off the field violent behavior, it is also just as likely (if not more so) is that violent sports attract those with certain violent (or at least physical stimulation tendencies by temperament). It may be a dynamic in that biological predisposition toward “hitting” is exacerbated by sports participation. Hey, there may be some obscure study in academia that has been done.
    I am saddened when I see people criticizing the league’s efforts to reduce unnecessary levels of force to play the game. Especially with the helmet. It is a protective device, not a weapon. At some point I think the league will have to help out defenders though. With the competitive nature of trying to succeed against your opponent, defenders probably feel cheated. I would think that one good step is no more letting runners stiff arm tacklers above the shoulder. Will effort toward safety on the field affect violence off the field- probably not. But it can make the game safer and take some of the savagery out of it.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Tim. And well said. I could not agree more about the stiff-arming. I look forward to games where all contact to the head is banned, including contact initiated by offensive players.

      Speaking of offensive-initiated contact, I think the crown-of-the-helmet rule is a very good idea. Just hope it gets adequately enforced.

  • prowrestlingisstrong

    Maybe I am in the minority here but the violent aspects of football is something that always attracted me to the game. There is something fulfilling about watching one group of incredible athletes physically dominate another through force of will. I do support the newer rules to limit head targeting as that is incredibly dangerous and does not add to the game at all. However I fear the current direction of the NFL as evidenced the new emphasis on illegal contact, is slowly turning the game into basketball on grass where flopping and finesse play is rewarded at the expense of defense and physicality. Violence and intimidation is being removed from the game and it is making far less enjoyable from my standpoint. I enjoy an open field form tackle and a punishing hit over the middle as much as an Aaron Rodgers back shoulder fade or Lesean McCoy burst through the middle. The defensive aspects are being pushed away however in favor of a fantasy football oriented playing style and I for one am becoming less interested.

    But your post was very well written and is a nice voice of balance amongst the pitchfork media crowd which demands an execution before investigation. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks. I’m not sure you are in the minority, by the way. Amongst my friends, there is certainly considerable sentiment against some of the recent rule changes.

  • LSF

    The article you cite doesn’t say that “having an outlet for violence tends to actually reduce crime.” It says when violent people occupy themselves by watching a movie, and don’t drink alcohol because they are watching a movie, they commit fewer crimes. I’m not sure the results are comparable to NFL players (unless they play for Chip Kelly). What the article definitely does not do is explore whether engaging in physically violent activity in a controlled setting reduces crime outside that setting. But the violence in football is a red herring anyway. Domestic violence is much more about power, dominance, and control than it is about physical aggression. Note that while football is violent, NFL players virtually never throw punches at each other during games. If the violence in football doesn’t lead to punching on the field, why would it lead to punching off the field? The more likely culprits are hero worship and entitlement, which give athletes (and other celebrities) the sense that everything is owed to them and they can do no wrong.

    • Yes, I should have described the article a little more and better. Even though I linked to that Quarterly Journal of Economics article so you could get the context, I could have added that the idea is that experiencing violence in one area (movies) does not seem to promote it another (outside the theater). It’s different since football players are participating in the on-field violence unlike moviegoers, but similar in that playing could be an outlet for players as watching appears to be for moviegoers.

      Partly I just wanted you to see that article, since it is really neat!

  • Interesting that your favorite football moments all involve offense or special teams. I love those, don’t get me wrong, but my favorite memories are of Reggie White tossing Max Lane, Antonio Cromartie making a crazy pick on Peyton Manning, Freeney and Mathis running almost sideways to strip-sack a passer, Derrick Brooks perfectly diagnosing a hot read for an interception, etc., etc. etc.

    However, while I am defensive minded, I very much agree that the headhunting had to go. A lot of the zone-blocking knee destroying had to go too. Not sure if I agree with eliminating stiff arms, although a good, reasonable argument could convince me. Protecting the head and neck is important, and not every has Kyle Turley there to guard them.

    • I do lean offense. I love speed on defense, too. Freeney in his prime doing his crazy running with an inside spin was pretty great. And Deion Sanders in a receiver’s hip pocket also awesome. And, honestly, I can appreciate a good clean hit on someone who at least knows it’s coming.

      To be clear on stiff arms, I only want to get rid of blows to the head. Stiff arms to the chest, no problem. Note that stiff arms to the head are already illegal. The NFL rules digest (http://www.nfl.com/rulebook/useofhands) states: “Hands cannot be thrust forward above the frame to contact an opponent on the neck, face or head.”

      So maybe we just need better enforcement of existing rules. This rule has actually been in the digest for at least six years, too: http://fifthdown.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/04/04/in-defense-of-the-stiff-arm/. The article illustrates to me the importance of distinguishing between stiff arms in general (OK) and stiff arms to the head (not OK, in my opinion).

      • I suppose you would have to get into semantics regarding your definition of a stiff arm. The rule uses the word “thrust” which implies basically a punching motion. Does it have to be a striking hand to be a stiff arm, or can it be a pushing/fending hand? I don’t believe in essentially throwing a right cross to a defender’s face, but I don’t have a problem with a ballcarrier using his hand to keep a defender at arm’s length (granted that he does not strike or grasp the helmet).

        The issue with my belief, of course, is that there may be too fine a line to distinguish between striking and fending.

  • Uncle Paul

    I don’t watch as much college ball but did see some of Stanford-USC a couple of weeks ago, and was surprised to see someone ejected for leading with the helmet. Not sure if that is a new rule, but its a good one. If a helmet is simply to protect the wearer, you have to wonder how long it will be until they simply make the outside padded. It would be easier to cushion against head trauma and certainly reduce the threat to other players. I get that it might be seen as goofy looking at first, but could (and probably should) certainly be used in Pop Warner and HS ball.

    I’d also be curious in seeing the type of the stats you show for domestic crime for other pro sports.

    PS, please don’t pick the Bengals again.

    • Timeout! Show me a helmet that raps around the inside of the skull and protects the brain from jarring against the skull? Okay take a moment. None of us can name a helmet that does exactly that, right? Their is no data on helmets that actually protect the brain. NONE! The data that was published has been proven false. So the helmet isn’t protecting anyone any better unless we are talking about skull fractures. Agreed.

      • Thanks for the comment, Rob. You probably know more than I do about helmets, but here is at least one research report with some evidence: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/02/140217200751.htm

        The key point is that the helmets that get worn the most actually do very little. The headline is really about the helmets worn more than the helmets available. There are other helmets like the Riddell 360 that do better according to the research. Note that Wes Welker’s helmet is a Riddell 360.

  • Great point about padded helmets. I’m no expert, but that makes a lot of sense. Even now, safer helmets are available. The NFL needs to mandate that players wear the safest helmets on the market. If the NFL demands a certain kind of helmet, moreover, manufacturers would respond.

    The comparative data on arrests is in the link to footnote 7, but it’s not broken down by offense. When you account for the number of players in the league, I get the following annual arrest+citation rates from 2011-2014 for the four major sports:
    MLB: 1.5%, NFL: 3.3%, NBA: 3.2%, NHL: 0.5%

    Last year, Peter King found a lower arrest rate for NFL players using FBI data on just arrests. Overall, I think we need better data to make clear comparisons (hockey arrests may not make it into the media, for example), but what we have doesn’t suggest the NFL is uniquely bad.

    On picks: I had the Falcons giving 41 last night. I am turning the corner…

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    post, keep it up.

  • Porter Brewer

    That was an AWESOME hit by Tatum on White. Clear you were not athletic enough to play the game. Too bad really, lots of fun crunching bones on the field. A penalty was not called because it was well within the rules and spirit of the game.

    Stingley hit:
    “Stingley lowered his helmet”
    “Although controversial, the hit was not against NFL rules at the time, as it was not helmet-to-helmet contact ”
    “Stingley reportedly described it as a “freak accident.””

    A sad but unfortunate result of the game.

    Try watching basketball, bowling, or golf but by no means watch hockey.

    • M Night Shamalamadingdong

      You are so encouraging. Have you ever thought about becoming a youth pastor?

  • To be clear, I can appreciate a good clean hit. What I will never get is why anyone considers that hit on Sammy White a good clean hit. The guy is completely unaware. Tatum uses his helmet to get under White’s chinstrap and blow him up. Intimidating yes, legal at the time yes, but pretty lame that it was ever in the spirit of the game.

    And that is a very selective memory of the Stingley incident. Which happened in a freaking preseason game. The way Tatum takes him out, it was going to be a serious injury no matter what Stingley did. I think it’s insane that kind of hit was ever legal. Hit a guy below the head and let him have some chance to defend himself and it’s OK. Seems simple enough. Anyone who’s a real warrior or whatever isn’t constantly searching for sucker punches.

    And I’ve played lots of football, mostly flag and touch. I played other sports competitively. Not that any of that matters.

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